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Reflections, Gig and Bunting

We parked on the quayside in Falmouth before going to a Femmes de la Mer gig which was on to mark the launch of their cd. The reflections in the harbour were lovely.

Femmes de la Mer

It was a brilliant evening, lovely harmonies, shanties and other songs with a feminist slant and, in the audience, Harry Glasson, the writer/composer of Cornwall My Home, regarded by many as the Cornish Anthem.

Beautiful sequinned bunting decorating the venue


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Fathers’ Day and Shanty Festival

Such a delicious breakfast to mark Fathers’ Day as the lovely Mr S opened his stuff – Waffles with creme fraiche, maple syrup, strawberries and blueberries.  

Singing is always fun and the Shanty Festival enormous fun – today we sang in the wind and rain!



Sea, Poppies and Seed Head

We went to Falmouth today  to meet friends for lunch today and afterwards walked back along Cliff Road in almost stifling heat of 30C. By the time we arrived back in Redruth it was 20.5C!

Falmouth Bay

Poppies by the roadside.

I didn’t know daisies had fluffy seedheads like this


Blues, Hollyhock and Celebration Seeds

I sang at a care home in Falmouth with The Suitcase Singers this afternoon and it was an absolute delight to see the joy on people’s faces and to have them join in with Cornish songs. Afterwards we went to see the sea at Gylly Beach.  I love the variety of blues seen here and the tiny paddle boarders, the yachts and other vessels.

On the cliffside along Cliff Road, there are Hollyhocks growing.

As well as Angie’s ring, her daughters gave everyone at the funeral and me though I could only watch online, Sunflower seeds to celebrate her life. I have several at the allotment.


Pendennis Castle, Fritillaria and Street Art

Yesterday we met dear friends for breakfast at the Gylly Cafe and going back to the car, caught this view of the castle through the park.

The gorgeous chequerboard Fritillaria Meleagris are coming into bloom.

Still the news is full of the bravery and resistance of the Ukrainians.


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Circles, Gorse and Cake

After 5 weeks, we had our first walk by the sea in glorious sunshine and on the same flat area where I practised walking after my new hips. It was a brilliant success for the lovely Mr S, his new knee and his crutches.  I was intrigued by someone snorkelling in the rock pools and creating ever increasing wavelet circles. When he came out of the water we could see that he had been using a very big underwater camera.

I loved how the glorious yellow of the gorse and the blue of the sea caught the colours of the Ukrainian flag.

It’s St Piran’s day tomorrow and there will be a big market in town as well as lots of entertainment.  I made a coffee cake for the cake stall.



Swan Family

A very skilled photographer friend has given me permission to share this remarkable photograph with you all.

“Zealously guarded by both parents, the proud father leading the way, five Mute Swan cygnets go for their evening walk around Swanpool Lake, near Falmouth. Sometimes it’s much easier to use the pavement”

Thanks, Kris.


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Beautiful Day, New Book and A Poem

What a glorious day! After after our walk this afternoon we sat by the sea in the sunshine  and listened to the shushing of waves on the shingle – such joy.

I have a new poetry book “A Poet for Every Day of the Year” and I love it. It is a truly eclectic collection of 366 poets from all over the world, some of whom I know and many that I don’t. Each one comes with a mini-biography and it is all quite fascinating-.

It is my Dear Dad’s birthday today so I will share with you the delightful poem, new to me as is the poet, that is for January 13th. I think my Dad would have enjoyed this one. .


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Bird Watching, Green Day and Shiva Shambo

We spent a happy hour or so watching the sea and the birds along the shore line off Cliff Road by Gylly Beach, Falmouth.

Herring Gull


Black Backed Gull

After our walk and watch we went up to the Pavilion Gardens where there was a Green day in progress with food and music, stalls and talks.

The “People’s Pavilions

Nancy at Spirit Lights the Way posted this today and I found it so grounding and peaceful, I thought I would share it with you, Dear Readers.Thanks, Nancy.


Guest Blogger from Falmouth

One of my readers, P,  sent me the following  lovely message this morning. I was so moved by this beautiful story that  I asked her if she could be my Guest Blogger for today and she agreed.
I hope you don’t mind me sending you a beautiful thing. Your blog has brought so much light and comfort through a really dark winter, it means a lot to me, and I’ve thought of you every time I’ve seen one of these little gems tied to a lamppost or a tree recently!

I just had to walk the Falmouth terraces before work this rare still morning, frosty and crisp with the mist hanging over a glassy harbour. These gem-like embroideries have been popping up around town, little splashes of hope and colour in the grey. One had appeared on a bench above a very unassuming little green space. It’s where we used to take our beloved young Mieke for a nearby leg-stretch and hoon about, and as she got more ill and couldn’t go far, I’d sit on the bench while she snuffled for dropped snacks and watched the other dogs bowling around. On her last morning with us – after a horribly unsettled night – she rallied, marched Pete out of the door and dragged him to the green to say goodbye. She sailed into her tomorrow that evening.

The photo of Mieke is her exploring the green as a puppy. She died with lymphoma in October, after 15 short but oh-so-busy months of life

It is so lovely to be given ‘beautiful things’ and I treasure this lyrically written piece  which moved me to tears.  All photos by P.

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