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New Bag, Weeding Day at Roots and A Machine

Again, I spent the first couple of hours volunteering at home and made a really beautiful veggie bag out of some offcuts of Laura Ashley material that we had curtains of in our last house.

It was all hands on deck today to get rid of the weeds that have sprung up since the rain this last week. Enjoy the gallery and click on any photo for the caption. I didn’t get into the poly tunnels at all today as after weeding I was pricking out lots more baby brassica plants.

I just love these cauliflower harvesting machines and today we managed to get a photo as we let it into the queue.



Dylan Thomas, Roots and A Day Lily

Last week we were in Penzance for the Lit Fest and spotted the following plaque noting the marriage of Dylan Thomas, my favourite poet, to Caitlin on this day in 1937 in this lovely house in Penzance.

Plaque to Dylan Thomas and Caitlin who were married here in 1937

Another very pleasing day at Roots. My first two hours were spent at home again making another veg bag and then I joined the lovely Mr S and the other volunteers. I pricked out a tray of Romanesco cauliflower babies the seeds of which I planted only a week ago. My second tray was of swedes which I had not known until last week are also of the brassica family. The growth every week is remarkable. Click on any photo for a larger view and the caption.

We love Day Lilies.

Day Lily


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Flags, Flowers and A Carving

The Penzance Literary Festival began today and we went to hear the writer, Catrina Davies, talk about her remarkable book, Once Upon a Raven’s Nest.  I wrote about the book here when I first read it. The town was looking lovely with hanging baskets of flowers and beautiful flags everywhere. As we were leaving, I spotted a carved tree and just managed to snap it as we turned the corner. I wasn’t driving!


Community Roots Today

Such a lot of growing going on! I did my first two hours volunteering at home and made another bag. I arrived in time to help chop some veg for the delicious soup we shared for lunch, did some potting on of little shrubs and walked about taking photos of the amazing growth  and some of the harvest. Enjoy the gallery.


More Bags, New Tool and Crinodendron

A cloudy day today so it has been perfect for spending the day sewing. I’ve made two more veggie bags for Roots and made a small modification which I’m very pleased with. The really bright fabric on the left hand side is fabric from Senegal and I love it. .

The lovely Mr S has been working on replacing our bird feeder station which had rusted away. He called me to see his new magnetic spirit level in action.

Our Crinodendron, otherwise known as Lantern Tree,  is magnificent this year. The wind has blown lots of blooms down so I thought you should have a photo while it is still lovely. One of my blogging friends, Hey Jude,  posted a fascinating piece about her tree which I have saved for today to share with you. Do visit. Her photos are brilliant.


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Veggie Bags and Veggies

I did all my volunteering at home last week and for another hour today, sewing two more of the bags that Roots uses rather than bags for the weekly veggie deliveries.

When I arrived today, I was amazed at the growth of the vegetables (and the flowers) since I was last there. My job today was sowing two trays of Spring Onions. Enjoy the gallery.



More from Yesterday

Another busy day, morning shopping for the family, afternoon choir for me and lovely LiveWire 3 who has been coming with me when visiting since she was six, driving through a storm to get to the station for their return home and ……all breathe out!

Signpost seen from inside The Blue Bar where we had breakfast

Beautiful flowers on the Grampound vinegars stall in the market

A beautiful little cape handmade in Cornwall by Raggtagg Pixie.


An Award, Craft and Tulips

Our lovely Greengrocers, Butchery and Deli has won an award – Best New Local Business – certainly very well deserved. It’s always a pleasure to shop there where fresh seasonal veggies can be found, where delicious deli dishes, beautifully  prepared and presented can be taken home for lunch and where everything you need to make good meals at home can be sourced. We are really very lucky to have such a shop in our town.

In the shop are some lovely crafty items made by another delightful local business, Make A Mends. Several businesses in town now have such items, all beginning Re as showing their belonging to our Redruth community. I shall seek them out and show you.

Our white tulips are gorgeous especially with our jewel wallflowers.


Door, Bag and Flower

Whenever we have gone past this building , it has been open so we haven’t seen these beautiful doors before. What a lovely surprise!

I did my Roots’ volunteering from home today and made another bag for the veggies to go out to customers.

Our Fritillaria  meleagris (Snake’s Head frittilary) are blooming. We love the chequer-board colouring.



Sewing, Earrings and A Jacket

I almost made us a new shopping bag yesterday, just had to sew on the handles today which I did first thing and we are very pleased with it.

We popped into Make A Mends to say Hello this morning while in town for our bread and veggies. I was very taken with how they were displaying earrings – how inventive!

While in there, a fabulous black and silver jacket caught my eye, just the thing for wearing in Truro Cathedral in a couple of weeks when my choir, whose ‘uniform’ is black and silver, will be performing.


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