Roses, Raspberries and A Rainbow

Last night’s storm took down our last roses so I brought them in, a little tattered but still beautiful  and still smelling so sweet.

One of our lovely neighbours at the allotment gave us some raspberries, red and golden ones and we had them just with a little cream – delicious. 

We were singing at the eco park tonight, “Look on the sunny side of life” when someone spotted a rainbow.


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A Rose, A Tail and Sunflowers

The golden roses are still flowering.

This amused us while we were having breakfast.

These are some of the self-sown sunflowers at the allotment. We’re hoping some will self-sow in our patch next year.


Cake for Autumn

Today’s walk took us to get our flu jabs and then into town for fruit and veg and a coffee at our favourite coffee shop, Home Ground where we can also indulge in Portuguese Custard Tarts.  The plums looked so good at the greengrocer’s that we bought some to eat and some to bake one of our favourite cakes for this time of year, Plum, Almond and Chocolate cake. You can find the recipe here if you’d like to taste it as well as look at it!

Plum, Almond and Chocolate Cake


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Breakfast, Veggies and A Visitor

It is  such a delight to meet dear friends for breakfast at various lovely venues, all near the sea. Today we met at the Blue Bar in Porthtowan and over a delicious breakfast and a splendid view, put the world to rights!

Our allotment is a source of joy to me, not just for what we grow but as a place of quiet contemplation and pops of colour on other plots.. I love that I can say, “I’m just going down the road to get some beans for dinner,”  and coming home with a lovely leek as well as the Purple Teepee beans, some chillies and some white dahlias to share with  friends and neighbours.

I hadn’t realised that a little visitor had hitched a ride on the leek. He’s now in the back field.


Scrumping, Hugging and A Painting

After a delightful walk through the gardens with dear friends, we arrived at the old apple orchard in Trelissick.  This orchard used to be known as the  ‘fruit garden of Cornwall’ and contains 70 different varieties, almost all Cornish. There were so many windfalls and we tasted a few, leaving the rest for the squirrels. My favourite to taste was Collogget Pippin, crisp and juicy. We weren’t really scrumping but told tales of doing so many years ago! Click on the red link to find out more.

Tree hugging was also on our tour. All four of us couldn’t quite link up, needing a LiveWire to fill the gap but, sadly,  none of us had one with us. 

In the garden centre section of the shop there were beautifully painted signs.


Caterpillar, Logs and Flowers

Three of these caterpillars have descended on our fuchsias, apparently one of the favourite foods of the Elephant Hawk Moth. They are so spectacular that I don’t mind sharing fuchsia leaves!

We collected our winter logs today, loved this log pile.   I was amused to see that the owner’s number plate was LOG! In the garden centre where we bought some more Tete a Tete bulbs for the little wall garden, I spotted this little broken off hydrangea stem which is really pretty.



Walk, Paddle and Beach Treasures

I love September sun and today, in bright but gentle sunshine, we walked along the beach from Porthtowan to Chapelporth and back and we  hardly met anyone. Enjoy the gallery and click on any photo for more detail.


Tomatoes, Sunset and Moon Rise

These beautiful, locally grown,  Heritage Tomatoes were on sale at our local greengrocer this afternoon.

We drove to the cliffs at St Agnes Head this evening to see both the sunset over the sea and a bit later the Harvest  moon rise over the Beacon, so beautiful.




Bird Watching, Green Day and Shiva Shambo

We spent a happy hour or so watching the sea and the birds along the shore line off Cliff Road by Gylly Beach, Falmouth.

Herring Gull


Black Backed Gull

After our walk and watch we went up to the Pavilion Gardens where there was a Green day in progress with food and music, stalls and talks.

The “People’s Pavilions

Nancy at Spirit Lights the Way posted this today and I found it so grounding and peaceful, I thought I would share it with you, Dear Readers.Thanks, Nancy.


Flowers, Live Music and Raindrops

Our lovely neighbour brought round a small and very colourful bouquet from her garden.

We’ve spent the afternoon dressed in all our wet gear at an open air music event. It was held in the wonderful roofless old Church in St Day which has been brought back to life by the residents as a venue. It was just brilliant to be at a live music event again, all very well spaced and in the open air.

When we came home, rather damp, I noticed a sparkly diamond covered web on the Cotoneaster.


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