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Flowers, A Treat and Toys on the Stairs

1   Heavy rain all night and I went out first thing to take these gorgeous photos of raindrops. Click to enlarge.

Raindrops on a poppy bud about to open

Raindrops on a poppy

Fallen sepal with raindrops. This is my favourite today.

2    Today, Lucy and I used our Christmas present vouchers from KJ to have a massage each at St Michael’s Spa in Falmouth – beautiful smells and a great sense of relaxation.

St Michael’s Spa, Falmouth

3   While I was out, Mr S put the baby gates, the fireguard and the buggy back in the attic but he left the toys and the wet-suit that stay here on the stairs for me to see as I came in. Beautiful!

Toys and a wet-suit waiting to go upstairs until the next visit


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