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Garden Birds in Cold Cornwall

A bitter Easterly wind is battering us all again with snow already up-country and coming our way, in the far South West,  tomorrow. The bird feeders have been very busy as if the birds know what’s coming and are stockpiling the food. We had to refill a second time today.

There were Goldfinches, Greenfinches, Blue Tits and Great Tits, Sparrows, Dunnocks and Pigeons, Blackbirds and Rooks as well as the ones I managed to catch on camera, shown below. It’s a pity it wasn’t the RSPB Great Bird Watch today!

Baby Bullfinch, all fluffed up against the cold


Male Chaffinch

Robin coming for the meal-worms


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Decorations, Balloons, Preening and Human Rights Day

The hotel we stayed in last night was full of Christmas decorations.

dscn9295While we were enjoying the Jools Holland gig, there was a party at the hotel. These are the balloons being taken home this morning!


I loved watching a Magpie preening itself in next door’s Crab Apple tree.





Summer Sun, Summer Sounds and Summer Shadows

Summer has finally arrived in Cornwall and we have had a very lazy day enjoying the warmth and the summer sounds – the murmuration of bees, the scratching of magpies’ claws as they walk up the roof tiles next door and, this evening, the soughing of the waves on the shore.

Bee on a daisy with spider and web

Bee on a daisy with spider and web

Panting Magpie, finding it all too hot

Panting Magpie, finding it all too hot

Red-legged beetle on the cliffs at Godrevy

Red-legged beetle on a thistle on the cliffs at Godrevy

Dog on Godrevy Beach

Dog on Godrevy Beach

Delightful ice-cream bench

Long evening shadows on this delightful  bench in memory of the ice-cream man


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Coffee Cup, Feather and Magpie

1   Having my cup of coffee this morning  I realised that our kitchen light was reflected beautifully in the black coffee. I had to let it cool down before I could take the photo as it kept steaming up!

Kitchen light

Kitchen light

Reflection in my coffee

2   I took so many photos of Redruth this morning for another “My Neighbourhood” post to be done tomorrow. On my way back up the hill I spotted this tiny feather being blown back and forth in the breeze.

Feather caught on a rose thorn

Feather caught on a rose thorn

3    We’ve had the Long-tail Tits here again today but they don’t hang around to have their pictures taken – neither do the Magpies. They are very skittish and leave if there is any movement in the house. I stayed put in the kitchen, used maximum zoom and managed to get this shot.

Magpie at the feeder

Magpie at the feeder

This last is for Liz, as promised. I am trying to entice her to visit Heligan!

The Heligan Giant

The Heligan Giant


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Young Magpie, Piano Practice and Sally-boots

1    We’ve been watching a family of magpies over the last few days. I know they are not very well-behaved but the iridescence of their feathers is very beautiful!  This youngster is trying to find his place in the garden but the pigeon is having none of it!

2     I finally managed to get a tricky piano piece right! It might be Grade 1 but it’s a challenge for me!

3     I’ve finished the Sally-boots for Ionie, the newest baby in the family.


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