Eggs, Visitor and Bullfinch

We were given six of the beautiful eggs yesterday and here they are in our egg holder before we had two poached for breakfast.

Our visiting cat showed up today, a Bengal with glorious markings. He never hangs around for long.

I love the colours of the bullfinch.


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Hailstones, Chickens and Fox

I went to meet a dear friend today with the purpose of walking together on the Penrose Estate but the hailstorm on my way over and its continuation for some time meant that we stayed local and walked around their garden and woodland.

A handful of hailstones.

The chickens didn’t seem to mind the hail or the rain. Their eggs are so lovely – pale blue, white and two shades of brown.

On our walkabout N spotted a fox at the bottom of the field. A long zoom just caught him before he slunk back into the hedge. The new woodland is growing really well and Bluebells are appearing in their natural habitat. Regular readers may remember us helping to plant 800 trees last year just before the first lockdown.

It was such a treat to walk and talk with a good friend in the calm and loveliness of their patch.


A Treasure, Wild Garden and A Card

Sorting out things in the shed the other day, we came across a tray of bits and pieces that we inherited from Mum’s shed. There were some marbles, various small tools and a screwdriver set. I used one of the screwdriver bits this morning to put up a hook in our allotment shed and thought as I did so,’The last hands to touch this were my Mum’s.’

We went shopping this afternoon, proper shopping for the first time in 15 months! Going past Truro Cathedral we liked the colourful wild garden with its rotten wood home for creatures.

A card arrived in the post from a friend who had read my most recent letter in The Guardian. As she wrote inside, she hoped  that my feminist brain would would appreciate the irony of this card. I do and I love it. 


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Thrift, Rough Seas and Blue

Another wild and windy day and a walk on the cliffs nearly blew us away. The thrift growing everywhere is in full bloom.

The seas were rough and wild.

We stopped on the cliffs as we drove away from the clifftop to go down to Chapelporth as the colour of the water was remarkable. The photo is as it was, no touching up at all.



Planting, Petals and Pink

I’ve potted up some mint and put Nasturtiums around the pot to trail all down the chimney.

The pink petals on the Amanagowa  Cherry tree are being blown all over the garden and Welly Dog stands in the middle of them.

We have some pink bluebells in the shady garden.


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Rain, Sheep and More Tulips

It feels today as if all the rain that hasn’t fallen in April has arrived overnight and all day. The shepherd arrived late this afternoon to feed the sheep who welcomed him with raucous baaing. I took the photo through an upstairs window. The lambs have certainly grown and have lost both their baby-ness and their springiness. .

Through the window I also took a photo of the tulips on the steps being battered by rain and wind. When I looked at the photo I realised that a couple had broken off so I brought them in and found several others that looked as if they need some tlc.

After an hour or so of having the orange ones indoors, I began to realise that they have a wonderful scent. I haven’t met scented tulips before. I shall certainly plant more of these next year after I have checked their name.



Bloom, Flapjack and Supper

Some of our Libertia  Grandiflora has self seeded and the white blooms look lovely against our Acer, a present from our children for our Ruby Wedding 14 years ago.

We had lots of blueberries so I looked for a recipe and found Blueberry and Macadamia nuts Flapjack. No macadamia nuts (I don’t like them) but lots of almonds so those are what I used. It is very tasty and softer than many flapjacks.

A huge and beautiful Cornish cauliflower was delivered by our brilliant local greengrocers so Caulifower Cheese with crispy bacon was our supper tonight with plenty left over to roast, make soup and turn into ‘rice.’


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Join Us On Our Valley Walk

Walking through a favourite valley down to the beach with no sound but bird song until we could hear the waves on the shingle was an absolute delight this afternoon. Join us…….



Bluebells, Cake and Signs

The bluebells at Godolphin are superb and my photo doesn’t really do them justice. Everywhere you look there are carpets of blue.

We were there to meet with friends for a celebration of our Dear Friend, Ti’s, 102nd birthday!  Godolphin is where she generally celebrates her birthday. When she was 99 she walked to the top of the hill, her 100th was on the beach at Gylly Beach, the next year, after a broken hip, she went half way up Godolphin Hill and this year we picnicked in the lower field. Here is the cake and some of her cards.

On our drive there I noticed two charming signs, ones only to be found, I think, in country lanes. On the way back I managed the photos from the moving car.

PS Had a message from WordPress today to day that my blog has had 50,000 views!



Beans, Pattern and Veggie Supper

The Purple Tepee Beans in the allotment poly tunnel have sprouted. Hooray!

The sun shining through the engraved glass on the front door  this evening threw this pattern on the wall.

We had nothing much more than carrots in the fridge so I looked up carrots on BBC Good Food and found Carrot Biryani so that’s what I made and it was truly delicious.



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