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Cake Mix, Glasgow and Roses

I made a Chocolate and Beetroot Cake this afternoon for family arriving this evening. I love the mix when the egg yolks meet the melted chocolate.

If only everywhere welcomed refugees as Glaswegians do.

Blooming roses….

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Toilet Twinning, Poppy and A Bee

Our four clubbed together to send a surprise to the lovely Mr S for Father’s Day and it arrived a couple of days ago. They have twinned a latrine in Zambia  and we now have the Certificate in our downstairs loo.  When we volunteered in Mapoch, South Africa, building a classroom, we also worked on building a latrine for the school children and staff so this gift seemed particularly appropriate.

We’ve had a couple of sunny days after all the rain and the flowers are blooming…….

……. and the bees are visiting.


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King Harry Ferry, Gin and A Woodpecker

Over on the King Harry Ferry today to meet up again with my Brother and SIL, over here from America, in St Mawes, a pretty place even in pouring rain.

A G&T with my lunch!

And home again on the KHF.

Then an peaceful hour bird watching – a lovely variety (they don’t seem to mind the rain) including our first Lesser Spotted Woodpecker in some time.

You’ll have to look carefully to spot the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker.


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Sun Shimmers, Flower Wall and A Robin

The light along the Penryn River was lovely this morning.One of the house boats on the river has a vertical flower bed which is quite delightful.

We were visited by a very friendly Robin while having lunch at The Pandora on Restronguet Creek.


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Trelissick House, Martins and World Refugee Day

The secret bits of the house were open today for short tours and was fascinating.

Staircase that visitors are not usually allowed up

Subtle, please don’t sit here!

Staircase in the billiard room that leads only to the roof!

View from the little staircase

While we were waiting to go in to the house we watched a pair of Martins feeding their young.

Martin feeding their young

It is Refugee Week this week and today, on World Refugee Day, Claire’s No Talent Re-choired group sang Imagine and Your Love Lifts Me Higher and Higher at an open mic session where we were also collecting supplies for refugees in Greece and Calais. It is so heartening to see so much brought in – tents, sleeping bags, tinned and dry food and baby supplies – and all from a community that is not the wealthiest by any stretch of the imagination. Choose Love, as several tee shirts said and we do.



Bee, Planter and Solanum

Bee on a Chive flower

Planter in the shape of an engine house at the entrance to Troon

Solanum flowers


Birds, Beach and Sea

It is so good to come home! We have been in the big  city for the last few days – so to come home to fresh air, peace and quiet and the beauty of Cornwall is quite something. We enjoyed our adventures but it is so good to come home.  Please enjoy the gallery below giving you a taste of Godrevy and the sea.

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