Back Field, Baby Jay and Thistles

The field behind us used to have sheep grazing but they haven’t been there for sometime and the grass has grown and grown. The sheep returned this morning and could hardly be seen in the long grass. I love that, just as I took the photo, one of next door’s cats walked along the fence.

Back field this morning – Love the painterish effect of the soft long grass

Later the farmer turned up and started mowing.

Back field late afternoon

Still later, the sheep returned and headed straight down the field towards our hedge.

Sheep enjoying the cut grass

Our walk today took us round the back, along a short section of The Great Flat Lode where we saw a young Blue Jay.

Baby Jay

The Thistle tops were properly purple and gorgeous.

Thistle tops



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A Smile, A Butterfly and Supper

As we sat in the garden having our lunch, this little Dianthus flower seemed to be smiling at me.

Dianthus which smells divine

It’s Butterfly Watch Weekend. We haven’t started yet but this one came to call anyway.

Tortoiseshell butterfly

Supper tonight was a new recipe from Thomasina Myers, Ricotta, Spinach and Courgette Dumplings served in a rich Tomato sauce.  They were a bit fiddly to make but really delicious so worth the effort.

Ricotta, Spinach and Courgette Dumplings in Tomato sauce



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Supper, Day Lily and Knitting

Yet another beautiful day and yet another supper in the evening sunshine – a very simple veggie favourite of Roast Rainbow Vegetables with Halloumi.

Simple supper

Beside us in the border, today’s Day Lily.

Day Lily

We went to Heligan again last night to see 100: UnEarth by WildWorks, brilliant again and we saw the squares that I knitted for the rocket/torpedo. “The knitted torpedo stands by the Well at Heligan  as part of the commemoration of the finish of WW1, 100 years ago. The torpedo was chosen as a symbol for the vast amount of knitting women and children did during WW1 and to commemorate the fact that women made many of the munitions used.”


My knitting as part of the rocket

The squares will all be re-stitched into blankets after the show.



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Hayle, Penzance and The Causeway

A Suffragette in Hayle –

Minding the flowers

One of many colourful flags throughout Penzance –


We were amused by how many people were walking/paddling along the Causeway.

Along the causeway to St Michael’s Mount

A longer view


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Rain, Adventure and Viola

It rained this morning! The slate terrace acted almost as a mirror so out we went with an umbrella to protect my camera, to try to capture the detailed reflection.


We had coffee with friends this morning, newly retired and with a very lovely motor home where this plaque was on display. Go, B and C!

Love this!

Our edible garden is getting prettier as the Violas come into their own.

Viola in the edible garden



Blooming, Tea Cosies and A Special Home

In Truro this afternoon we were delighted to see very beautifully planted baskets everywhere.

Baskets in Truro

I always like to go by one of the pasty shops as someone in there knits delightful tea-cosies. One day I must go in and ask. Just look at these two beauties. Click on the photo to see the seagull.

It was rehearsal time at Troon Primary School again today  and I found time to photograph this splendid home for wildlife in their grassy bit that I noticed on Saturday but didn’t have time to stop for. I love the education these children are receiving.

Home for wildlife


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Cornish Pasty, Blue and Sunshine

I know – I grew up in Cornwall and came home again 10 years ago but today was my first attempt at making Cornish pasties!  I was inspired by Ark and followed a video (, having bought all the correct ingredients yesterday. They didn’t look quite right as my pastry was too friable and thin (apparently I should use strong bread flour for the pastry) but my golly, they tasted good!  I shall be trying again………

My first ever Cornish pasty

The White Lupins are nearly over and we have twenty two blue Agapanthus flowers on the point of opening to take their place in that bed.

Agapanthus, Day Lilies and Everlasting Cornflowers

These days of sunshine and golden light day after day, the way the sun moves from coming in at the kitchen window at the back of our house in the morning to streaming the sunset rays through the front into the sitting room and our bedroom – all remind me of this lovely poem by Linda Pastan. I first discovered her work last April.

In the Kingdom of Midas – Linda Pastan

If you follow the sun
from room to room,
wading in the pools
of light spilled
by that tawny,
molten river,

if you move all day
from east
to west, from kitchen
to study to bed,
by afternoon you’ll see
the bedposts touched

and changed to sheaves of wheat,
and the children born
and nourished there will be
golden tongued
and golden headed.

For you the moon has always been
the pale,
homely sister.
You tell your rosary
in saffron beads of light,

and though one day
you’ll drown
in shade, the sun
will leave its heavy coins
on your closed lids


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