Daily Archives: June 24, 2012

Wellies, Stonehenge Bouncing and Beautiful Bakers

1   Wore my wellies for the car boot this morning only to discover on arrival that it was cancelled because of the rain but I found a lovely puddle and took a pleasing picture. Click on the first photo to get enlargements.

2  ‘Sacrilege’ arrived at Heartlands and we went along to have some fun and were really pleased to meet our neighbours there. The man who put it up (it took 4 hours this morning) told me a pleasing fact – the mine we could see from there, South Crofty, has supplied the tin for the Olympic medals!  We called in for more paint for the wall on the way and saw this delightful notice about the nest. The man watering the plants said all the fledglings had got away safely a couple of days ago. (The nest was going to be No 3 today but then I received the picture of the two beautiful girls and their baking…..)

3   The beautiful daughters of a very good friend have had fun baking. The results look delicious!


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