Thanksgiving, Sky and A Parrot Flower


We celebrate Thanksgiving at our house in honour of all our family and friends, including blogger friends, in America – in Georgia, Hawaii, Arizona, Washington State, Vermont and Massachusetts and elsewhere.  We have cooked a mini turkey (a chicken!) tonight and served it with some sides using recipes from family in Atlanta.

The sky this afternoon was very dramatic – I think its called a Mackerel Sky.

Our neighbour has the most amazing Strelitzia that reaches to the ceiling in her conservatory and it has five flowers! They are remarkable.

Strelitzia, also known as Bird of Paradise


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A Poem, The Sea and Some Sky

My poet friend, Kim, posted this evocative poem today and has given me permission to share it with you, dear Readers. I remember that longing for the Cornish sea when we lived far away from home. Also, the last verse  rings particularly true as today I walked by the sea with a lovely friend where I felt, ‘Blessed by the sea and its motion,’ as well as by the warmth of a special friendship.

Godrevy Lighthouse

As we left the allotment this afternoon, the sky was peachy and beautiful.


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A Tree and A Bench

Forgive me for mentioning Christmas so early but we made a rare visit to Camborne today and the tree was going up, a lovely big pine. The thing that really caught me attention though was the Christmas bench which I found quite delightful.

An old bloke in the square called out to me, “‘Ee’s not real, my lover! The real one ‘ll be along dreckly!”




One of the joys of making a half of Granny’s fudge recipe is that it leaves half a can of condensed milk so, at the weekend I was also able to make two mini Lime and Ginger Cheesecakes, one to freeze and one to share tonight. Click the red link for the recipe for the fudge.




Having a break tonight. Back tomorrow. Here’s Chapel Porth for you to enjoy. xx


A Delivery, A Gift and A Special Message

Although we need to have deliveries in lockdown, we want to cut big supermarkets out as much as possible so when our local Greengrocer, The Grow Box, first expanded their range, then added a butchery department, we decided to give them a go. Wow! We are not disappointed! Easy to get a slot for delivery and a lovely chap at the door with paper bags full of fresh stuff for the next week. Just look – and almost all local, Cornish produce – eggs, milk, sausages, leeks and carrots, broccoli and a courgette. Only the fruit will have traveled far.

We have spent several hours at the allotment today and have nearly cleared the patch outside the fruit cage – very satisfying! Even better, was being brought a beautiful Savoy cabbage by fellow allotmenteers to welcome us into the community – how very lovely and we’ve had some of it tonight with our Cornish sausages.

Yesterday, I made some family fudge from my Granny’s recipe. Today, there was a comment from my cousin in Australia as follows:

“I remember this fudge well! It appears in my mother’s recipe book as ‘Mima’s Fudge’ and was a special treat during my childhood. I now have the urge to make a batch!”

That absolutely delighted me! I will post the recipe soon but be warned, it is very wicked indeed!


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A Nursery Rhyme, A Thrush and Granny’s Fudge

It’s  World Nursery Rhyme Week and this utterly delightful rendition of  Jack and Jill came into my inbox today. Do watch, it will warm your heart!

Recently a thrush has joined the other birds in our garden, watching from the wall and then ground feeding.

I had a sudden urge to make (and eat!) Granny’s fudge, the recipe (very wicked and very. good!)  written in my 11 year old italic handwriting,


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Penguins, Self-Care and Making a Difference

I hope this makes you smile as it did me.

Look after yourself in these strange and difficult times.


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Primroses, Nasturtium and A Surprise

We have some lovely white Primroses in our Suffragette garden. The Hebes are about to flower purple so there will soon be all the colours we need.

The Nasturtiums in the hedgerow is still in flower.

We’ve been promoted already! Another allotment plot has unexpectedly become available and we have been offered it. It is bigger than the one we have started weeding and digging  and we will have to start again with the weeding but 30A, our new plot, has a fruit cage! There are Blackcurrant bushes in there already.



Web, Mask and Hydrangea

A damp morning gave us webs, a walk through town showed another lamp-post mask and the walk home, a Hydrangea flower that’d been dropped and now looks beautiful in a piece of Mum’s green glass.


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