Week 5 – January 26th – 1st February

Four weeks since my operation and things keep getting easier and better. I am continuing with the medication routine and the exercise chart is filling up well. I have managed to establish an exercise routine now so that I don’t miss any. I am continuing my rest in the afternoons for at least an hour and am still sleeping for the whole of that time, sometime 2-3 hours! The instructions say to keep up the one hour flat on my back for 10 weeks so there’s a lot of resting still to come!

I have forgotten to take a second crutch with me on several occasions this week and am finding that I can manage really well with one. I am supposed to be using two for six weeks or until I get permission from the surgeon to stop. I see him next Monday, five weeks to the day from the op so we will see what he has to say. I can stop wearing the DVT stockings very soon too. That will be a relief for Mr S as well as me as they are the very devil to get on and off and he has been so good doing that for me – but then again, that is how he is, just wonderful.

I had a such a big pile of books that I had anticipated reading while recovering but I have read only one, Delicious by Ruth Reichl. I had not reckoned on being so sleepy nor on the fact that I would not be able to concentrate on anything much at all. I’ve managed a bit of crochet but have had to leave my special knitting for my Sister-in-law as the pattern is so complicated! I like to be busy and this lack of co-operation from my brain is proving quite exasperating! I cannot cook or bake yet either so my creative needs are being thwarted! I have, however, managed a few thank you notes this week.



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