Star, Angel and Jools Holland

Our first Christmas decoration.

We keep coming across Angels!

Tonight we saw the amazing, wonderful, exhilarating Jools Holland and his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra!

I loved here how each of the trombones caught a different coloured light on their slide.

Love and thanks go to H who found herself unable to go tonight and whose tickets we used. 


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Angel, Reflection and Sunshine

Just outside the window in the Zed Shed on Jubilee Wharf where we sing on Thursdays was this delightful and rather mad angel.


Along the way, off Freeman’s Wharf, I saw this watery reflection.


It has been a rather grey day and I thought sunshine would be good for us



Book Tree, Tree Hat and Warsan Shire

This is my kind of tree though I’m not sure about letting sone of them curl!book-christmas-tree

I have made another Christmas Tree hat, this time for the expected twins’ big sister.
Three hats

It has been an oddly warm day, though for me, another indoors day and made me think of another of Warsan Shire’s amazing poems, this time about what we are doing to our world.image




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Birthday, Sally-Boots and A Football Game

It is our oldest Live-wire’s birthday today and he has requested Grannyburgers for his family birthday tea tonight! Grannyburgers are Arlene’s Longanisa shaped into small burgers rather than meatballs and they go down a storm! The recipe is here on Arlene’s blog should you wish to try them. I was really touched that these were his choice of the day.

It has been an indoors day today and I have finished a pair of tiny Sally-boots for C’s new baby due soon.

Sally Boots

Sally Boots

Rooting about in Mum’s desk to find something else I came across several little games. Do you remember these? This one is rather special being about football. Most were number or letter puzzles.

Football puzzle

Football puzzle


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Renghan Reveya, Christmas Tree and Thich Naht Hanh

A couple of days ago I asked if anyone had good ideas of how to use the beautiful little Fairytale Aubergines that I had just bought. Well, the greengrocer did! He had put a recipe book on the stall open at the page for Renghan Reveya, Round Aubergine Satay. What a brilliant feast-like meal we have just enjoyed! The recipe has been taken from Prashad Cookbook: Indian Vegetarian Cooking by Kaushy Patel. What a find!

Tonight The Ingleheart Singers have sung for the switching on of the tree lights in Troon. It was a delightful affair.

Troon's Christmas tree

Troon’s Christmas tree

The following words are so important to remember and resonate with me just at the moment. Help in the form of love and kindness is what everyone needs to help through the suffering. Love to all my readers.

Think on this

Think on this



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Peace, Tree Festival and A Wild Sea

What a delightful evening of words and music, a shared meal and friendship at The Mylor Mix last night with an emphasis on working for Peace in whatever way we can.

We were in Falmouth for a good friend’s birthday lunch today with wild winds and seas and discovered in the gardens of the Princess Pavilions, the trees all ready for the Christmas Tree festival later this evening.The labels tell you which community group made the decorations, all on the theme of Cinderella.


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Baby Hats, Singing and Ted Hughes

I have finished the two Christmas Tree hats in case the twin Grand-babies arrive earlier than expected! The colours of the stars were chosen by their excited big sister.

Tree hats

Tree hats

Last night The Ingleheart Singers and The Suitcase singers sang carols for the Open Evening at Krowji where all the artists’ studios were open and it was a brilliant evening.

Singing for the artists

Singing for the artists

We are having some bitterly cold times and this poem by Ted Hughes came to mind. I just love all the similes. I hope you enjoy it too.

The Warm and the Cold – Ted Hughes

Freezing dusk is closing
    Like a slow trap of steel
On trees and roads and hills and all
    That can no longer feel.
        But the carp is in its depth
          Like a planet in its heaven.
        And the badger in its bedding
          Like a loaf in the oven.
        And the butterfly in its mummy
          Like a viol in its case.
        And the owl in its feathers
          Like a doll in its lace.

Freezing dusk has tightened
    Like a nut screwed tight
On the starry aeroplane
    Of the soaring night.
        But the trout is in its hole
          Like a chuckle in a sleeper.
        The hare strays down the highway
          Like a root going deeper.
        The snail is dry in the outhouse
          Like a seed in a sunflower.
        The owl is pale on the gatepost
          Like a clock on its tower.

Moonlight freezes the shaggy world
    Like a mammoth of ice –
The past and the future
    Are the jaws of a steel vice.
        But the cod is in the tide-rip
          Like a key in a purse.
        The deer are on the bare-blown hill
          Like smiles on a nurse.
        The flies are behind the plaster
          Like the lost score of a jig.
        Sparrows are in the ivy-clump
          Like money in a pig.

Such a frost
    The flimsy moon
        Has lost her wits.

          A star falls.

The sweating farmers
    Turn in their sleep
        Like oxen on spits.



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