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Jewels, Cake and Route 66

While we were away some dear friends visited next door for our lovely neighbour’s birthday and they left me a box of mixed ‘jewels’ for my glass work. I’m looking forward to getting back to it and creating some beautiful angels with pretty decorations.

Thank you C.

Our lovely neighbour Sue-next-door  had an emergency operation yesterday to sort out a detached retina and today I made her the most delicious Rhubarb Cake, which we were introduced to in Arizona, to aid her recovery.

Rhubarb cake with freshly picked rhubarb from our allotment.

We travelled some of the old Route 66 on our way north to the Grand Canyon.



Tomato Soup and Strawberry Shortcake

Using as much allotment produce as I can ….. so, today some delicious tomato soup which is now in the freezer.

We’ve been next door for a lovely dinner tonight and I took the pud  – – a Strawberry Shortcake made to my Mum’s recipe.


Another Family Visit

Daughter No 3 visited today with her lovely family including LiveWire 4 and we have had a truly splendid day. We met for lunch at The Blue Bar in Porthtowan, a family favourite, spent several hours at the beach, paddling and making beach art. We spent the next few hours picking tomatoes at the allotment, baking cookies, picking sweetcorn cobs for tea and enjoying a delicious evening meal together.



Flags, St Mawes and A Lighthouse

It has been the night of the choir’s boat trip. We hire a leisure boat, take food to share and have that on the way from Falmouth to St Mawes where we get off and busk a while  collecting for our two charities, ShelterBox and the local Food Bank.  On the way home, as the sun is setting, we sing all the way back to Falmouth – a wonderfully happy evening made all the better because LiveWire 3 is with us and joined in all the singing.  Just a few pictures as I spent all evening singing!

Flags over the pier where we boarded the boat.

Bread buns made by LiveWire 3 and me this morning. WE also made the Oat and Date Slice but forgot to take a photo.

What a wonderful spread!

St Mawes from the water as we were leaving, singing Goodbye Sweetheart!

St Anthony Lighthouse, seen on the way home across the water


Buck Moon, Bears’ Breeches and Cake

What a beautiful super moon this month!

Leaving choir practice this afternoon, I was very taken with these tall and stately plants. What a strange name. The Latin name is Acanthus Hungaricus. .

I’ve made a cake to take to Community Roots tomorrow. It’s called Blueberry Coffee Cake, no coffee involved except they suggest it is served with a cup of coffee. I’ve made it gluten free so that everyone can have a piece.


Carrots, Cake and A Gig

We brought home some crazy carrots the other day and I roasted them with garlic and maple syrup and they were delicious.

There were blueberries to be used up so I made a cake.

Just home from a gig in the roofless Old Church in St Day – great fun!

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Community Roots Today

I made a gluten free chocolate cake for one of our volunteer’s birthdays and decorated it with flowers from the garden and M reported on the moths she had found in the moth trap this morning. There were 49 different species and  224 all together. We all love seeing them and learning their names. Lots of other work went on as well of course!


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Cookies for Ukraine

The recipe I used today to make biscuits for tomorrow’s coffee time at Roots suggested that a small toy could be pressed into each uncooked cookie to make them look more interesting.  I don’t have any small toys so used the badge we were given by M,  one of our lovely Ukrainian friends. The biscuits therefore celebrate Ukraine’s fightback and our Dear friends from the Hooligan Art Community.  We hope they will visit again before too long.

Gluten free lemon cookies

Tank trap badge

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Posy, Chocolate Crackles and A Robin

We had a lovely visit with our Dear friend Ti enjoying lots of poetry together. We managed to collect enough from the garden to make a pretty posy.

I had such a yen for a Chocolate Crackle so just had to rustle some up!  Delicious!

There is a very friendly and tame robin that visits whenever we are working in the garden. This afternoon, I took out some pastry crumbs on a plate and he came along to have a feast.



Cake, Clematis and Creativity

I made two Banana and Raisin Loaves today, one for us and one for tomorrow for coffee break with the gang we volunteer with.

Our Nelly Moser has lots more blooms.

We discovered a new piece of street art .down one of the opes in town.

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