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Glass Class, Playing and The Beach

Another lovely LiveWire day starting with them wanting to learn how to make something in glass. I cut the pieces for shooting stars for them both, they foiled the pieces and we started the soldering . We will finish that tomorrow afternoon or Friday morning.They both worked so hard!


Beginning to solder

We went off to Heartlands to have lunch and then to play on the brilliant equipment like many other families.


Landing after balancing across the blocks

Later we took a trip to our nearest and favourite beach, Porthtowan,  to play at damming up the stream, making pools and diverting the stream. I loved doing this as a kid, again with our four and now with the LiveWires. It isn’t something that you can grow out of  – or would ever want to!

Collecting water

Diverting the stream


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Diaspora Gardens, Mural and Good People

Daughter No 3 visited today for just a few hours so we went out for lunch at the Red River Cafe and then took a stroll around the Diaspora Gardens at Heartlands.  From their website:  “In the 19th Century, thousands of pioneering Cornish people emigrated across the world taking with them their culture, mining skills and technologies.
Through exquisite planting and fascinating interpretation, the Diaspora (meaning ‘dispersion’) Gardens within Heartlands tell the poignant story of the Cornish people and their influence on the lands to which they travelled. The gardens feature plants from Cornwall that rooted happily in foreign lands, as well as exotics brought back to Cornwall that took to the rich local soil, ”  including Agapanthus and Crocosmia.

One of the stones

Agapanthus, from the Heartlands web site

Beautiful Eucalyptus bark

Mural in the gardens

This piece came my way today so I thought I would share it with you all.

Lots of lovely people in the world



Grandbaby Twins, Ukulele Festival and Sparkles

I have been give permission to show you our beautiful Grandbaby Twins, LiveWires 5 and 6. Our newest granddaughter is on the left and her brother on the right.

LiveWire S and LiveWire M

LiveWire S and LiveWire M

The 2nd Cornwall Ukulele Festival was nearby today and I went over to see some of my friends performing.It was enormous fun, everyone having such a good time but photos of people singing are often not the best so here I show a guitar under construction, being made by Martin Douglas.


As I left Heartlands the sun was creating sparkles on the lake.



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Play Park, Hot Chocolate, A Woodpecker and P.S. 

There’s a brilliant play park near us at Heartlands, so much inventive play equipment and a lovely cafe where Littlest Live-Wire enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate.


While we were having our lunch so were  the local birds, a Greater Spotted Woodpecker and a Chaffinch at our bird feeders.

P.S.  I am finding a great need for my beautifulthings at the moment. I am so fearful of a Brexit vote, I am moved to tears by the plight of refugees and the horrific Orlando shootings of the LGBT community in a night club and now today’s dreadful news of one of our own MP’s being murdered in the street.

It is a such a joy to have our Littlest Live Wire here with her constant chatter and laughter and her delight in absolutely everything. Tonight I have finished her poncho and will show you tomorrow. Her reaction when she saw it with the braiding on was a huge grin and “I love it!”


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Wellies, Stonehenge Bouncing and Beautiful Bakers

1   Wore my wellies for the car boot this morning only to discover on arrival that it was cancelled because of the rain but I found a lovely puddle and took a pleasing picture. Click on the first photo to get enlargements.

2  ‘Sacrilege’ arrived at Heartlands and we went along to have some fun and were really pleased to meet our neighbours there. The man who put it up (it took 4 hours this morning) told me a pleasing fact – the mine we could see from there, South Crofty, has supplied the tin for the Olympic medals!  We called in for more paint for the wall on the way and saw this delightful notice about the nest. The man watering the plants said all the fledglings had got away safely a couple of days ago. (The nest was going to be No 3 today but then I received the picture of the two beautiful girls and their baking…..)

3   The beautiful daughters of a very good friend have had fun baking. The results look delicious!


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Old Photograph, Beautiful Roasted Vegetables and ‘Tin’

1  I found a lovely old photograph of my little sister and her daughter today (more sorting!)

2   Delicious Roasted Vegetables with grilled Hallomi for supper tonight.

3   Went to see ‘Tin’ by  Miracle Theatre, English Touring Opera, and local community choirs, tonight in the new theatre in Heartlands. It was thoroughly entertaining with lots of humour and some lovely music.


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