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Weekly Photo Challenge – Colour in Nepal and India

India and Nepal are the most colourful places I’ve ever visited. The women in their beautiful saris, the houses, the buses, the shops and stalls – everything! I took my most colourful clothes with me but I felt quite drab – until I was dressed in a sari!


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Colour

Lovely challenge this one. My favourite colours are greens and blues but, looking through my collections, I decided that shades of pink and purple would be interesting! I hope you enjoy this selection taken over the last year at home and away.  Click on any one for an enlargement.


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Teaching, Creating, Travelling

Teach Peace

Teach Peace  from Hippie Peace Freaks with thanks

1  I just want to say how much I loved teaching and teaching peace is surely the most important thing we could all do…….

2   This is a delightful combination of colour, music and creativity. (Photo not mine, sent to me via Fb.)

Rainbow notes in crochet

Rainbow notes in crochet

Creating makes me happy, be it cooking a meal for family or friends, knitting or sewing clothes for little people, writings of various sorts, designing in the garden, playing music …….

3   These are the powder colours which I bought from a beautiful girl in Varanasi, India, on our way back from watching the sun rise over The Ganges. She made lovely patterns on my hand with them before we negotiated a price and she told me how she was selling things to raise money for her school books. She then walked beside me protecting me from the traffic (cows, cars, Tuktuks, scooters, coaches and cycle rickshaws) until we reached our bus. A beautiful memory.

Pastels and stamps for decoration

Pastels and stamps for decoration

Beautiful young woman who sold me the pastels

Beautiful young woman who sold me the pastels

Having my hand decorated

Having my hand decorated


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Good Karma, Mince Pies and Marmalade

1    “If you want to change the world, first you have to change yourself. In fact, just change your heart and it will change the world. Start now, start this second to do good deeds. From the moment you create good deeds your good karma will stay with you.” Sri Sakthi Narayani Amma…

I read this today on a blog about India whose writer had found mybeautfulthings.  It made me think about this morning when we visited the Food Bank in Redruth. The beautiful people there are giving up their time to distribute the donated food to those in need. It is certainly not a beautiful thing that this is necessary.  It makes me very sad to know of so many in such dire straits and I despair of our Government cutting welfare and making life even harder for many whose life is already hard.

2   The first mince pies are made and the house is full of the smells of Christmas.

First mince pies of 2012

First mince pies of 2012

Marmalade dated 12-12-12

3   It is also full of orangey smells as I have made another batch of marmalade with oranges which were taking up space in the freezer, space I’m going to be needing for the other Christmas food which I am lucky enough to be able to  prepare. I’ve dated them with yesterday’s delightful date as that’s when I started the oranges simmering. Yesterday was also my much loved Sister-in-law’s birthday so we will be reminded of her every time we open a new jar. I like that!


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Signs and Notices in India and Nepal (More holiday photos)

I enjoyed collecting these. Click on any one for an enlargement to see the detail.


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Beautiful People in India and Nepal (More holiday photos)

The people we met in India and Nepal were all so friendly and many asked if they could take our photos and were happy for me to reciprocate.


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More From Our Holiday in India – Agra Fort

Agra Fort was thronging with people enjoying a day out on a Festival day. You can click on any photo for a bigger version to see the beautiful detail.



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24th October – River Ganges, Sari and Street Scenes

1. Sunrise over the River Ganges was such a beautiful experience.

2. Towards the end of our visit to a silk weaving factory, they asked for one of us to model a sari so I offered. It felt lovely wearing it and even I began to feel elegant which is not my normal style! I wish I would have occasion to wear one at home and I now, really wish I had bought it even though I have no idea when I would be able to wear it. It would just be so lovely to have it just as a piece of art.

3. The streets are so busy and to Western eyes, chaotic, but we saw no evidence of any accidents; everyone was so skilful in steering around each other. Tuktuks share the roads with bikes and bike rickshaws, motorbikes and scooters, ( on which the women in their beautiful saris, ride sidesaddle ) buses and coaches, horse drawn carriages, motor cars and tractors, and cows, sacred and revered and for whom the traffic stops.







I will post many more photos on our return. It’s a bit tricky on limited Internet.


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23rd October – Khajuraho Temples, The River Ganges and Candles

1. What remarkable temples with the most amazing carvings all over them showing all aspects of human life in all its glory! In the photos are some of the musicians and and elephant, horse and a boar.

2. We took a boat down the Ganges after sunset to see the amazing ceremony of saying goodnight to Mother Ganges. There were thousands of people there and they show their love of and thanks to the river every single night with such devotion. It was very moving to be a small part of this.

3. We bought small marigold and candle offerings that are made by the children, lit the candles and put them in the river with a prayer or a wish. I’ll put up lots more photos when we return.






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22nd October – Train Ride, Festival Flowers and Immodium

1. We had a brilliant train journey from Agra to Jhansi, two and a half hours watching the changing landscapes. The stations were quite an experience, so very busy and full of wonderful smiley, helpful people.

2. There was a festival going on in Orchha and we moved among the crowds observing rituals and feeling very privileged to be allowed to do so. There were lots of flowers, mostly marigolds being made into small bunches for offerings to the Gods. Again we were of interest to passers by. Look at those beautiful smiles!

3. Immodium. It works. Enough said.







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