Barmbrack, Snow and Roasted Cauliflower

Yesterday there was a recipe by Felicity Cloake for Barmbrack (basically a fruit loaf)   in our weekend paper.  The fruit had to soak in strong tea overnight so I set it going last night. We don’t like cherries so I substituted dried apricots and bits of crystallised ginger. I made the cake this morning and it is fabulous! I glazed it with ginger syrup from the ginger jar rather than making a sugar syrup. Success!

The promised snow eventually came in at 3pm, not enough to make a snowman/woman which I had hoped but enough to make the garden very pretty. Click on any of the photos to see the detail of the birds.

I found a tasty sounding recipe the other day, Roasted Cauliflower with Lentils and tried it this evening. Another scrumptious success.

Roasted Cauliflower with Lentils

Soulful Sunday – the snow makes for a very peaceful environment. I love the silence that comes with snowfall.


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Garden Birds in Cold Cornwall

A bitter Easterly wind is battering us all again with snow already up-country and coming our way, in the far South West,  tomorrow. The bird feeders have been very busy as if the birds know what’s coming and are stockpiling the food. We had to refill a second time today.

There were Goldfinches, Greenfinches, Blue Tits and Great Tits, Sparrows, Dunnocks and Pigeons, Blackbirds and Rooks as well as the ones I managed to catch on camera, shown below. It’s a pity it wasn’t the RSPB Great Bird Watch today!

Baby Bullfinch, all fluffed up against the cold


Male Chaffinch

Robin coming for the meal-worms


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Lone Yacht, Charles Dickens and Knitting

Walking today in another bitter and quite strong wind, we saw just one sailing boat in a beautifully coloured sea.

Lone yacht

It has been one of those March days so well described by Charles Dickens.

Charles Dickens

Knitting is receiving a very good press, research showing how it helps to calm the knitter!

Beautiful piece by Unknown – if anyone can help, I would love to give credit


Spring Flowers and Two Poems for You

Our Crocus flowers opened wide for the brief sunshine this morning.

In the Suffragette garden, Crocus flowers and nearby bursting buds

A poem entitled March came my way recently and I share it with you here. Natasha Trethewey is another poet new to me. She is an American poet despite her Cornish name – Cornish heritage perhaps.

March 1912 – Natasha Trethewey                             

–Postcard, en route westward

At last we are near
breaking the season, shedding
our coats, the gray husk

of winter.  Each tree
trembles with new leaves, tiny
blossoms, the flashy

dress of spring. I am
aware now of its coming
as I’ve never been—

the wet grass throbbing
with crickets, insistent, keen
as desire.  Now,

I feel what trees must—
budding, green sheaths splitting—skin
that no longer fits.

It rained the rest of the day, tears running down the window panes, echoing the pain felt in our choir at the loss of one of our members.  This poem also turned up recently and it seems the right moment to share it.

When you meet someone deep in grief


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Stephen Hawking, Rain and More Rain

We woke to the news that the amazing Stephen Hawking had died early this morning. The tributes to him have been wonderful and on The World at One this wonderful song of him with The Monty Python team was played. Here it is for you.

The following quotation came up today too. What a remarkable man he was in so many ways.

Stephen Hawking

It’s raining again!  Here is Welly-dog with daffodils through a rainy window. I love the distortion brought about by the water on the glass.

Through a rainy window


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Spider, Camellia Flowers and Blue

I was photographing the delicate Narcissi when I noticed the spider within.

Spider on Narcissi and web lines

The lane we walk down to get to town is covered in dropped Camellia flowers. These two caught my eye, one recently fallen and one in a further state of decay.

Camellia flowers

The wall garden is looking pretty with blue Hyacinths and yellow Tete a Tete.

Blue with yellow


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First Ice-Cream, Dedication and Sally-Boots

We went for a ‘Mother’s Day’ lunch today at The Gylly  on the beach and it was delicious and much quieter than yesterday would have been. We also had our first scrumptious ice-creams of the season!

Roskilly’s Toffee Crunch ice-cream

Afterwards we did a short coastal walk to Swanpool and noticed for the first time the following lovely dedication on a bench.

When we miss you….

Last night I finished of a pair of Sally-boots for a baby expected any day now by one of my ex-pupils with whom I have stayed in touch. They are ready to post as soon as word comes through.


P.S.  LiveWire 3, whose 7th birthday it is today, loves her sewing box and all the bits therein!  🙂



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