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Chapel Porth, Porthtowan and Godrevy

We tried to go for. a walk at low tide this lunchtime but people were queueing in the car park as everyone seemed to have the same idea on this beautiful sunny and cloudless day.

On the way down to the car park

So, off we went to Porthtowan to walk along the sand towards Chapel Porth. . Here we were thwarted by the way the winter tides had created a sandbank with a stream to be crossed to go very far.

The sandbank


Wonderful rock formation looking like a high-heeled platform-soled boot

Later we set off to see the sunset at Godrevy.

Surfers in the sunlit sea at Gwithian

Trees on the horizon as we left Godrevy



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Daffodils, Handprints and Clay

I met a very dear friend for a walk this morning and we walked and talked and it was so good to spend time together. A few days ago I told you about the daffodils on the verges in Cornwall and today we went past some so here they are in all their golden glory.

Towards the end of our walk we visited a small church where the peace inside was almost palpable. It was beautifully simple and had some interesting art work around. First was the wall of handprints that caught my eye immediately.

High up in a small window, on the wide ledge, was an intriguing piece of pottery that I really like and I’d like to know more about it.


Love, Cyclamen and Golden Rails

The following words came my way today and really hit a nerve. Let us all remember in this somewhat turbulent world that we have an amazing capacity to love.

Our walk late this afternoon took us past a garden where the deep crimson cyclamen shone in the dusky light.

As we walked over the bridge and looked down the line to Penzance, the rails glowed golden as the sun set in the west.


Wolf Moon, Branches and Azalea

So pleased that we’ve had a bright cold day with clear skies so that we can see this month’s full moon, known as the Wolf Moon because wolves were more likely to be heard howling at this time. The BBC video below explains the name further.  Just click on the red link.


I love the ghostly effect of the branches in the next shot.

I was given a lovely white Azalea for my birthday and it is still lovely with many more blooms to come.


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Oak Tree, Camellia and Pies

Whatever the season, I love watching the huge old oak tree on one of our local walks.

Nearer to home is a camellia tree in full bloom.

We made individual pies today, known as J’s Pies as I first made them over a video call with LiveWire No 2.


January Blooms

Today I spotted a Snowdrop from the kitchen window and when I went to get a photo realised that there are also some Grape Hyacinths hiding in the border and, then,  among the Primrose flowers, a remarkable translucent bloom.



Bird Watching, Sunset and A Poem

Most feeders were empty this morning so the Goldfinches weren’t visiting. This seemed to make the Great Tits braver and three took it in turns to come for peanuts.

Walking up from the allotment this evening, the sun was setting behind Carn Brea.

Carn Brea Castle and the Bassett Monument

I found this poem very moving.


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Hope, Positivity and Confirmation

We have several daffodil bulbs up and with buds!

Good advice from Gandhi.

My brother has written today to confirm the story I told you yesterday.  How Sidney Poitier came to hear of Mum’s work, we don’t know  except that she was known within the teaching world for her excellence in teaching deaf children. My brother thinks he had a deaf child himself and wanted to know from the best how to help her.


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Bloom, Arundhati Roy and A Movie

I missed this Hydrangea bloom from my blog yesterday, in the front garden. Lots of plants seem fooled by the unseasonably warm weather we are having.

I have quoted Arundhati Roy before and love these words of hers too.

Imagine another world. Arundhati Roy

Dear Reader,  have you watched “Don’t Look Up” ? If not, please do. It’ll set you thinking.


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Breakfast, Beach and Angie

Birthday breakfast of Bucks Fizz and home baked croissants followed by a visit to Chapel Porth where we walked up the cliffs to Wheal Coates enjoying the challenge, the ozone and the sounds of the sea – such a lovely birthday treat.

My Dear Friend of 30+ years died on 28th December and from now on  my blog will be in her memory as well as Kath’s.  Angie was my TA at school and we became the very best of friends. We also shared today as our birthday.

My Dear friend Angie

We spent hours together at school and even more hours together in the pub unwinding from the week. When I retired, knowing my love of words, Angie gave me a beautiful little book in which to collect quotations. The first quotation was one Angie chose herself and summed up our friendship perfectly.  She was a very special individual and I shall always treasure the love and the laughter that we shared.

I have since discovered that the words are by Dinah Maria Craik  (20 April 1826 – 12 October 1887) an English novelist and poet. Thanks for everything, Angie.


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