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Curtain, Eccles Cakes and Piranesi

The curtain may not be conventionally beautiful but it represents hours of work, learning from Youtube, various frustrations and ultimately, satisfaction. I’ve made clothes since I was 14. I’ve been making curtains since I was 21 and furnishing our first flat but I have never made a box lined door curtain from velvet before and it was certainly a challenge. It now hangs from the rising portiere curtain rod that the lovely Mr S fitted last week in our sitting room and now, hopefully,  we will be protected from the draughts.

I’ve made some more Eccles cakes, much loved by the aforementioned Mr S.

I have just finished reading the  most magical novel, utterly entrancing and one which will be in my mind for some time.


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Oak Tree, Camellia and Pies

Whatever the season, I love watching the huge old oak tree on one of our local walks.

Nearer to home is a camellia tree in full bloom.

We made individual pies today, known as J’s Pies as I first made them over a video call with LiveWire No 2.


Singing, Mixture and Cake

It was so good to be singing again in the barn with The Ingleheart Singers this afternoon. We learned a wonderful African piece and I’ll send you the recording as soon as I can.

No cake in the house! That’s not good so I planned on making a favourite Blueberry Streusel Coffee Cake only we didn’t have enough blueberries and no lemon. So, here we have a very pretty mixture and, later, Blueberry and Raspberry with Lime cake.


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Footprints, Embroidery and Pudding

One of the bloggers I follow, Judy of wrote today
“Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.” Eleanor Roosevelt
and, of course, I thought of my Dear Friend, Angie whose footprints will be with me forever.

This amazing piece of embroidery came my way today and I really thought I should share it with you all. I absolutely love it and aspire to do similar…

Embroidered by Jennifer Kennedy Tidd

.These are the words of the very skilled embroiderer:
“I have a finish!
365 icons representing each day of this year! I started on Jan 1 having never embroidered, and now I cannot wait to do it again!
This has been one of the most rewarding projects that I have ever completed.
I encourage you to first, open your eyes to all the tiny beautiful things around you and second incorporate them into something that makes you happy!”

Today I made Panettone Pudding to use up the rather dry panettone. It is scrumptious indeed.

Panettone Pudding from BBC Good Food


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Special Cakes

The recipe for these very special Chocolate Ginger Spice Cakes was in the Observer magazine yesterday and I made them today’s project. They are delicious. Thank you Nigel Slater for this scrumptious recipe.


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Happy Christmas, Special Visit and More Mince Pies

Nadelik Lowen is Happy Christmas in the Cornish language. Here are greetings for my dear Readers  all over the world.

Daughter No 1 tested negative this morning and so has arrived today with her wonderful Maine Coon cats. So far they are very nervous but I will hope to get you a photo in the next couple of days. They are very beautiful.

More baking today!


Cake Tin, Cake and Mincepies

I bought a new Christmas cake tin last Christmas and didn’t get to use it. Today I have made a Heligan Pineapple Cake in the tin and decorated it in a bright jolly fashion. You can find the recipe for this delicious squishy fruit cake here. .

Then I made mince pies. The angels look more like displaced ghosts but they taste good (home-made mincemeat and very short pastry.)

All this today, because, hopefully, given the Covid situation, the London family will arrive tomorrow  for a few days prior to Christmas. We are making tomorrow our Christmas Day dinner and present exchange day. I may not have time to post. Keep your fingers crossed, Dear Reader, that their PCR tests will all be negative and that they will be able to come…………


For all those very dear readers who were touched by my post yesterday, I have found another rendition of Joe Hill. Do listen. It gave me the shivers. Much love….


Peace, Mince pies and Id Needed

by Lisa ?

At last I could make mince pies with the mincemeat I made over a week ago. They were delicious but the pastry was so short that they crumbled as they came out of the pan. Here they are raw.

In my clearing out I have found this little item which we can’t identify. It is only 2″ in length and has KLM impressed on the base. It’s copper on the top and brass underneath. The lovely Mr S had an uncle who worked for the airline so that might explain its provenance. Any thoughts?


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Last Slice, Mincemeat and A Poem

Here is the last slice of the delicious Pecan Pie on a very lovely little plate that has, until now, just been on display on the Welsh dresser. Now we are using both of them.

I’ve made our mincemeat for the mincemeat pies for Christmas. I’ve never made it before but don’t really know why not.

A poem for you today shared by Michael Rosen. It is by Benjamin Zephaniah with whom we once had breakfast in Sheffield. The refugee situation and the way our government treats these desperate people, has me in tears.

By Benjamin Zephaniah

One of my readers, Helen, asked if there were any marks underneath the oriental design plate. Yes, these are they. I don’t know the maker. Perhaps someone can help..



Reflections, Thanksgiving and Pecan Pie

What a beautiful start to my morning as we sang with this view of the Penryn River.

It’s Thanksgiving in the USA and in solidarity with family and friends in America, we cook up a storm of a Thanksgiving dinner using some family recipes.  We’ve cooked a small turkey crown with and cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, using our beans and recipe from the book “Giving Thanks’ bought in Plimouth some years ago, mashed potatoes, kalettes with shallots and bacon, stuffing  and gravy to be followed by Pecan Tart for pud.

Happy Thanksgiving to family in Atlanta, Hawaii, Seattle and Phoenix and friends in Flagstaff, Vermont and Sacramento. Also to all my blogging friends- Happy Days!

Pecan Pie

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