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Crocuses, Emotions and Fallen Camellia

My Suffragette garden has White Hyacinths just coming into flower and Crocuses that are Purple, White and Green all in the one plant!

This afternoon I was at the local Children’s Centre where an activity was ready for the little people as they arrived. The lovely foam faces were there to encourage the children to talk about their happy and sad feelings.

I did a quick circuit of Church Lane, Lovers’ Lane and our street early this evening, to get my step count up! This fallen Camellia stood out against the old flowers, now turned to brown, and the tarmac. Isn’t it so delicately pretty?


Optimism, Wild Art and Balloons


WordPress are telling me that I cannot upload any photos as there is no room. I don’t understand this as I have just renewed my Premium rate contract with them.  I wanted to show you some of the artwork done by the young people who meet weekly with WILD, an amazing organisation who work with young parents all across Cornwall. I was invited to their 25th Birthday Party this afternoon and was moved and inspired by what they do – how they give young parents confidence, hope, strength, optimism and practical help. I can give you a link so that you can look them up and see what wonderful work they do.

When I hear from the WordPress Happiness Engineers, I’ll add the photos later.

I have had help and will sort the problem tomorrow.


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Citrus Colours, Sculpture and Tree

This delightful selection of glorious citrus fruit came my way today. I don’t know who the photographer is but thanks anyway.

We love the naturalness of the sculptures in Canovelles and the way they seem to be part of the community – the one the other day of the young woman reading and this one of the old fellow leaning and watching the world go by. We think there is at least one more to find.

This trained tree caught my eye. 


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Front Doors, Shop Windows and A Memorial

Walking through Penryn, after a haircut this afternoon, I photographed Christmas wreaths, a couple of delightful shop windows and a most touching memorial to the eighteen people killed by a bomb in The Square, Penryn in 1941 – Eighteen Trees for Eighteen Lives. What a beautiful way to commemorate these lost lives. Click on any photo for detail and the caption.


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Renghan Reveya, Christmas Tree and Thich Naht Hanh

A couple of days ago I asked if anyone had good ideas of how to use the beautiful little Fairytale Aubergines that I had just bought. Well, the greengrocer did! He had put a recipe book on the stall open at the page for Renghan Reveya, Round Aubergine Satay. What a brilliant feast-like meal we have just enjoyed! The recipe has been taken from Prashad Cookbook: Indian Vegetarian Cooking by Kaushy Patel. What a find!

Tonight The Ingleheart Singers have sung for the switching on of the tree lights in Troon. It was a delightful affair.

Troon's Christmas tree

Troon’s Christmas tree

The following words are so important to remember and resonate with me just at the moment. Help in the form of love and kindness is what everyone needs to help through the suffering. Love to all my readers.

Think on this

Think on this



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A Day at Coach Lane Allotments …..

….. learning how to make Bio Char – just a few photos from the day.A ballerina scarecrow.Some beautiful Rainbow Chard.The delicious shared lunch of Roasted Spaghetti Squash Soup in the community shed, The Green Shed.Getting the fire raging.


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Crab Apples, Translucence and Generosity 

There is a pretty cluster of little apples on our Malus Evereste this year.The Agapanthus leaves are rotting down and have become golden and translucent.At choir tonight lots of people had brought soft toys, colouring books, felt pens and crayons for ‘Bags of Love’, a local charity collecting for children in war torn Syria. 

Below is the information we were given. Isn’t this a beautifully simple and lovely thing to do for these children.


The hospitals in Syria in the aftermath of an airstrike are chaotic and incredibly busy. Due to the lack of staff, when children are brought in, there is no provision for a quiet space and rarely anyone with the time to comfort them.

The doctors have asked that we launch an appeal to fill bags with things that will keep the children distracted and maybe offer them some comfort. We are ordering 1000 white drawstring/duffle bags printed with the Bags of Love logo and we need donations to help us fill them.

Ideally we would like each bag to have:

 1. A cuddly toy, no bigger than 10″ – doesn’t have to be new as long as it is clean and undamaged

2. A pack of felt tips or pencil crayons (with a sharpener) and a pad

 3. An outdoor toy such as a tennis ball, skipping rope, yoyo etc

 4. A packet of sweets- HALAL suitable – please make sure they have no gelatine in them.

 5. A picture drawn by the child that has filled it, a note telling those children that we care, we think of them and we are reaching out to them ❤️ (this is really important as we can buy other bits but not this!)

 Anything else that you think would bring a bit of joy feel free to add in.”



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