Week 6 – February 2nd – 8th

Five weeks to the day, February 2nd,  and I saw Mr Regan who is delighted with my progress! I can stop using both crutches and use just the one for as long or as short a time as I need to feel confident and not limping at all. Everyone is different and I must do what is right for me. He says that the knee straightening exercise is not desperately important but that the sliding one was the crucial one that will stop me limping. I am so glad that I have worked hard on the exercises and thank all my friends who stressed their importance.

He showed us the x-ray and was very happy for me to take a photo!

My brand new hip

My brand new hip

He had never heard of the frequent peeing being a problem in those who have had this op. I have joined a forum called Bonesmart where plenty of people have replied to my thread with exactly this concern……..   I have finished the Rivaroxaban today so hoped to see in a few days that that was the cause.  Unfortunately that made no difference.  For those interested, Bonesmart offers all sorts of very useful advice for those who are to have a hip (or a knee ) replacement. There are also very interesting forum conversations which are reassuring. Click on the red link to visit their site.

I am getting stronger each day, walking a little further though I overdid it having fun walking to and from The Gylly Beach Cafe on  Tuesday. Nevertheless, I stopped the Codeine on Tuesday hoping that Paracetamol 4x a day would be enough and it was all week and, hey! I slept all night on Wednesday night! No getting up to pee multiple times and I feel so much better for a good night’s sleep. That was the first night sleeping through in 38 days!  I’m thinking now that it might have been the Codeine causing the need to pee!

The other good thing is that since Monday, I have been allowed to sleep on my side for the first time since the op. I tried sleeping on the scar side – not such a good idea – strangely uncomfortable and not a position I could sleep in. However, the other side with the advised small pillow between the knees to stop the operated hip from dropping and I slept like a baby.

On Saturday we had a lovely long walk through Trelissick Gardens, mostly on the level and feeling good but by the evening, my hip was very achey and uncomfortable so I decided to take Codeine again at bedtime so that I could sleep! Ha! Have I learned nothing?!  Vivid dreams, tummy gripes and up to pee three times so not too much quality sleep. No more Codeine if I can manage without. In fact, I am determined to do without.

Another reasonable walk today, Sunday, along the front at Marazion looking over to St Michael’s Mount, a much shorter walk than yesterday but still, building up my strength bit by bit.






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