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Tiny Socks, Warm Bath and Pea Souk Cafe

1  A friend saw my little golden-boots in yesterday’s post and sent me this picture. What beautiful little socks and such skill of the maker to whom I send the utmost admiration! Do click to see the detail.

Tiny socks

2   I love this beautiful advice sent to me today by a young friend.  Putting them in water if they are crabby is such brilliant advice! A warm bath works wonders!

How to really love a child

3    We’ve been out to eat tonight at the most amazing little vegetarian restaurant, Pea Souk in Falmouth. What a delicious spread and everything freshly prepared and all grown here in Cornwall if not right there in Falmouth.

Bruschetta of Mozzarella, pea shoots, homegrown rocket pesto and radishes

Indian plate of Keralan green pea cakes, coconut, spinach and fresh curry leaf broth, aloo gobi, rice, carrot salad

Delicious Key Lime pie


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Feather Marking, Wedding Cakes and Golden-boots

1   Mr S is fitting the trellis against the painted wall and found this beautiful feathery marking on the support pieces.

Wood for the trellis

2  Working on my Guest post for Choc Chip Uru, I was reminded of this time of year six years ago when I was having trial runs for making KJ’s chocolate wedding cake. I had enormous fun making several different recipes and taking them into school for the staff to test out for me. I also did a couple of different decorations so that the bride and groom could choose. The final version had beautiful real white roses on it.

Practice wedding cake

Practice wedding cake for KJ&L

3  Just for fun, I decided to make some tiny Golden-boots, based on the pattern I use for Sally-boots, with possible yarn bombing in mind. Then I thought, ‘Do I really want to lose these?  Er, no!’         I’ll have to devise something less time consuming for the knitted graffiti!

Golden-boots with Sally-boots


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Sweet Potato, Roast and Mario Balotelli (and a Gift)

1    This sweet potato has been roasted ready to use in a recipe, such a beautiful colour.

Sweet potato, roasted

2    I prepared this beautiful Sweet Potato and Chestnut Roast this afternoon, ready for one of our meals during our family reunion week together. It is now in the freezer.  I’ll put the recipe up soon.

Chestnut and Sweet Potato Roast, ready for the oven

3   As  I am writing, Mario Balotelli has just scored the most beautiful goal for Italy! He’s now in line for the Golden Boot! That makes me smile!

4   For Nia, for your birthday! Two photography sites you may not have found:  and

Enjoy! They both post beautiful photographs that I hope you will like.


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Young Magpie, Piano Practice and Sally-boots

1    We’ve been watching a family of magpies over the last few days. I know they are not very well-behaved but the iridescence of their feathers is very beautiful!  This youngster is trying to find his place in the garden but the pigeon is having none of it!

2     I finally managed to get a tricky piano piece right! It might be Grade 1 but it’s a challenge for me!

3     I’ve finished the Sally-boots for Ionie, the newest baby in the family.


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Raindrops, Soap Bubble and Glorious Paintings

1    The rain made lovely lines of drops along the ladders that go to the back wall for painting when the rain has stopped and shiny lines of drops on the Crocosmia leaves. I didn’t see the very delicate spider until I saw my photograph.

2    Mr S spotted this beautiful little soap bubble floating around the kitchen. We followed it for almost a minute!

3    Choc Chip Uru of  commented that yesterday’s fabric (which I had to return to the shop to buy today – it was calling to me!) reminded her of India. That  reminded me of some beautiful paintings we saw in an exhibition some years ago. The exhibition was called Twin Perspectives and the artists are twin sisters. There’s a glorious mix of cultures in the pictures. You’ll have to click on the photos to see the detail.


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Fabric shop, Public Art and Decorating

1   Discovered the delights of a new fabric shop in Redruth this morning. Now I just need more hours in the day to do sewing projects as well!

Just look at these beautiful colours!

2     In our main street are these wonderful Tinner’s Hounds, mostly well behaved but a couple got away to a nearby signpost!

Tinners’ Hounds by David Kemp

The Plaque

Chatting round the signpost

3    Our lovely decorator came today and is transforming our doorways upstairs.


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Wellies, Stonehenge Bouncing and Beautiful Bakers

1   Wore my wellies for the car boot this morning only to discover on arrival that it was cancelled because of the rain but I found a lovely puddle and took a pleasing picture. Click on the first photo to get enlargements.

2  ‘Sacrilege’ arrived at Heartlands and we went along to have some fun and were really pleased to meet our neighbours there. The man who put it up (it took 4 hours this morning) told me a pleasing fact – the mine we could see from there, South Crofty, has supplied the tin for the Olympic medals!  We called in for more paint for the wall on the way and saw this delightful notice about the nest. The man watering the plants said all the fledglings had got away safely a couple of days ago. (The nest was going to be No 3 today but then I received the picture of the two beautiful girls and their baking…..)

3   The beautiful daughters of a very good friend have had fun baking. The results look delicious!


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Another Fairy, Chocolate Amaretti Torte and a Gift

1   Samantha Bryan, sculptor and imagineer, has put out a call to reunite all her beautiful fairies, if only virtually. She has asked any owners to photograph them and send in the photos. Here is one of mine that I love with her little birthday candle to light her way when she’s out in the dark.

Pedal Powered Fairy by Samantha Bryan

Label on my fairy

2   Today I have made the Chocolate Amaretti Torte for the reunion and for my guest posting with Go Bake Yoursel  I can’t turn out the one I made today until the party so here’s one I made earlier for my father-in-law’s 90th birthday party. It is so smooth and rich and scrumptious!

Here’s one I made earlier!

3   Knowing how I love to knit, and to knit wacky things as well as beautiful things, my lovely next-door-neighbour gave me this book today. Thank you! Watch this space!

Yarn Bombing!

The Orb I designed and knitted for the Wildworks Kensington Palace Exhibition

Jake with The Orb at Kensington Palace

For those of my readers who like my recipes, I have today put KJ’s fabulous Lime and Ginger Cheesecake up on the Recipe pages. Do comment there if you try it. I’d love to know how you get on with it!


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Garden Wall, Baking and Meeting the Neighbours

1   At last it stopped raining and we were able to give the garden wall its first coat – on its way to becoming beautiful.



2  This afternoon I made the Lime and Ginger Cheesecake and put it in the freezer ready for the family reunion in July.

Lime and Ginger Cheesecake

3   More cooking this evening as I went across the road to a Pampered Chef Party where two super dishes were demonstrated but the highlight of the evening was meeting so many of the lovely people in our road whom I had never met before. The Chef showed us how to make this fabulous Mediterranean Vegetable Ring (which I shall be making and putting onto the Recipe pages before too long) and then we were able to eat it! Delicious!

Mediterranean Vegetable Ring


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Penryn River, Miss Peapod’s Cafe and Guest Posting

1   I go to Penryn every week to sing with The Suitcases and this beautiful view never fails to move me! We are so lucky to be living in this most beautiful county.

Penryn River from the Zed Shed

2    An artist (whose name I must find out) has been working on these mosaics around the door and the windows of Miss Peapod’s Cafe which is where we all gather after singing for coffee, delicious homemade cakes, perhaps Poached Egg with Spinach on Toasted Ciabatta or even, as this morning for Claire and Mandy, a full English breakfast!

Mosaics around the entrance to Pea Pod’s Cafe

3    One of the blogs I read is by a 16 year old in Australia who is the most amazing cook. She is in Year 11 and has exams coming up so has to give her time to study. She has invited Guest Bloggers to blog on her space Go Bake Yourself during this time and I am absolutely delighted to have been chosen by her! I now have to choose between Chocolate Torte and Lime and Ginger Cheesecake, both of which I am making soon for our Family reunion party in July.


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