Blue Tit, Trebah Gardens and Redruth

I love the Crinodendron tree. It has flowers, seed pods and new baby flower buds all at the same time. A Blue Tit came to get the seeds this morning. The photo was taken on maximum zoom through the kitchen window.


We promised ourselves a day out for our Wedding Anniversary which is on Friday but we are busy then so today we went off to Trebah Gardens, a 26-acre sub-tropical garden with four miles of paths. I think we walked all four miles today, meandering down the valley to the beach and up and around every path in sight – a fabulous day!  Join us through the gallery. Click on any photo for greater detail.

Later, we popped into Redruth for a couple of things and were struck by how lovely the hanging baskets are this year.DSCN4557


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A Poem, A Pool and A Pimms

We are having  another few beautiful Summer Days as August draws to a close. This poem by Katy Lue called ‘Summer Days’ sums up the feeling today.

The air is alive on a summer day
it compliments the sweet aroma that weaves within,
The air is humid on a summer day,
it sticks to the world in such a way that the wind must shake it off,
The air sings on a summer day
it rises and falls with the melody’s sway,
The air is love on a summer day
it watches the lovers enjoying the weather and wonders itself ‘What could be better?’ 
The air surrounds on a summer day
it surrounds all and loves all and is the foundation to such a sweet summer day. 

We were invited to a neighbour’s pool which was just lovely and the reflections of the trees and shrubs in the water caught my eye.DSCN4485Then, this evening the lovely Mr S made me a pretty Pimms.DSCN4490

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Tomatoes, Dahlias and Choisya Ternata

Our baby tomatoes have suddenly come to ripeness. The Live Wires picked a couple and now they are almost all ready together.


The Dahlias are also flowering, just one bloom on each plant so far.

The Choisya Ternata is having a second go at flowering!DSCN4480

….and the house and garden are very quiet!



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Last Walk, Dolly and The Station

This was our last morning with our Live Wires and they wanted to walk up to see the engine houses on The Great Flat Lode trail up behind our house.  It was quite a haul for little legs so I took a short cut with T and J went further with his Grandad to see the engine houses close up.  On our way up the lane we met a couple just going to feed their horses and they invited the children to go to watch. Dolly had a brilliant technique of kicking her bucket to loosen up her food which we all thought was very clever.

After lunch, it was time for the train and goodbyes and now the house is all too quiet and still – and I need a rest!!

Thank you so much to all my lovely readers who wrote such encouraging comments to my little Guest Bloggers! They will reply when they are home, probably tomorrow. They were both so delighted to see their blogs published! I think they will want to join in on every visit from now on!


Guest Post – The Maritime Museum in Falmouth

Today my helper is a littler Live Wire, T who is 5 years old.

Going to the Museum was fun and I loved it and liked it.Version 2

I like my balaclava because my Granny knitted it for me. I’m wearing it because the weatherman said there was a big storm coming.

T spotted some yarn bombing on the way to the Maritime Museum

T spotted some yarn bombing on the way to the Maritime Museum

I  liked the patterns and the colours.

On the (Viking) Bear Hunt

On the (Viking) Bear Hunt

It was fun because I liked the teddies because they looked funny in their Viking outfits.

Driving the yachts

Driving the yachts

It was fun when I got to move the boats. My yacht was No7.

Down at sea level spotting fish and barnacles

Down at sea level spotting fish and barnacles

I liked this part because they were stuck on the glass and they looked squishy.

Granny liked the patterns here

My Granny liked the patterns made by the barnacles.

Making masks and shields

Making masks and shields

Mummy and I did the same colouring on my dragon. My brother made a shield.

View from the top

View from the top

I liked the boats on the sea.

One of the Viking Bears

One of the Viking Bears

Wearing my dragon mask

Wearing my dragon mask

I did a red tongue because my dragon was breathing fire!  I liked my holiday in Cornwall with Mummy and Daddy and J and my Granny and Grandgrand.


Guest Post – Baking, Cornish Lanes and Truro

Live Wire J, 7,  is helping with tonight’s blog, has chosen the photos, the title and is dictating the text.
Today we baked more buns, chocolate ones and Butterfly buns. When they came out of the oven to cool,  J put more chocolate drops on the top to melt and then we went to Truro. We went through the back lanes to avoid the holiday traffic, met some horses and other cars in the very narrow Cornish lanes. There were flags up in Truro and we went to The Arts Cafe for a treat, babyccinos and lemon drizzle cake. J spent his pocket money on two pencils that he can use at school. Tomorrow we are going to shave off a bit of yellow paint so that J can write his name there.


Singing, Tehidy Woods and Rogue Theatre

A good singing session with a new Helen Yeoman song to learn was just what I needed this morning as the Live Wires went off to Trebah Gardens to meet us later ready to go to Tehidy Woods for Rogue Theatre’s Wild Woodland Summer Ball. There, there is a winding walk through the misty woods where all sorts of entrancing things hint at the stories to come. T had her fabulous mask which she has been making over the last couple of days and J his ‘woodland walking’ stick so off we went……..


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