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Mown Hay, Sky Kiss and Lunch

The scent of the mown hay as we walked along the side of the field in the lane was just lovely, so evocative of summertime.  We met the farmer just around the corner who told us that he would be rolling it after a couple of days more of sunshine and then it would feed the (zebra) ponies though the winter.

There have been very few contrails though lockdown but today there was a sky kiss for all to see.

Lunch  today was very pretty – and tasty, of course!

Lentil and Tomato salad with fried Halloumi, decorated with Basil leaves and Borage flowers on a bed of home grown lettuce.


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Meeting Friends at the Allotment

Just the best afternoon with friends in months! We laughed and shared stories, we sang and we made videos – great fun! We met in Wendy’s allotment, surrounded by fresh air,  beauty and friendship. Enjoy our moments.

Rose arriving at the allotment, wearing one of the masks I made for her

Graham awaiting his treat of a freshly picked pea pod

Californian Poppies, Cornflowers and Honesty

Screen Shot from a video I made of us singing, well spaced, at the moment when the round went wrong!

Wendy very generously gave each of us some produce from the allotment – mine was rhubarb so I have made our delicious family recipe, Different Every Time Pudding for our tea.


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Orange, Purple and Your Impact

Every year someone plants up a waste corner on the start of our walk with Nasturtiums. This gesture is much appreciated.

The Dwarf Buddleia in one of the chimneys is getting better by the day.

Jane Goodall’s words are spot on.Let’s each make a positive difference.


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Little Things, Droplets and Lyra

This came my way the other day and I loved it.

It was very mizzly this morning and the webs along our walk were  filled with jewel-like droplets.

I was reminded today of a little treasure of a book, ‘Lyra’s Oxford’ by Philip Pullman that the lovely Mr S gave me  many years ago. I read it again this afternoon and loved it still. It is a delight, a little taster of the wonderful ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy.


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Bertie, Eryngium and Raspberries

We are meeting the same people on our walks as we have been doing much the same walk each day, with small variations following different side tracks along the Flat Lode. Bertie has become a favourite to meet! He is like a big soft teddy bear, very gentle and well behaved. He is very tall and weighs 37 kilos!

The Eryngium have turned the most striking blue. Each year we think, they aren’t very blue – and then, suddenly they are!

Our raspberries are producing well this year and we are delighted. They are very tasty.



A Very, Very Good Day!

Today, our eldest daughter has come to spend the day with us, the first time since lockdown – and what a day we’ve had. She arrived in her best car, an Audi A8,in glorious red to celebrate our day together.

We went down to Chapel Porth, a family favourite and almost had the beach to ourselves.

We bought Cornish pasties for lunch, of course, and after lunch sat in the sunshine in the garden enjoying each other’s company.

M, like me, has a passion for making and story telling – it runs in the family. She has made some lovely 3D pieces for us and this evening has made a new button for our loo. It was lost some years ago and today, M has 3D printed us a new part. She brought her 3D printer down especially to do this job and it has been fascinating to watch the whole process. 

Above is the prototype starting to be printed and the final piece is below.

The only one like this in the world!

To celebrate further, I made a new recipe, Blueberry and Cream Cheese Crostata and it was truly delicious.


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Poppy, Walk and Help?

Another Poppy is blooming. At breakfast time it popped out of its sepals and later in the day was fully open. As the sun left that part of the garden, it closed up again.

Our walk today was very blustery! Join us going up to the Flat Lode Trail with a view of Carn Brea, past the St Uny engine house and back home.

We have a problem in the edible trough. A little Viola plant died last week, just went limp and gave up the ghost. Yesterday, all was well with the rest of the Viola border and today – another plant seems to have died. Any ideas? The trough is damp, everything else, lettuces and the rest of the Violas seem fine…….


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Fire, Fresh Veg and A Cake

It was so cold last night that we lit the woodburner, in July!


All the vegetables tonight came from our  raised beds – potatoes, Mangetouts, Dwarf Beans and Curly Kale and for dessert, Chocolate Mud Cake with just picked Raspberries.

Instead of layering up the cake I made with T earlier, I froze one half which today I have defrosted and iced  to have with our raspberries.


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Mum’s Chimneys, Full of Colour

I said yesterday that I would show you Mum’s chimney collection which I inherited  so here they are in the order in which you would see them if you were to visit us in our garden. You would be so welcome, Dear Reader!

Steps up to the garden, lined with various Mints, Lavenders and Vanilla Nemesias – scented all the way


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Begonia, Borage and Bugs

Mum’s chimneys are so full of flowers this year, just glorious.I’ll do a whole post devoted to chimneys soon while they are in glorious flower.  Mum would be proud, wonderful gardener that she was.   After she left teaching, of deaf babies, she refused to write ‘retired’ on any forms and wrote ‘Gardener ‘with pride.

The Borage in the edible trough is flowering. I love adding the flowers to salads and to gin, when we have any in!

I spotted a couple of interesting bugs today, firstly a Shield Bug (I think) on the raspberries. We have only ever seen green ones before but think we have identified this one as a Hairy Shield Bug. Can they choose their colour depending on where they are like some magical spiders?

Hairy Shield Bug

The next was a luminescent green creature which I think I have identified as a Thick Legged Flower Beetle, a fairly boring name for such a wonderfully coloured creature.

Thick Legged Flower Beetle.


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