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Fabric, Curtains and A Window Box

I was in one of my favourite shops, Redruth Sewing Studio, yesterday buying curtain tape and saw this delightful fabric. I’m trying to decide what I can make with it and for whom.

I have spent today making another pair of curtains for L’s cottage windows – just the hemming to do now. This is one of the the curtains I made while I was there.

A beautiful window box caught my eye while we were in London.


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Sewing Box, Yellow Border and Raindrops

I’ve had such an enjoyable time today equipping the sewing box, which arrived very late this afternoon, with lovely bits and pieces for LiveWire No 3’s 7th birthday. We just managed to get to the post so that it will arrive on Monday.

The Sewing Box

Inside the box, lots of little parcels to open

Felt shapes to sew together and stuff

There are so many little daffodils in our wall border, all brightening up a very grey day.

Tete a Tete borders

The Crocuses are almost done but these two, in their last moments of glory, are just gorgeous covered in raindrops.  Zoom in if you can for an even more glorious view!

I love this one! Crocuses with raindrops.



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Tregellas Tapestries, Hydrangea and Pink Leaves

Today I took our exhibition posters and supplementary material to The Cornish Studies Library in Redruth as they are going to put it all on display in the near future. While I was there, I spent time, as always, with the remarkable Tregellas tapestries. Here are two more to add to those I have shown you before. You can read some of their history here.

The National Trust

The National Trust in Cornwall

Holidays in Cornwall 1925-30

Holidays in Cornwall

We stomped around Burncoose Nurseries’ Gardens this afternoon. The various Hydrangeas are looking lovely.

Hydrangea ?

Hydrangea flowers

I loved the pale pink new growth I show you below with the dark green older leaves but, sadly,  I don’t know what the plant is. Perhaps someone could enlighten me?




Tulips, Sash and Preview Performance

We found some beautiful tulips on the table when we arrived in the kitchen this morning, left by our lovely daughter to wish me the best for this evening’s Preview performance. They are purple and white with green leaves – just perfect!  Keen eyed readers may notice that I bought that beautiful Kingfisher tea-set that I was ogling in the antique shop!

In the performances of ‘Until the Day Break’ I am singing ‘March of the Women’  with nine others and it is just brilliant! I have a facsimile Suffragette sash given to me years ago by my Mum but don’t want to risk the silk in the rain so today I went to one of my favourite shops and bought ribbons and this afternoon, I stitched up a sash.

The song was written by Ethel Smyth and was sung in Holloway by the imprisoned suffragettes, conducted by Emmeline Pankhurst through the bars of her prison cell using a toothbrush as her baton. I like to think that my Great Granny, Annie Wiseman, who was also imprisoned in Holloway for her part in the movement, was there at that moment and was singing March of the Women. I am singing it in the show with the passion that she must also have had and I can feel her pride.


The Preview performance went very well. Everybody loved it! The first night is on Thursday.

Some actors before the show





Baby Carrier Kits

On Friday afternoon a group of my lovely friends are getting together to make some more Baby Carriers and today I have prepared three ‘kits’ with all the pieces cut out and ready to sew.

Baby carrier kit

Baby carrier kit

Baby carrier being modelled for me

Baby carrier being modelled for me



Sewing, Life and Today

It has been another wild day today though with less rain but it was definitely an indoors day so I made a bit more progress with my Mai Tei baby carrier. I had had hopes of making several but I’ve spent at least 6 hours on this one so far. Perhaps the next will be quicker as I will know what I am doing!

Straps on and the whole thing turned inside out ready for final stitching

Straps on and the whole thing turned inside out ready for final stitching

Straps on and the whole thing turned inside out ready for final stitching

Straps on and the whole thing turned inside out ready for final stitching

and Life…….

Life - we have just the one each

Life – we have just the one each

Today is ‘Send a card to a friend Day’  I’ve done that, in fact we have sent two.



Sewing, Knitting and The Little Things

I read some time ago that refugees landing  in Lesvos were being given baby carriers and that this freed their hands to hold the hands of their other children. The faces of the parents as they were fitted with the carriers was beyond beautiful. I read that one can make Mai Tei baby carriers and so began to research how this could be done. I have found a pattern and gathered together all the materials and my first one is on the way. Here are three of the four straps/ties in various stages of making, two of 3′ and two of 6′. I’ll show you as it grows. I shall have to borrow a baby to try it out when done. If you would like to join me I’ll send you the links for the pattern.

Ties in various stages

Ties in various stages

I also read that people in Calais have been being given warm woolly snoods and they are as delighted with them as are the parents on Lesvos. I cannot sew in the evenings but I can knit while watching TV and these are very quick and easy in Super Chunky Wool. If you want to join me with the knitting, I’ll pass on this pattern too. It was a free one.



One of my Blogger friends posted this today Thanks Ute.the-little-things




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