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Two of Santa Fe’s Museums

We visited two of the many museums in Santa Fe and really wished we had had more time to visit more – next time maybe!  Two were close to each other,  the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian, and the Museum of International Folk Art and the precinct between them was full of  sculptures.

We first visited the Folk Museum, and exhibition of Mexico’s Day of the Dead memorabilia:

We absolutely loved the Museum of the American Indian, the words as much as the exhibits. Please click on any photo for greater detail.

And one more touching and very beautiful sculpture outside…….


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Zuni Pueblo

We made a stopover at the Zuni Pueblo on our way to Santa Fe. Here’s a flavour of the brief stay.

Before we left we walked about to see the Old Zuni Mission and the Visitor Centre.


Oak Street Canyon, Jerome and Earrings

On September 6th, we went to the lovely old mining town of Jerome to visit our nephew, an artist in glass whose work I have shown you here before. It’s an interesting drive through the Oak Street Canyon, a switch back ride through forests. The switchback can be seen in four places in the photo.

We had a delightful visit with Mark and his artist girlfriend who are, together, the featured artists in a local gallery

The poster


As we went back up the Oak Street Canyon we stopped at the overlook where there was a craft market and I bought some beautiful locally made beaded earrings.

Aren’t these gorgeous?


Shop Window, Chocolate Cake and A Dahlia

We’ve been in Truro this afternoon and I just love this shop window.

Charlotte’s Tea House is always our place for a treat and my goodness, was the Chocolate Fudge Cake a treat!?  We shared a piece with ice-cream and I had almost finished when I thought to take a photo for you.

Our big shaggy Dahlias seem to have survived Storm Betty. In fact, although the winds were crazy, the storm itself with thunder and lightning passed us by though other parts of Cornwall saw some dramatic skies and some lost power. .


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Street Art, A Poem and A Face-Off

We spotted some new street art in Redruth today, brightening up a hidden corner.

I love this poem. Feel the rhythms of the sea as you read it aloud.

I put some oats out for the birds and the Magpies and Jackdaws had some tussles about who was going to get more!


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Cards, Stamp and Jug

Friends and family know that I love owls. Here are some that came my way for my birthday.

Thanks L,T and B

Thanks S

Thanks V&P

Thanks S, a delightful addition to my jug collection too, quite difficult to get a good photo.


Workshop, A Choir and Pots

Some of you, Dear Readers, may remember that I was selling my glass pieces in a small gallery in Penryn – Fannie and Fox. Since the pandemic we have not met and the Gallery has closed. Today, some of us did meet for a G7 workshop. The theme was Behind The Postcards, showing what Cornwall means to those of us who live here.  I wasn’t sure what to make but after L introduced the afternoon and seeing that  P had brought some clay, a whole new idea popped into my head.
What does Cornwall mean to me apart from its beauty of sea and sands and sky and fields? It means community. It means our street, the allotment, the Fannies, and, most of all, my choirs so I made a choir out of clay. My clay pal, A, made a series of beautiful pinch pots. Our host, P, in whose workspace we were, made a beautiful female figure. Others were sewing, sketching or simply being there, with everyone again. Some of our session was filmed to be a part of a short film about the real Cornwall to be shown at the G7 conference next month.
Here are some of our creations.

My choir – I hadn’t realised there was such a cross chorister until I uploaded the photos!

A’s pinch pots

Salt and pepper pots

Female figure



Baking, Potter and Daffodils

This afternoon I baked, over Skype, with LiveWire No 4 who had seen her cousin’s Victoria sponge last week and wanted to try one her self. It was a tasty success and we had great fun. Of course, I have shared it with my lovely neighbour over a cup of tea in the front garden as before!

I am trying to track down a Cornish potter and thought I would try here. The coffee set, a couple of pieces below,  was given to my Mum, Cicely Wiseman, when she retired, in the 1970s, from teaching at Roskear Primary School where she ran the unit for deaf children. The potter’s initials are JC and I thought I had found her but recently had a reply saying that sadly, I didn’t have the right person. Any help gratefully received.

Our Daffodils are opening beautifully and today, we had sunshine so they glowed.


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Birthday – Presents, Pud and Pottery

The lovely Mr S has had a good day despite everything. Family phone calls and videos, cards and presents have made the day fun and we have ended with a favourite feast of Confit Duck and then the Lime and Ginger Cheesecake. To top it all (what a strange thing!) he has booked for his vaccine tomorrow!

Presents from our lovely neighbour

Lime and Ginger Cheesecake ready to serve

I am trying to track down the maker of this pottery, initials JC. Just a call out in case anyone local might know. We know the potter is in Cornwall and was potting in the late1970s/early 1980s.

For those of you following my friend’s icy water exploits, she has added a comment to yesterday’s post. 🙂



Mobile, Poem and A Calendar

Our nephew’s wife, our niece-in-law, is an artist with words, otherwise know as a poet, whose work thrills me. She has given me permission to share this one here.  In honour of her poem, Pisces Public Apology, here is a photo of a mobile that my Dad brought me from Mevagissey when I was five years old.  I have treasured them for many, many years.

Pisces in pottery


Pisces Public Apology

I’m not a rock, I’m water.
I will never be still, try to understand that.
There will always be a ripple beneath the surface of my clouds

There will always be a reaper in my waves.

I am the child they called Powder Puff,
crying eyes caricature
doggy paddling the riptide
squinting for a dwelling place
in the oasis of my own peace but at the moment,
that pebble
is somewhere downstream.

Try to swallow the fact that I
ingest my surroundings and
spit them out in distillate form and
that could be a shower or
hold on to your hats cos
it could just as well be a storm.

I know that you want me to stop dissecting the particles in search of a source babe,
but isn’t that the definition of

Can you relate to the water cycle,
from pool to vapor to ice and then bled
out by gravity over and over and over again-
Have you ever danced in the rain?
Have you ever tasted water from a glacial stream?

This is a public apology.
Don’t get too close to me.
When you see the water rising,
get to shore or I’ll pull you down.

Try to understand that I am not
an empty threat,
you will get wet.

Your nostrils will burn with the flush of salt.

The sun setting in coral tones behind me
says that the only way to make it is to float.

The moon never says anything,
a conductor in silhouette.

It’s just the way of the sea,
the rage is under the surface
and rises up like Neptune –
Is my tongue a wave or is it a blade?

The sun has seen me sleep serene
beneath his rising,
like a mirror in the dark.

He knows I will show you
the red and aubergine vessels,
I will pull on the pumps in
your own heart and you will drown
in love for the rawest remnant of yourself.

I am a teal tyrant to be sure
and yet,
in the summer months all of the earth’s children delight in my mischief.

They say you haven’t lived
if you haven’t at least dipped your feet or
turned your grinning face skyward in the rain.

I am not a rock but I’m a home for
beings too small to even see,
predatory beasts with bloody teeth,
creatures too foreign to even believe.

I’m not a rock, but
anyone will tell you,
I am the blue blanket on this
big round boulder,
the source of life for every form and
the finest refinery of every stone.

A Dear Friend from choir who knows my Suffragette history has given me a Suffragette calendar. The following are July’s picture and caption.


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