I’m sorry that I cannot find the origin of this pattern. I’ve been knitting the baby boots for eight years and have just a scruffy piece of paper with my scribblings on.

You will need
1 pair 4mm needles (no 8)
One or more colours in DK, depending on the pattern you want to create. See all the examples after the instructions.
First numbers for 0-6 months and second set for 9-18 months. The little size is for about an 8cm foot and the bigger size for about 11cms.

You can use up any double knitting wool. For equivalents in America and/or Australia click this link. Knit on size 8 needles / 4.00mm.  You will need a wool needle for sewing up. I knit these with one colour for the top edge, another for the main part and the first colour for the sole. Sometimes I just use a plain / multicoloured wool for it all. This saves on sewing in all the ends!

Make two!

Cast on 25 (29) stitches
Knit 7 (9) rows garter stitch (Your first row is the wrong side)
Work 6 rows stocking stitch beginning with a knit row

Eyelet row
K1 (2) * yarn forward, K 2 tog, K1 Repeat from * to end

Next row Purl

Divide for top of foot
Next row K18(21) Turn, P11(13) turn
Continue on these 11(13) stitches
Do 10 (14) rows stocking stitch
Break off yarn

With right side facing, rejoin wool at end of 7(8) sts on right hand needle and knit up 10(11) sts evenly along side of foot, knit11(13) sts from top of foot, knit up 10(11) sts evenly along other side of foot. Then K7(8) sts on left handle 45(51) sts.

Knit 7(9) rows garter stitch

Shape sole  I often change colour here to distinguish the sole as you can see in the examples below.

1st row    K1 * K2tog K 16(19) K2 tog* K3 Repeat from * to * once, K 1. 41(47) stitches

2nd row    K 17 (20) K2tog, K3, K2 tog, K17 (20)     39 (45) stitches

3rd row   K1, * K2tog,  K13 (16)  K2tog,   *K3, rep from *to* once, K1 35 (41) stitches

4th row   K14 (17), K2tog, K3, K2tog, K14 (17)   33 (39)  stitches

5th row   K1, * K2tog, K10 (13) K2tog, *  K3, rep from * to * once, K1  29 (35) stitches

6th row   K11 (14), K2tog, K3, K2tog, K11 (14)    27 (33) stitches

Cast off loosely ans sew up seams and sew in any loose ends.

Make a twisted cord

Using  2 strands, each about 200 cms long,  of the colour you have used for the sole (or whatever you like), make a twisted cord.  Thread the cord through the eyelet row and tie in a bow.

Recipients of these Sally-boots tell me that they never come undone unlike ribbon ties.

Happy knitting with love for the baby who is going to wear them!

Sometimes I start with 5 rows of stocking stitch to elongate the bit that come up the baby legs as you may see from the photos, then just follow the pattern. If you are a newish knitter, I would suggest you just stick to the pattern. Have fun!


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