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Feathers, A Nest and Healing Salves

Just inside the car park today, these two little feathers were lying on the ground, looking just like tiny angel’s wings that had fallen from the sky.

Our lighthouse nesting box had to come down today and is due a paint. With the lid off, we discovered a tiny little nest that must have been from last year as no-one took up residence this Spring. If you look carefully, you can make out the neat construction.

This came my  way today and was most timely. I had a nasty experience on a roundabout on my way to Penryn to sing as I was cut up by someone in the wrong lane who cut very tightly in front of me. I was all of a tremble when I arrived and the Singing salve certainly settled me as well as the friendship which surrounded me.


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Concert, Flushing and Last Night’s Full Moon

Fabulous concert and Cornish Cream Tea this afternoon with The Suitcase Singers, singing our hearts out and raising money for our two charities, ShelterBox and The Invictus Trust.

The view across to Flushing from that side of the river is so very lovely and there were swans on the water.

Last night’s full moon was gorgeous, seen through the trees and with an orange glow all around.



Beach Birthday Party for Ti, 100 Years Old Today

Our Dear Friend Ti has been celebrating her 100th birthday today!  She wanted a picnic party with a Cornish Cream tea on a local beach with friends and family and for it to be a demonstration about the climate emergency. She says that if Greta Thunberg can speak up for the young people, she can speak up for older generations.  What a star she is!

Being interviewed by the BBC

You can see the BBC report here.

My choir, The Suitcase Singers, all came to Gylly Beach as a surprise to sing for her, starting with ‘You Are My Sunshine’ and ending with a new song, ‘Voice of Change’ written by Claire Ingleheart, our choir leader, and Jamie Locke, about the Climate Emergency. I will try to get you a recording. It went down well.

Her birthday cake was made for her by a very talented young lady, S, one of Claire’s daughters.


We are going to plant an apple tree that will be in flower every year on Ti’s birthday.

Apple tree, Discovery, waiting to be planted

Happy Birthday, Ti! xx

And, just in from Cornwall Live



Six on Saturday – At the Allotment

I was invited for an Allotment Lunch today so I baked some Daisy Bread and off I went to the local allotments where our lovely neighbour and her sister have a double plot – a great opportunity for photos. At the end you will find the link to The Propagator’s blog where, in the comments, you will find lots of other Six on Saturday blogs from all over the world  which are always fun to visit.

 1.  Looking out of the shed  across the other plots.

2.   Stir fry of lots of delicious fresh produce

3.   Fresh wild garlic about to be chopped up and added to the mix

4.   Stewed rhubarb with strawberries for dessert

5.   Rainbow Chard – beautiful bright colours

6.   Marigolds and Forget-me-nots – a beautiful colour combination.

7.  The being-renovated shed

The Propagator 



Six on Saturday – End of March

We have had the loveliest week, bright sunshine in cerulean skies, warm in the sunshine but almost bitter in the shade. There was quite a frost on Thursday morning but the winds of last week have dropped and being outside has been a pleasure.

1.  It’s good to see our first Ladybird.

Ladybird on the Sage

2.  The Fritillaria in the small walled garden near the kitchen are the best they have ever been.

Fritillaria in the wall border

Looking inside the Fritillaria Meleagris

3.  We love Welly Dog who is revelling in the sunshine here. To be quite honest, he smiles whatever the weather! The Tulips are enjoying the sunshine too.

Tulips and the mown lawn

4.  I have planted some instant colour into the Suffragette Garden and am pleased with the result. They should go on flowering for a good time while we settle on the whole replanting scheme.

Suffragette Garden in purple, white and green

5.    There are lots of buds on the Clematis Montana. These are by the shed and are the nearest to flowering. They have a lovely scent too and are near one of our sitting areas where we can appreciate the perfumed air.

Buds on the Clematis Montana Elizabeth

6.  The Camassia are opening and should be quite stunning when they are all in flower. They are such a lovely colour and I love the streak of blue which runs up the petals.


Go along to The Propagator’s blog to see more Six on Saturday. There are fascinating links to gardeners all over the world in the comments.



March for a People’s Vote

LiveWire No 2’s placard. So good to have him with us – three generations together.

Brownies handed around by lovely young woman on march

The March.Thanks to the unknown photographer

An amazing and exhausting day with over a million expressing their point of view and  so good to see.  It was brilliant to be a part of such a tremendous sharing of feeling and all so good tempered and friendly. The best sides of everyone came to the fore.  Let us now hope someone listens………

PS Just heard it was nearer TWO MILLION!  IT certainly felt like it.




Six on Saturday – Replanting and Spring Bulbs

We’ve started the work on the Suffragette Garden that needs an overhaul. The blind Narcissi in the first photo are now out and the ground ready for planting.


Blind Narcissi

2.  The ground is already for planting…..


3. …… and the Hebes are in, ‘Baby Marie’  which will grow to 40 cms and I hope, in time, they will make a little hedge. The have white flowers but the buds are tinged with purple so will be perfect for this garden.

Baby Marie

4.  I was given these bulbs for Christmas a few years ago but nothing happened and I had forgotten all about them. This year, here they are in the little wall garden and I don’t know what they are called. Help, anyone?

Identity needed

5.   The Narcissi are brightening up a dark corner. I’m hoping Storm Freya, which is on its way won’t beat them down.

More Narcissi

6.   Now for something completely different!  It is St Piran’s Day here in Cornwall and our little town celebrates with a parade and hundreds of daffodils – in every shop window, in lapels, as decoration. It’s great fun!

For others in the Six on Saturday challenge, please visit the Propagator where gardeners from all over the world add links in the comments.


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