Benches, Rock Steady and Angels

Both LiveWires were playing in the end of term Rock Steady concert this morning so after taking them to school and admiring the benches in the yard we went into the hall to hear five different rock bands! It was great fun but I can’t show you photos of the children in the band. J was on the keyboard and T on the drums! 

I especially loved the display of angels with the faces of some of the children and wish I’d thought of that in my early career when I taught in Plover Primary School.


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Snow, Mince Pies and Hedwig

It snowed throughout our journey from Norfolk to London which made driving somewhat tricky but the fields all around were beautiful in their white covering.

When the LiveWires came home from school they wanted, after playing in the snowy slush, to make mince pies.

Hedwig is taking pride of place on the Christmas Tree!


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Snow, Crow and Christmas Tree

As we arrived at the house today, we were met by a very excited LiveWire dancing about in the snow.

The same snow prevented us driving to London from Norfolk today but it did mean that we could be involved in getting the Christmas tree here, driving around some beautiful snow covered tracks.

L spotted a crow with a broken wing on the path and we stopped so that T could check him out.

Decorating the tree was fun.


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Frost, Sunlight and Snowmen 

A really heavy frost lay on the ground as we went to Blickling House for a walk and the grass, leaves and fungi had beautiful frosty patterns on them.

I also caught the sun shining through a fallen leaf.

When we were in the garden centre yesterday, B spent her pocket money on some 3D glasses that made all fairy lights appear to have little snowmen around them. It amused us all that my camera was able to look through the glasses and catch the little men in a photo.


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Horses, Bird Table and Party

Driving down the lane to visit this morning, we came across these two horses, one very skittish so we stopped until they were by.

It’s great fun with LiveWire watching the birds feasting  on the bird table .B is very quiet and still when watching.

The children’s part was delightful, especially the lighting of candles placed in a spiral while everyone sang carols.


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Hiding, Twirling and Painted Biscuits 

We’ve had a delightful day with LiveWire B, playing hide and seek, dancing around the garden at the garden centre and making painted  tree biscuits for tomorrow’s party at the Home School group.


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Sign, Blue Jay and Chalk Drawing

Today we collected LiveWire no3 from Forest School where the motto near the door as you go in is:

The best days end in dirty clothes!


We enjoyed watching the bird table where  a Blue Jay came to feed.

LiveWire’s chalk drawing of a monster with 13 legs amused us.



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