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Rain and Focaccia Art

I’m not really a pluviophile though I do recognise when the garden needs rain and I do find joy in doing an indoor project which today was baking – no surprise there then!

A very good friend shared some pictures of Focaccia art and I commented on probably not having the patience to do it myself. However, it wasn’t hard, didn’t try my patience and, in fact, was a delight from collecting the edibles from the garden and kitchen,  designing the picture and of course, kneading bread dough is always peaceful and satisfying.
Here is my Focaccia Art before going in the oven and afterwards. The decoration is made up of red pomodorinos, our last yellow cherry tomato, black olives, chive stalks, baby leek stalks, a tiny red onion, orange winter pansy flowers and some rosemary twigs. It tasted good too!


River, Bulbs and Pie

My choir is meeting again in the Zed Shed and once more we have the joy of the Penryn River as our backdrop as well as singing together, albeit in very small numbers.

I love the hope intrinsic in planting bulbs now for the Spring. These are some that we are about to plant. We haven’t had either variety before so look forward to seeing these next March/April..

Tonight we have had Leftovers Pie – chicken bits from the roast earlier this week with two chopped up vegan sausages all in a sauce made by whizzing up leftover cauliflower cheese and all covered with a puff pastry lid that had been frozen since I last made pies. We served the pie with Runner Beans harvested this afternoon at the allotment. We treated ourselves last night to a special dinner at our local hotel, The Penventon, and tonight’s frugality made up for that!

Leftovers Pie


Scent, Pudding and A Visitor

You’ll have to imagine this, the glorious smell of newly mown grass as a tractor turned up to mow the back field.

Blackberry and apple crumble this evening with the blackberries we picked the other day.

We have heard the Woodpecker in the trees for the last few days and today it visited but didn’t pose for the best of photos.


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Blackberry Lane and Cake

There was a delicious sounding recipe in today’s Guardian Feast, quite complicated but as I was having a day on my own, why not? I went into town and bought the odd bits I didn’t have and then went blackberrying to collect fresh blackberries for the Blackberry and Star Anise Chocolate Cake, recipe from Edd Kimber.

First I made some Blackberry jam, then the cake mixture (a very unusual method), then while the cake was cooking and the jam cooling, I made the chocolate ganache. Assembly came next and – wow! It’s the best cake ever!

Blackberry and Star Anise Chocolate Cake

Edd Kimber’s blackberry and star anise chocolate cake. Photograph: Lizzie Mayson/The Guardian. Food styling: Benjamina Ebuehi. Prop styling: Anna Wilkins. Food assistant: Julia Aden.



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A Poem, Blue Muffins and A Poppy

I heard Jackie Kay on Radio 4 this afternoon and learned about the inspiration for writing one of her poems.  She had heard that from 2017 babies born in Scotland were to get a cardboard box containing mattress, sheets, clothes – all a new born might need. She wrote to the government to suggest that there should be a poem in the box and they said ‘Yes!’  So, she wrote the  poem ‘Welcome wee one’.  She spoke of how new Mums would see her on the street, thank her for the poem and ask for selfies.  I think this is brilliant.

This afternoon I have made some Blueberry Muffins and yes, they are really blue!

Every day we have another poppy.


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Cornish Language, Produce and A Special Dinner

Our buses are teaching us Cornish phrases!

Our Allotment community is really lovely to be a part of and their generosity remarkable.  I went down to collect a few Mange Touts for dinner and was given some Strawberries and beautiful freshly podded peas. What a colourful collection.

Daughter No 1 is with us this weekend and we are celebrating her birthday which was in March! Confit duck with fresh allotment veg and  Cornish potatoes from our local greengrocer and a Blueberry and Strawberry Pavlova. It’s 8 months since we were able to be together so this meal has been a celebration of that as well as her missing birthday.


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Snickerdoodles, A Bow and New Blooms

I have been sorting through all my foodie magazines, cutting out favourites and decluttering the rest. I came across this recipe for biscuits with the most delightful name, Snickerdoodles, common in USA I think but not here in the UK. As I typed the name in to tell my neighbour that there were some waiting for her on her doorstep, my iPhone knew exactly what I was starting to write!

ClothKitty has a new bow in her hair (to disguise the small hole.) She looks pleased with it!

The salmon coloured Nasturtiums are blooming.



My Mum, Gardening and Baking

It’s 28 years since my Mum died on this day and I still want to tell her stuff that excites me or that I need her wisdom on. It doesn’t go away.
Today I want to celebrate her life by recognising some of the gifts that came from her – my love of gardening and of cooking.
She would have been delighted with us having an allotment so here are a couple of the flowers from there today.

After she retired, she used to fill in forms that asked for her profession not as ‘Retired Teacher of the Deaf’ but as Head Gardener.
She was a brilliant cook too so here is a coffee cake I have made today for the cake stall at the Redruth Butter Market stall tomorrow.


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Daughter No 3 and LiveWire No 4 are visiting tomorrow!  The pie is for a picnic lunch on a coastal walk somewhere and the roasted vegetables will have chicken thighs added tomorrow for Roast Chicken with Mustard, Marmalade , Carrots and Orange. It is so long since we have all been together.

Cheese and Onion Pie x Felicity Cloake

For Roast Chicken with Mustard, Marmalade , Carrots and Orange




Tulips, Snail and Cake

We have yet another storm blowing through so I have rescued most of the last tulips and put them in a jar with some purple pittosporum.  The bonus is that when indoors we can smell their perfume.

Inside one of the blooms was a tiny snail. I’ve left it there.

I’m going to a creative workshop tomorrow and have made a Heligan Pineapple cake to take along to share.

Heligan Pineapple cake

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