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Roses, Red Car and An Exhibition

These roses in a neighbour’s garden smell as good as they look.

As we walked down into town, a bride and groom, just married, drove up in a beautiful, bright red car, all  beribboned and ballooned .

There was a delightful exhibition called Treasures of Redruth in the Market Hall today.

Here are some of the lovely treasures.


Mist, Murdoch Day and Music

I woke very early this morning and could just make out the horse in the back field as it was standing in the mist.

It’s Murdoch Day in Redruth when the whole town turns out to celebrate William Murdoch, the talented mine engineer and inventor who lived in Redruth. His house was the first in the UK to be lit by gas lighting in 1792. He also built a steam-powered ‘car’ that he tested on the town roads.

And for your delectation……


Perfection, Protests and Purple

Here is our first, very beautiful strawberry from the allotment – just enough to share.

Some time ago, I read of a protest/demonstartion to take place in Truro today.

I was so upset and angry at the fact that all six of our MPs had voted against allowing unaccompanied refugee children to come here to join family, that I went to the charity shops to buy some children’s shoes to add to the protest and today we went to add them to the ones outside the cathedral. The demonstration was organised by Safe Passage Uk.

Just one purple allium has flowered. We don’t know where the rest have gone…….

It’s a much deeper purple that it appears to be here.

If you looked at yesterday’s blog before I added the link to Cornwall Live’s report on the Hurling to Goal, do pop back and click on the link. Their photos and narrative really bring the afternoon to life.


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Tree Planting, Primroses and Granny’s Bonnet

A lovely time was had by all at the allotment this afternoon where we had a fascinating talk about pollinators followed by the planting of a small Crab Apple, just beginning to blossom, in memory of a dear allotmenteer, former secretary and organiser extraordinaire, whom we lost last year. In the background is our current chairperson, cracking open the bubbly to toast E. 

Along the edge of the wall at the allotment are these lovely, almost white, primroses.

In my suffragette garden, the aquilegias are in flower, beautifully purple, white and green and very pleasing.



Birthday Bouquet, A Special Song and Supper

We made a birthday bouquet from our garden for a friend who shares her birthday with Shakespeare.

A week or so ago my choir recorded a beautiful piece to be played at a funeral of a Mum who had been one of our stalwarts in the audience. It is such a lovely piece I thought you might like to hear it here – The Shoshone Love Song. Please press play even thought it seems to show 00.00. It does play! This is for Helen.

Supper tonight was delicious – a new recipe for Cod and Chorizo Stew.


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Flashmob, Birthday Card and A Flower

A call out went out last week:

I was unable to be there but my neighbour made the following short recording which I can share with you: The scratch orchestra in Truro this afternoon playing Mussorgsky’s Great Gate of Kiev and the Ukrainian National Anthem in tribute and solidarity with the Ukrainian people. Thank you, S.


What a delightful birthday card came for the lovely Mr S.

Fold out card

Anemone Blanda in the wall garden

Colours of Ukraine


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Eggs, Yellow and Scarlet

Opening the door this morning I found that the egg-man had been!

Thank you M.

I found an hour to go to the allotment this afternoon as the sun was shining and actually warm on my back. I was there to do some weeding, general tidying and to cut down the very successful green manure we have had in three beds. I was delighted to find my lovely Tete a Tete looking lovely and near them a kind fellow allotmenteer had left us some tiny strawberry plants.

We don’t like Chard to eat but I love the colours in the sunshine – on someone else’s plot.



Bloom, Arundhati Roy and A Movie

I missed this Hydrangea bloom from my blog yesterday, in the front garden. Lots of plants seem fooled by the unseasonably warm weather we are having.

I have quoted Arundhati Roy before and love these words of hers too.

Imagine another world. Arundhati Roy

Dear Reader,  have you watched “Don’t Look Up” ? If not, please do. It’ll set you thinking.


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Teddy Bears, Bookshop and St Michael’s Mount

We heard yesterday of a family of Syrian refugees who have been homed in a town nearby. They have four small children and escaped Syria with nothing. We had a bag of soft toys that our LiveWires have grown out of so we found out where to take the bears and they will make their way to the family in time for Christmas.

Looking a bit sad and needing a new home

While we we were in Penzance we visited our favourite bookshop, of course.

There is an excellent view of St Michael’s Mount as you leave the town, better on a sunny day but always impressive.

St Michael’s Mount


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Feast, Fire and The Lottie Cat

What a lovely productive couple of hours at the allotment this afternoon, clearing so much rubbish, catching up with each other in the safety of the great outdoors and sharing a feast.

Working party

Feast  Photo by Sue Hill


All the rubbish disappeared into the fire pit.

Fire! Photo by Sue Hill

The Lottie cat, he who has no name, turned up for a stroke. He reminds me of some stories I loved as child, Orlando, the Marmalade Cat, who had such splendid adventures.


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