Duvet, Shadows and Sunset at the Beach

I love putting the duvet covers on in anticipation of a visit from two of our LiveWires.

The golden light from the sunset threw these shadows on our wardrobe.

Golden light

We met our visiting family at the beach as the sun came down.

LiveWire No 2

LiveWire No 3


Volunteering and Moths

We’ve been at the Community garden again today volunteering. Between us we potted on lots of baby brassica plants, picked beans and tidied up the Rainbow Chard.

In the coffee break, one of the younger volunteers showed us the results of her moth trapping exercise last night. There were 40 different species!  It was hard to photograph the moths in their tubes so I have found a couple of photos from an id site. Some of them have the most delightful names – Dingy Footman and Rosy Footman were my favourites. After showing us all, G and the youngest volunteer, just 10 years old, released them in the hedges.

Brimstone Moth

Rosy Footman

Dingy Footman Eilema griseola


International Day of Cats – A Poem and Two Cats

I love the following poem by Brian Bilston who has very kindly given me permission to share it with you. I love how, in the humour, he always manages to raise the political and to make clear his feelings. Thank you, Brian.

The following photos are of international cats – one who lives in Arizona and one who lives at the allotment here in Redruth.

Thanks, P, beautiful photo.



Sweet Peas, Sweet Corn and Bees

I have spent much of the afternoon in the shade of the arbour, reading. When I looked up, this was my view, Sweet Peas and Sweet Corn in the raised beds against a backdrop of a cerulean sky The tassels on the corn are turning brown so we should be able to harvest them quite soon.

When it was a little cooler, we went down to the allotment to water the cucumbers, courgettes and squash. While the lovely Mr S was doing that I was taking photos of bees on a neighbour’s very dark bronze sunflowers.


Sheep, Lunch and Falmouth

In the Butter Market today, where I delivered some Cheesy Courgette Muffins for sale, was a shop window with sheep.

Lunch was a  lovely mixture of delicious items bought from the Grow Box in town and our own lettuce leaves and cucumber.

We went over to Falmouth this evening to see one of our favourite local bands, Falmouth Soul Sensations.

On our way to the venue we came across the Carnival Parade which was full of joy and happiness.


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More Plantings, Bees and Flowers

Another colourful planting from the Eco Park for you.

The bees were very busy on the sunflowers at the allotment.

We have other flowers among the beans at the allotment for the pollinator creatures too.


Shallots, Onions and A Flower

I’ve plaited up the shallots and here they are drying and finishing off their curing ready for storing. We are really pleased with this harvest.

Our onions are curing too and should be ready for plaiting in a few days.

I love Cosmos, especially the white ones which glow in evening sunshine. It was a delight to see them growing along the roadside when we travelled in South Africa.


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Boots, Beans and Lunch

I love how someone has been painting and planting boots at the Eco Park.

We’ve harvested all the broad beans, some runner beans and some fine green beans and also some more courgettes and a marvellous cucumber.

I made Broad Bean Hummus for our lunch.




We heard two speakers today who gave us hope for the future – Dr Rosena Allin-Khan, MP for Wandsworth and Luke Pollard, a Plymouth MP,


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Happiness, Flowers and Courgettes

It’s August 1st and here is this month’s Happiness calendar, Altruistic August.

Friends came round this afternoon for tea in the garden and what a joy it was to entertain again after such a long time. Both couples brought a garden posy for us and I put them all together to make a delightful colourful bunch.As you, Dear Readers, know, we have lots of courgettes in the allotment. For this afternoon I made Courgette and Cheese Soda bread which we had sliced and buttered. followed by  Chocolate Courgette Cake which was scrummy!


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