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Mural, Mosaic and Waves

The mural outside Just Delights in Penryn is changed each season. If you saw the winter one, this has just had Spring added!

by Elizabeth Perry

When we voted today we went by a Memorial garden that we haven’t seen before.

We had a walk on Porthtowan Beach late this afternoon and I found my first piece of sea-glass. The waves were quite dramatic and being enjoyed by lots of surfers and at the edge was a toddler with a fishing net splashing about.

Having fun



Mosaic, Sun-bathing and A Pie

There is some pretty new mosaic on the walls near Penryn Wharf where we sing.


We had a lovely warm walk along Cliff Road after a delicious lunch at the Gylly Cafe and watched a Cormorant enjoying the apricity as much as us!

Shag or Cormorant

Tonight’s dinner was a scrumptious pie.

Chicken, Ham and Leek Pie

On our was home from Falmouth this afternoon, I did an amazing emergency stop! There was an horrendous noise from the front right hand side of my beautiful Beetle and I stopped on a sixpence! It turns out that the wish bone had snapped! Dear Reader, you may know what that means – all I knew was that my car was immobile. and the front wheel had fallen off!  Two hours later, it was rescued, taken to our garage, the wonderful Richards Brothers, and they will ring me tomorrow. Thank goodness I was not alone when that happened, just short of a roundabout on a busy road. So many lovely people stopped to see if they could help. The world really is full of kindness, well, Redruth is!


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Frida Kahlo, Earrings and First Words

I’ve been trying to find time to get to Studio 10 in Redruth to see the Frida Kahlo exhibition since last Sunday. I made it at last, met some lovely people, saw some amazing art and bought some earrings! I just loved the humour in these mosaic characters by Susie Chaikin, an artist I am delighted to have discovered today. Do have a look at her website by clicking on the red link. I featured some of her husband, Mike Chaikin’s, kinetic sculptures in April without knowing they were his – sorry! You can see them here.

Frida and Diego by Susie Chaikin

Here are the earrings I bought today. I need to find out the name of the artist maker. (I have now been told they have been made by Anne Boo Whetter.

Beautiful earrings

Sorting through stuff again – it’s ongoing! – I re-discovered Baby’s Progress, a little booklet given to my Mum to record my progress many years ago. Here is one page from it.

Mum’s record of me!


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Red Leaves, Boxes and Mosaic

Autmny coloured leaves on the ground in Spring? Beautiful colour but unexpected.

We have been working at the Children’s Centre again and the Mums’ boxes are almost finished. Everyone is delighted with the four weeks’ work.

In the garden of the Childrens’ Centre is this delightful mosaic tower.

These are all good things on a day that I find dispiriting. I am very sad that we are leaving the EU. I am a European!


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Singing, Tea-pots and Kindness

1 I went back to sing with The Suitcases this morning, only for an hour but, oh my, it did me good, though I was very tired by the end of the session. It was lovely to be so warmly welcomed back by my singing friends and a delight to see our choir babies again.

Choir baby E

Choir baby E

2 Outside Miss Peapod’s Cafe we noticed this delightful use of teapots, all beautifully planted.

Teapot garden

Teapot garden

3 This one speaks for itself.imgres-1

Choose kindness

Choose kindness

Today, I remember my beautiful friend Kath, in whose memory I write this blog. It is her birthday.


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Singing, Cake and Thoughtfulness

1   We had our usual singing this morning, rehearsing for our Gig tomorrow evening,  followed by a singing workshop with delicious cakes made by several members of the choir.

All that and the view of the Penryn River outside. Bliss!

The Penryn River and a beautiful yacht

The Penryn River and a beautiful yacht

I wonder where the ladder leads.....

I wonder where the ladder leads…..

2   The cakes were truly scrumptious! Thanks to all who baked.

Lemon Butter Cake

My Lemon Butter Cake

3   I love the flowers and the mosaic which cheer visitors to the hospital.

Crocuses in the hospital grounds

Crocuses in the hospital grounds

This lovely piece greets people as they enter the hospital.

This lovely piece greets people as they enter the hospital.


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Long Tailed Tits, Christmas Decoration and Nepalese Tea-pot

1   My favourite birds are back – the Long Tailed Tits who arrived this morning. I love the way they live in families of several generations and they are just such beautiful little birds. They didn’t stay long so this is a photo I found online. Thanks to the photographer.

2   I have made a new Christmas decoration. It’s a clear ball filed with all the bits of wool cut off from all my knitting for the Grand-babies this year. I read about the idea ages ago and have forgotten where it came from but have been saving the trimmed off bits of wool since I started knitting for the Grandchildren some 4 and a1/2 years ago, each year in a different bag so there are now four wooly-bits baubles.

Wooly-bits bauble

3   I fell in love with this tiny tea-pot when in Nepal. I think the colours and the inlay are very beautiful.

Tiny Nepalese tea-pot

PS  I sewed some sequins onto T’s hat but they didn’t enhance it one bit so they are all off again and I will post the hat as soon as I can. I can hardly wait to see T’s reaction!


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18th October – Staines, The River Thames and Anticipation

1. With 9 hours to fill today, we opted for a late Full English breakfast and very good it was too! We then went on the bus to Staines. There was a lovely mosaic in the bookshop, an interesting sculpture near the shops and a lovely old lych gate to St Peter’s Church.

2. We had a delightful walk along the Thames which was full of water birds – swans, coots, ducks and geese. Watching the swans landing and taking off is always fun.

3. Now we are just full of excitement and ready to be off, flight at 8.45pm. Dehli here we come!

I can’t upload photos for some reason so there’ll be lots to look forward to when we get home!


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Two Daughters, Exeter and Magic in the Skies

1   We met our two of our beautiful daughters for lunch in Exeter – what a pleasure to spend time with them both.

2   Exeter was full of delights.

3   There was a fabulous bright and double rainbow on our way to Exeter and on the way home the sunset skies were wonderful.All these sky photos were taken from a moving car so aren’t perfect quality. Click on any photo for a bigger version.


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Morning Dew, Portreath and Making up the Beds

1   Beautiful dewdrops on the tiny hairy buds of the courgettes.  We’re hoping the sun will get them flowering soon. They were planted late after the gales destroyed the earlier planting.

2   Portreath this morning was beautiful – the water turquoise, the sun glorious and lots of colour in the pavement flowers.  I have shown you the lion sculpture before but the mosaics were glinting so beautifully in the sun that I had to show you again!

3    We’ve just finished making up the beds for KJ and the Shanticot for the children and the spare room bed for P&V who will be staying here for their last weekend before going to London for two days and returning to Atlanta on Wednesday. It is truly beautiful to have so many people back in our house for the weekend.


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