Footprints, Fungi and The Talmud

My Dear SIL, on holiday on Tybee Island near Savannah, sent me the footprints photo with the comment, “In the light of the low early morning sun some of them look raised, rather than indented.” I love how this sometimes happens and have never managed to catch the effect on camera myself.

Footprints in the sand

Fungi found down the lane……..


Such sensible and kind advice……….

Do not be daunted




Glass Class, Leaf and A Gift

Another fabulous creative morning making glass ornaments for Christmas with the lovely Lisa Macfarlane. I made another Angel this time, in Suffragette colours as I did last year. I love the others too – a Father Christmas, a Christmas tree and a VW Beetle! Maybe next time I will attempt one of those!

From today’s Glass Class

VW Beetle in the making

We are going to friends for dinner tonight. M makes her own jam (so I can’t take along homemade jam), flowers make her sneeze (so we can’t take along flowers) so I made her a gift in the Glass Class today.

Quite small, just 2″x2″



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A Drive, Leaves and Water

Lots of our journeys here in West Cornwall go through tunnels of trees and the drive  to Penryn is just glorious at the moment. The colours are gorgeous – orange and yellow, umber and gold, brown and khaki. Even when there is no sunshine, as today, there is a glow to the lanes cast by the light coming through the leaves. The whole journey for a couple of weeks is magical.

Over our heads – photo taken from moving car

Walking along the street later the floor was covered in fallen Oak leaves, all beautifully brown and crisp.

Oak leaves

At the ship yard in Penryn, as I waited for the lovely Mr S to sort out something on the boat, I was watching the river and the reflection of the masts in the water.




Pinks, Window Box and Hireth

There are always flowers to enjoy when walking through Penryn. Today it was firstly a front garden and then a window box outside a pub.

Kaffir Lily

Pansies and Cyclamen in a window box

We have been to see the most amazing piece of theatre tonight – Hireth. The title Hireth is a Cornish word for which there is no direct English translation. It describes an intangible feeling, a longing for the familiarity and comfort of a place. It is the feeling I had in the 40 years I lived away from Cornwall. It is the feeling that my siblings express and now we have a word for it.

Poster for Hireth

The play told the story of Cornish miners being called up to dig tunnels at the front. If you can get to see it, do. The live music, the community choir and the actors were all brilliant!


Kindness, V W Beetle and A Farewell

Yesterday was World Kindness Day. Every day should be kindness day! This is a reminder for each of us to be kind to ourselves as well as to others.

Note to self

We saw this beautiful Beetle in town.

Decorated Beetle

I loved this painting in Tate St Ives when we popped in on Sunday. It is The Fisherman’s Farewell by Christopher Wood and I found it very touching.

The Fisherman’s Farewell



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Chinese Deity, Embroidery and Peeler

Our lovely neighbour is home again after being away in China for a month where she and her brother have been constructing an amazing sculpture, the Chinese God, Thousand Mile Eye.

Thousand Mile Eye by Sue Hill and Pete Hill

Showing the scale

Sue brought us home presents –  a beautifully embroidered scarf for me and a super sharp peeler for Mr S.

Beautiful scarf



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Visit, Snails and Paper Bells

We had a lovely visit with our Dear Friend for whom I made the Nisse a couple of weeks ago. She was delighted with it and is going to hang it in a window.

Glass Nisse

In the gardens of where T is staying, I noticed two beautiful blue snails nestled in among the plants.

Ceramic snails

The Ingleheart Singers are learning a delightful carol, Christmas Bells,  to sing with the Troon School children at their Christmas Concert. I am guessing that these bells have been made for that occasion.

Enormous Christmas Bells


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