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Onion Harvest, Swans and A Full Moon Rising

1   We’ve harvested all the onions and they’re drying out ready to plait up and store.

2   We went to Truro this evening and had a walk by the river before going for a meal. I love this photo of the swans on the  river as they have both just lifted their beaks out of the water and left concentric ripples behind.

Swans on the Truro River

3   As we left Bustopher Jones wine bar, the very beautiful full moon was rising in a pale pink twilight sky.

Full moon rising


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Tiny Socks, Warm Bath and Pea Souk Cafe

1  A friend saw my little golden-boots in yesterday’s post and sent me this picture. What beautiful little socks and such skill of the maker to whom I send the utmost admiration! Do click to see the detail.

Tiny socks

2   I love this beautiful advice sent to me today by a young friend.  Putting them in water if they are crabby is such brilliant advice! A warm bath works wonders!

How to really love a child

3    We’ve been out to eat tonight at the most amazing little vegetarian restaurant, Pea Souk in Falmouth. What a delicious spread and everything freshly prepared and all grown here in Cornwall if not right there in Falmouth.

Bruschetta of Mozzarella, pea shoots, homegrown rocket pesto and radishes

Indian plate of Keralan green pea cakes, coconut, spinach and fresh curry leaf broth, aloo gobi, rice, carrot salad

Delicious Key Lime pie


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