Daily Archives: June 6, 2012

Honeysuckle, Broad Beans and Grandbabies

1 The honeysuckle is looking beautiful and the bees are appreciating the blooms too.

Bumble bee on the honeysuckle

2 There was a Bumble bee on the honeysuckle but my biologist daughter tells me that this bee on the broad beans is a Honey bee. I’m not sure why, but that pleases me!

Honey bee on the broad bean flowers

3    The children came home and Tabitha raided the cupboard for the beautiful colourful cup-cake cups and Jake had fun with Lucy.

Indestructible silicone cup-cake cases

Jake having fun with his Aunty Lucy

and a question for my fellow bloggers who are gardeners – My Sprouting Broccoli is sprouting! I thought it was supposed to do this in the Winter and the Spring. Should I pinch out the tops or what? Please advise!


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