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Raindrops, Love and LiveWires

Showers and some sunshine today but no rainbows that I could find. However, raindrops on flowers are always so photogenic.

Anemone Blanda

Anemone Blanda

Tete a Tete narcissi

I read this today and found it such a perfect description of the love I have for all my grandchildren, our lovely LiveWires, one of whom joined me on a Zoom Sing for your Heart session  this morning which was a really special  treat.
I love this child of my child
Bone of my bone
Breath of my breath
I have always found it magical that while pregnant with my girls, they had in them the eggs that could become our grandchildren.

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Special Messages, Friendship and Crocuses

I’ve been trying to track down the organiser of the Baby Beanie distribution and today received this message which I found very moving.
“I can’t help on who to contact. I wanted to say to you, I’ve had two prem babies, the blankets and hats that are made for them are just the loveliest things to receive, at a time when you are exhausted and worried about your baby. I will thank you because I couldn’t thank the ones who did that for my children. Now 18 & 14. X”
“I had my little girl in July last year and she had one of these little hats, they let me keep it and I’ve put it in her memory box as she was wearing it in her first ever picture. Thank you so much for knitting these they are very much appreciated”
We have been helped so much today by friends. Sue-next-door took the wood we are using for the allotment to another friend to have it all sawn  up. We paid with cake!  Later we placed it all on the allotment more or less where it will be to mark out the various beds.
After lunch, as I painted all the cut edges with wood preservative, Sue and the lovely Mr S went to the Green Waste compost and brought us back a truckload which we have started to unload onto our plot. It’s looking good! Pictures tomorrow.
It’s good to see the Crocuses in the Suffragette Garden.

Mindful March, Camellia and Cake

It’s March and here is this month’s planner from Action for Happiness.

Our walk was brief today in the returned bitter Easterly wind but we did spot a beautiful Camellia bloom on the path, a delicate pale pink among the russety brown of the decaying blooms.

and Heligan Pineapple Cake! Here’s the  link to the very easy recipe for this delicious, fruity and moist loaf.


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Cherry Blossom, Primroses and A Feather (edited – Almond Tree)

A swift walk today in yet more gales brightened by a Almond Tree ( We thought this was a Cherry but a lovely friend who knows the people who live in the house that it is an Almond)  in blossom, Primroses on a hedge and a feather caught in some moss on a tree trunk.


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Reptile Ridge, Ladybird and Crocuses

I mentioned once before that our lovely neighbour’s brother is in Antarctica as part of the British Antarctic Survey. Yesterday he sent some photos and has given me permission to use this beautiful one, taken by Pete as he and a pal went for a stomp up Reptile Ridge, near the Rothera Base where they are working.

Adventure on Reptile Ridge, photo by Pete Hill

We’ve had a dry and sunny, thought still cold day and I had a walk around the garden before heading off to continue the weeding at the allotment.  I heard a bee but if flew off the purple Crocus just as I took the photo.

I was delighted to see a Ladybird at the back. I hope we don’t have another really bitter spell so these two precious creatures survive.


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Planting, Cones and Last Daffodil

Our walk today took us through our local park where it seem some (rather rough) bulb planting has been going on.

It is lovely to see the new cones beginning to develop.

Cones, old and new

Just one bloom left from our excellent bunch of Cornish Daffodils.

Last daffodil



Eccles Cakes, Cats and Daffodils

The lovely Mr Smith made Eccles cakes yesterday and they are superb! In fact, in the words of Sue-next-door, an Eccles cake aficionado, “That was officially the best Eccles cake ever!”

This came my way today and made me laugh so I hope it does the same for you.

Our Cornish daffodils, bought on Thursday 11th February, are almost over. These are the last ones left. They have been just so lovely.


Wind, Rain and Rainbow Glass

A couple of videos today of our wild weather –  the big fir tree where many birds hang out and next door’s Camellia and Tree Fern being buffeted about. The wind has been about 30mph all day with gusts in the 50s. We’re expecting much the same tomorrow.


My Rainbow glass looks very pretty with the mini tree lights behind it.

I bought our Daffodils eight days ago and they are still giving us joy.


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Weeding, Primroses and Kokopelli

The sun shone today and although it was still very cold, we worked for hours in the allotment, weeding and chopping up prunings from the currant bushes. I cleared the area outside the fruit cage which is going to be a pollinators border, full of flowers, probably in purple (Verbena) white (Cosmos) and green. Watch this space. The lovely Mr S worked inside the cage.


Along the walk up the lane  from the allotment there was this lovely Primrose plant growing in the hedge

The connection failed in our lovely Kokopelli doorbell and now it is fixed (by the lovely Mr S) and it works just perfectly again.


More Daffodils, Smiles and Supper

We went on an outing today! It was just to the dump and in the rain, after a dry morning and a good clear out of weeds and pruning. On the drive we saw a couple of clumps of Daffodils along the wayside. This happens all over Cornwall and must be down to generous individuals who just pop some bulbs into the hedgerows and up they pop, year after year, bringing joy to passers by.

It’s hard to show your smile behind a mask though the eyes can say it all. An inner smile is also very important.

Stuffed Peppers for supper tonight after yesterday’s carb overload!

Stuffed Peppers with Sweet Potato Mash topping

Today, on the zoom sing, it being half-term, we were joined by LiveWire No 3 who had a lovely time. It was a joy to have her there.

Daffodils day 6


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