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Fairy Wings, Garden Colour and Singing

I fitted the repaired wings to two of my Fairies today and am delighted with how they now look and that now they will be able to fly, albeit that they are learners!

We are delighted with the serendipitous odd pops of colour in our garden. Both the Poppy and the Crocosmia are self-sown.

In the last few days, members of The Inglehearts’ Singers have recorded themselves at home singing new words to Trelawny, the Cornish anthem,  words designed to encourage people in Camborne to wear their masks and to help each other in these uncertain Covid times.



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Crocosmia, Creature and A Duck

The Crocosmia is looking glorious agains the blue sky.



I found this creature on the  Passionflower plant and liked how its antennae echo the curly tendrils of the plant.

Need to find out what this is

Need to find out what this is

We haven’t been to sit in the back since the children left and discovered Littlest Live-wire’s yellow duck in the dove cote!

Duckling in a dovecote

Duckling in a dovecote



Last Goodbyes, Jasmine and The Arbour

The last family people left this morning and as you can imagine the house is eerily silent. All three can be seen waving here if you look carefully.

D,A and NM waving as they leave

D,A and NM waving as they leave

2   Our garden has become a jungle in the ten days the family have been here and we have been having too much fun to be tending to it. The Jasmine has its first few flowers and my goodness, they pack a powerful punch of perfume as you walk under the arch.

Jasmine flowers

Jasmine flowers

3   Sitting in the arbour in the sunshine this afternoon I could see that many beans are suddenly ready for harvesting so for supper tonight we are having Green Beans with Shallots (our own), Garlic (our own) and toasted almond slivers to go with a bit of leftover roasted chicken – simple and delicious.

The Arbour surrounded by Cornflowers, Crocosmia, Sweet peas and Agapanthus

The Arbour surrounded by Cornflowers, Crocosmia, Sweet peas and Agapanthus



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Singing, Flowers and Skyping to Barcelona

1   I can’t tell you how much I love singing! At Suitcases this morning we sang through our gig list for the event on Sunday when all three of Claire’s choirs, about a hundred of us,  will sing together in the amphitheatre at Carn Marth.

Kurt Vonnegut – Sing in the shower!

2    Before the rain started this afternoon, I managed to get this beautiful picture of a Daisy against the Crocosmia.

Daisy with Crocosmia

3    Daniel and Ami Skyped together from Barcelona! For those of you who haven’t followed their story, Daniel, our son,  and Ami were married in Senegal in April, see  Daniel and Ami’s Wedding and they are only now, more than four months later, able to live together as it has taken this long time to get Ami’s Visa.

It was so beautiful to see them together, smiling so much, laughing and delighting in the fact that they had just gone supermarket shopping together for a meal together in their own place!  The very word ‘together’ is beautiful!


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Raindrops, Soap Bubble and Glorious Paintings

1    The rain made lovely lines of drops along the ladders that go to the back wall for painting when the rain has stopped and shiny lines of drops on the Crocosmia leaves. I didn’t see the very delicate spider until I saw my photograph.

2    Mr S spotted this beautiful little soap bubble floating around the kitchen. We followed it for almost a minute!

3    Choc Chip Uru of  commented that yesterday’s fabric (which I had to return to the shop to buy today – it was calling to me!) reminded her of India. That  reminded me of some beautiful paintings we saw in an exhibition some years ago. The exhibition was called Twin Perspectives and the artists are twin sisters. There’s a glorious mix of cultures in the pictures. You’ll have to click on the photos to see the detail.


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