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River, Seagull and Pumpkins

High tide in the Penryn River this morning

Perched on a buoy


Hallowe’en display at the Muddy Beach Cafe.



Wreck, Earrings and Hope

As I parked on the quayside ready for choir this morning,I became aware of a commotion on the far side of the river. By the time I had focussed and zoomed, the hoohah was all over but I liked the photo anyway, the Mallard Ducks, the ripples on the water and the wreckage of an old boat.

I bought some beautiful, hand-made earrings in Santa Fe and wore them today, Kokopelli on one side and a maize plant on the other.

I planted bulbs this afternoon, full of hope for a Spring full of colour and scent.

And a poem for today, National Poetry Day,



Singing, The Grand Canyon and Dancing

It was so good to be back singing with my choir this morning with the Penryn River at high tide looking so very beautiful.

Ripples on the river

More Grand Canyon photos for you. Click on any photo for a bigger version. It truly is an awe inspiring place. It truly takes one’s breath away.

Each time we have been to the Grand Canyon, we have gone right up into the dark carpark, to dance under the stars. We have Bruce Springsteen with us!



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Egret, Black Headed Gull and Salad

As the tide went out this morning birds enjoyed the mud flats.


Black headed gull


I made a delicious salad last night to go with our salmon, using fresh broad beans lightly steamed, fresh courgette in half moons lightly fried and all tossed in a white wine and olive oil vinaigrette with freshly chopped mint leaves. I love our allotment produce..


Boats, Bud and Blossom

There were two big yachts moored beside the quay nearby where we sing on Thursday mornings.

More and more flowers are showing up. Here is the red bud of our rhododendron bus followed by the creamy yellow blooms.


Calm Water, Swan and Julius Caesar

We met friends for breakfast today by the Penryn River which today was calm and lovely. The daffodil field across the water was very bright.

I think the swan came close to the quay in hope of being fed but I had nothing suitable with me.

We are going to The Hall for Cornwall this evening to see the RSC’s production of Julius Caesar.

It was brilliant!



Gulls, Swans and Eggs

I always enjoy watching the river when we sing nearby on Thursday mornings. Today there were gulls on a buoy and a pair of swans gliding around.

Our friends’ chickens are laying again so on our rack we now have medium brown shop eggs and wonderful blue, cream and white eggs, some of which look big enough for two! 


Charities, Posy and A Beach

The river this morning when we started singing was very calm and the masts reflected almost perfectly.  After singing we had two visitors from the charities we have supported over the last year, Penhaligon’s Friends and ShelterBox, £400 to each, thanks to our generous audiences.  Here we are presenting the cheques to their representatives.

Photo thanks to Mandy Rolleston

This afternoon we visited our dear friend, Ti and took her a little bouquet of flowers from our garden.

Afterwards we went to Godrevy for a walk in the chilly air with the glorious warmth of the sun on our backs – a day of apricity!


Reflection, Crocuses and One Petal

The tide was going out  as we were singing this morning and I just managed to get this photo while another section was learning their part for ‘Song of the Lower Classes’ which is a brilliant new protest song that will be added to our repertoire. It was first written in 1892 and has two very up-to-date verses added to the original.  I’ll put a recording on here as soon as I can.

The lovely Mr Smith noticed two self-sown Crocuses in the rather long grass of the lawn.

One Iris Reticulata petal landed on the wall and it is very beautiful.


Reflections, Hydrangea and Planting

The Penryn River was so calm this morning and the reflections gorgeous.

When LiveWire no 4 was with us at half term, she brought in a skeleton hydrangea flower that she thought was very beautiful and I agree. I have kept it safely.

I have ‘planted’ the hyacinths for the turn of the year and my birthday. They are in the lovely glass planters that my Mum used to use. It really pleases me to be still using them and remembering the flowers Mum grew in them. Apparently the Victorians loved to raise hyacinths like this. I don’t know how old our glasses are but they are very pretty.



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