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Fathers, Brine and L R Knost

It was on this day in 2004 that my lovely Dad died and he has been in my mind and my heart more than usual today. The following cutting was found by my Mum many, many years ago and clearly made her think of her Father, my Grandfather, The Rev W R Richards, whom I knew for only a couple of years when we lived in the Vicarage in Cockerham, Lancashire with him and my Granny.dscn9591

If only – my lovely Dad was a very wise man.

The turkey is sitting in the brine I made yesterday. Isn’t it a beautiful colour?dscn9580

These words from L R Knost touched me.peace


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Peace, Tree Festival and A Wild Sea

What a delightful evening of words and music, a shared meal and friendship at The Mylor Mix last night with an emphasis on working for Peace in whatever way we can.

We were in Falmouth for a good friend’s birthday lunch today with wild winds and seas and discovered in the gardens of the Princess Pavilions, the trees all ready for the Christmas Tree festival later this evening.The labels tell you which community group made the decorations, all on the theme of Cinderella.


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Sedona Sunrise to Sunset and Peace Tour 2

An early start for a busy day of petroglyphs at V Bar V Heritage site, a lake at Montezuma Well, Montezuma Castle – all sites linked to the Sinagua people in these places around 1100-1400. Do look them up, just fascinating. Then on to The Labyrinth and later a stroll around Sedona and sunset. I wish we had a whole week here, there is so much to see and we have too little time!

Here a mountain lion is attacking a deer.

This lake is a limestone sink hole and fed by continuously flowing springs. This gorgeous lizard was sunning himself on one of the rocks nearby. Just look at his toes and the wonderful colours.

This is a five storey, twenty room dwelling 100 feet above the valley built by Sinaguan farmers sometime between 1100 and 1300. Remarkable!

I walked this lovely labyrinth and as I did, a dove landed on the poles of the tepee and stayed there all the time I was walking.
I shall have to devote a post to the artwork around Sedona. I have never seen a town so full of delightful sculptures and wall paintings. Sunset was less spectacular than the other night but beautiful in a different way.


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Be Brave, Day Lily and Love For Our World

Be the kind of person

Thank you for those words, Nikita Gill.

The Day Lilies are very lovely, a new one every day.DSCN3308

There are terrible acts of violence happening all over the world and today it has all come a little nearer to home as we have family in Munich. We have heard that most of them are safe and await news of the others. (Just heard that they are safe too.)  My heart hurts every time we hear of such attacks and hear the news from war torn areas and of the plight of the refugees. We need more love in our world. I try to be the kind of person who spreads love. Take care, all my dear Readers.



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Seeds, Eggs and Peace

We bought our first seeds today. I love Night Scented Stocks. Their flowers are quite insignificant in the daytime but the scent at night is glorious! IMG_9530This time of year we sometimes treat ourselves to mini eggs!

mini eggs

mini eggs

I have posted this poem before and today is another day when it is needed. My heart goes out to all those affected in Brussels. We were very relieved to hear from our nephew who lives and works in that city.

Peace Comes To You Poem Translated Into Arabic By Nancy

Peace Comes To You Poem Translated Into Arabic By Nancy Emad


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Perfect View, Silver Linings and Peace

We went for coffee with a very good friend this morning, an oasis of calm in the busy-ness of family life and it was delightful. This is the beautiful view we were treated to.

View from the barn though some bunting

View from Bolanken Barn though some bunting

Silver linings behind the dark clouds over Carn Brea.

Silver linings

Silver linings

We were in Truro today for D to do some last minute shopping for his family before he leaves tomorrow. Browsing in the bookshop, I found two new Poetry books. Expect many more poems this year!

And one more thought for the New Year………

Let There Be World Peace

Let There Be World Peace




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Shadow, A Good Read and Graffito in Nicosia

The shadow thrown by our much loved quirky sculpture, by Jeremy Beswick, is pleasing this morning.

Man with a Dog by Jeremy Beswick

Man with a Dog by Jeremy Beswick

I have had a lovely afternoon away from the hoolie blowing outside curled up with books. I finished the very entertaining read,  The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett, this afternoon. What a delightful concept – our Queen Elizabeth discovers the City of Westminster Travelling Library in the grounds of Windsor Castle and she starts to borrow books recommended by the Librarian. Just as for the more common reader, reading can transform one’s life!

The Uncommon Reader

The Uncommon Reader

Paul, our friend who is doing a pilgrimage for Peace and Reconciliation, and is walking from Rome to Jerusalem  spotted this charming piece of graffiti in Nicosia.

From Paul, Peace Walker

From Paul, Peace Walker


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