Posy, Flags and Wisteria

We visited a friend today and took our first Sweet Peas as a small posy.

It’s pleasing to see that the council are flying the flag for Ukraine. My heart goes out to Ukraine and her people.

Our beautiful Wisteria is nearing its end and is being battered by the wild winds we have at the moment.It has been quite magnificent and has been in flower for over three weeks.


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Baby Tomato, New Potatoes and Strawberries

We have two tiny tomatoes on our plants, one on each. We go down to the lottie every evening to water them and check on progress and were delighted to find the beginnings of a harvest!

One of our potato plants was in flower so I pulled it up and dug for new potatoes. I got a whole bucketful, just a LiveWire’s sand bucket but full nonetheless!

Our strawberries are ripening nicely too, nearly enough for a Strawberry Shortcake…….

Eating just grown fruit and veg makes all the hard work so worth it.



Veggie Bags and Veggies

I did all my volunteering at home last week and for another hour today, sewing two more of the bags that Roots uses rather than bags for the weekly veggie deliveries.

When I arrived today, I was amazed at the growth of the vegetables (and the flowers) since I was last there. My job today was sowing two trays of Spring Onions. Enjoy the gallery.



Yellow, Orange and Red

Coming back from choir at the eco park today, there was an enormous bank of wild mustard. As well as being bright yellow in the sunshine, it had the loveliest sweet smell.

The glorious Californian poppies are back in the front garden, such a vivd orange colour as seen at the top of the photo. My camera didn’t react well to the colour in the sunshine.

Tonight there were four lovely red strawberries at the allotment.  We’ve had them with a little ice cream and a drizzle of balsamic glaze  – delicious!

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Strawberry Moon, Trough and My Mum

Last night’s almost full Strawberry moon had a halo around it and just about lit up the houses on the hill in silhouette.

Our trough full of edible plants is looking good. There are various lettuces, chives and garlic chives, Spring onions and Viola flowers to decorate salads and cakes.

It’s 30 years today since my lovely Mum died. This is my favourite photo of us together at one of the celebrations for her and Dad’s Golden wedding anniversary. This was taken in Carn Brea Castle as we were waiting to go into the dining room for dinner.  The second photo is of her with her Mum.



Watering, Gardens and The Lane

We are walking down to the allotment every evening to water everything with watering cans as there is still a hosepipe ban in Cornwall. As we walk home, we pass some pretty gardens and a lane full of wild flowers. I’ve shown you the lovely roses, the Laburnum and the Echiums recently that we walk by. Today there are also glorious red Poppies and in the lane Foxgloves and Valerian.


Knitted Birds, Persistence and Cornish Mining

I was in Make A Mends in Redruth this morning when a maker came in with the wonderful knitted and embroidered birds that she makes.  She was kind enough to let me take a photo and gave me details of how to get hold of the pattern.

Just outside our favourite coffee shop there was another example of a plant rooting itself in the smallest of places, a crack in the concrete.

Some weeks ago we were rehearsing as usual in Penryn when we were interrupted by David Foster who had been on the quayside filming for Beyond Borders. Our voices had carried out to the quay and he  came up to tell us that he loved what we were practising and  asked if he could use our singing  in the film he was making. Here it is, a fascinating look into mining past and present in Cornwall, bookended  with the lovely sound of The Suitcase Singers.


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Joyful June, A Posy and A Poem

It’s June already!This was the purple, white and green posy we took for Ti today.

We read a new poem with Ti today, ‘Chocolate Cake’ by Michael Rosen – and we all loved it. Here’s a Youtube version of this delightful poem.


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Cornish Wall Flowers

Wild flowers find the tiniest of cracks to settle in.


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Carpet, Strawberry and A Poem

Underneath the Aquilegea in a neighbouring allotment plot is the loveliest carpet of purple petals.
We have our first strawberry.
I read a lovely poem yesterday that I wanted to share with you, dear readers. Angi Sullins, the poet has very kindly given me permission.  I love the last lines and would encourage you to “show up. sing. shine.”   The world has never needed us more to do all three.
the next time
you refuse to sing
because you’ll never
fill a stadium
or decline the joy of dance
for fear of looking
or you resist risking
the new adventure
because you’re
not entirely ready or
you dim your shine
because you’re not
completely healed and whole
the next time
you hold yourself suspect
because you’re not
entirely qualified
just remember
a bird doesn’t sing
because it’s talented
a bird sings because
it has a song
the moon doesn’t only shine
when it’s whole
it can show up with
a single sliver of itself
and still light an entire
night sky
show up. sing. shine.
the world needs you
as you are.

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