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Glass, Eggs and Advent Candle

When I was cutting an angel wing this morning, the wing dropped from the larger glass I was cutting from and landed on its edge! Amazing!  I loved it and its reflection.

The lovely Mr S had fun putting the eggs on the rack today.

I remembered the Advent candle this evening. It has a bit of burning down to do to catch up.


Happiness Calendar, Thatching and Sunset Clouds

It’s the start of another month already!  Here is the Happiness calendar for December and I’ve donethe task for today with this post.  🙂

I was in the direction of the new thatching today so veered off route to get another picture for you. It’s coming along, clearly a long job.  The first photo can be found here.

The clouds at sunset with the tree skeletons in the foreground were quite stunning this evening.


November Snow in Cornwall!

We woke to a sprinkling of snow this morning and then came more and more – very pretty of course but tricky journeys for many. It took me twice as long as usual to get to Penryn for singing.

Most of it was gone when I cam home three hours later but the yellow poppies and the Hesperantha had survived  the onslaught.



Share Our Autumn Walk

We had a lovely walk in Trelissick gardens this afternoon. Click on any photo for a bigger version.

Colourful leaves in a muddy puddle

Just the best news came through today in a phone call as we were walking around – our 15 year old Granddaughter, LiveWire 1, has just received her visa so can come with the rest of the family to UK for Christmas and New Year!!


Moons, Birds and Flowers

The full Beaver Moon was there high in the pink dawning sky as we drew back the curtains this morning and then again, this evening in the dark – just gorgeous.

It pleased me on our walk today to get the tower of St Euny Church with a lovely blue sky behind and birds on three of the finials.

It was good to see colour in the hedges too.


Joy and Harmony

I love this flashmob with my choirs. There’s a need for joy and harmony right now. All the very best to all my Dear Readers.


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For Our Friends in Ukraine

This time last year we ‘cooked for Ukraine’ and today we remember our friends and their families. I cooked  Borsch for friends using our dear friend, Danylo Shramenko‘s recipe. It was a shared meal – one couple making bread to go with the soup and the others making Biskvit, Ukrainian Apple Cake, It was a brilliant evening!



Upcycling, Lights and Our Bookshop

I was in town this afternoon for the Christmas Light Switch-on and to enjoy all the other festivities going on. First I was in The Ladder where there was a super craft market and various workshops, one of which being run by our lovely neighbour – transforming plain knitwear int o Christmas jumpers. Here she is with two of her fabulous creations.

There was a choir, there were lanterns, decorated hats and the switch-on, lighting up the trees and our Fore Street.

We have a new venue for our secondhand book shop, The Idler, right onto our main street and we wish it every success.




Sunlight, Cake Tin and Cake

The sunlight on wet leaves in the front garden lit up so much through the front door that I thought the neighbours had put Christmas fairy lights in their trees already.

I bought a Christmas cake tin many years ago. This is the first time I’ve used it to make a cake for tomorrow’s extra market at the Redruth Switch On Christmas Lights Ceremony.