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Love, Baking and Creating

The LiveWires keep us amused, and busy, all day! It fills my heart up to have them visiting and I just love how a sleepy little girl creeps into bed with me first thing in the morning and snuggles down saying, “I could stay in here for ever!”

Love and Pooh Bear


We made Chocolate Croissants for breakfast and Banana and Raisin Buns for tea.



While I was making the evening meal, LiveWire T amused herself folding paper and made a cat!




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Winter Pansies, Jessour Agustson and Millionaires’ Shortbread

In Canovelles today we saw that the town’s gardeners had been out planting Winter Pansies to brighten up the area.

We found the fourth sculpture by Jessour Agustson today, a young man sitting on a bench with his laptop. We love the natural poses of these sculptures and feel sure there must be times when people speak to them! 

Oldest LiveWire is going to write the next item as my Guest Blogger again.

This afternoon Granny and I made Millionaires’ Shortbread for my mummy as a treat. My mummy thought that it was so good, she called Billionaires’ Shortbread! 


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Cake, Crow and Courgette

I’m making a Toffee Apple Cake for a Bonfire Night party and made sure I have all the ingredients ready.

Looking up the hallway from the kitchen this morning, I spotted a ‘crow’ in the porch.

We harvested the very last courgette this afternoon, fried slices in lemony butter and it was delicious.

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Guest Post – Baking, Cornish Lanes and Truro

Live Wire J, 7,  is helping with tonight’s blog, has chosen the photos, the title and is dictating the text.
Today we baked more buns, chocolate ones and Butterfly buns. When they came out of the oven to cool,  J put more chocolate drops on the top to melt and then we went to Truro. We went through the back lanes to avoid the holiday traffic, met some horses and other cars in the very narrow Cornish lanes. There were flags up in Truro and we went to The Arts Cafe for a treat, babyccinos and lemon drizzle cake. J spent his pocket money on two pencils that he can use at school. Tomorrow we are going to shave off a bit of yellow paint so that J can write his name there.


We’re In Charge!

We have the Live Wires to ourselves for a day and a half as their parents away celebrating their 10th Wedding Anniversary and what a day we have had – making, baking. playing hide and seek, helping to fix the fountain,  a picnic in the garden, a late visit to the beach to play and stories read to us and by us. I think (and hope) we will all sleep well tonight.



Summer Solstice, Poem and Cookies

We had hoped to go out to Carn Brea to watch the sunset (see the photos at the end of the post) tonight and to watch the full moon, the Strawberry Moon, rise, but sadly it is very cloudy. I hope some of you have managed to see this event which last happened in the Summer of Love, 1967, the year we were married and which will not happen again until I am long gone in 2094!  
A very good friend at choir gave me the following poem tonight, handwritten for me, such a lovely thing to do.

Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to break free;

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-torn to me:

I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

This is from The New Colossus by Emma Lazarus and is on a bronze plaque on the Statue of Liberty.

I baked 100 Spicy Oat Cookies this afternoon.  

I just looked up while writing this and the sky had turned to fire! The moon isn’t up yet. 



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Present, Cake Mixture and James Whitcomb Riley

I’ve been with some lovely friends this afternoon and D who has just returned from a trip to China brought us each a beautiful little bag to keep our creative bits and pieces in.DSCN1922

I’ve baked a Coffee and Pecan cake to take to an event tomorrow. I love creaming the butter and sugar!


I was looking for a poem about baking a cake and found this little delight which is the first verse of five.

Granny’s come to our house,
And ho! my lawzy-daisy!
All the childern round the place
Is ist a-runnin’ crazy!
Fetched a cake fer little Jake,
And fetched a pie fer Nanny,
And fetched a pear fer all the pack
That runs to kiss their Granny!

by  James Whitcomb Riley

Littlest Live-wire arrives tomorrow for a few days and I am hoping she “runs to kiss her Granny”!


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