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River, Bulbs and Pie

My choir is meeting again in the Zed Shed and once more we have the joy of the Penryn River as our backdrop as well as singing together, albeit in very small numbers.

I love the hope intrinsic in planting bulbs now for the Spring. These are some that we are about to plant. We haven’t had either variety before so look forward to seeing these next March/April..

Tonight we have had Leftovers Pie – chicken bits from the roast earlier this week with two chopped up vegan sausages all in a sauce made by whizzing up leftover cauliflower cheese and all covered with a puff pastry lid that had been frozen since I last made pies. We served the pie with Runner Beans harvested this afternoon at the allotment. We treated ourselves last night to a special dinner at our local hotel, The Penventon, and tonight’s frugality made up for that!

Leftovers Pie


Fuchsia, Clematis and Hesperantha

Flowers in our garden today.



Scent, Pudding and A Visitor

You’ll have to imagine this, the glorious smell of newly mown grass as a tractor turned up to mow the back field.

Blackberry and apple crumble this evening with the blackberries we picked the other day.

We have heard the Woodpecker in the trees for the last few days and today it visited but didn’t pose for the best of photos.


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Foxgloves, Honeysuckle and Blackberries

We didn’t do the Story Walk today  as it will be much more fun in the sun. Watch this space.  We did though, go round the back in the mizzle and found late Foxgloves, Honeysuckle and something yellow! We also picked a good haul of Blackberries and are looking forward to some Blackberry and Apple Crumble soon.


Bees and A Story Walk

Such a lots of bee activity on these aliums-

We are looking forward to going on this story walk tomorrow.


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Onions, Dahlias and Love

More produce! Just over 4kg, 9lbs of onions. Those should last a while. The reds were a bit of a disaster but the golden ones look lovely.

The dahlias that you can just see in the photo above are doing brilliantly. We have a big bunch indoors and I was able to give our neighbours an even bigger bunch. There are still lots more coming.

The following cartoon came my way today and I love it!



Lunch, Baby Toms and Evening Sky

Our first sweetcorn is ready to harvest and for lunch today we had it freshly boiled with butter and salt. Simple deliciousness.

I’m eating baby cherry golden tomatoes each time I walk past the plant in the back garden. It’s like eating sweeties! Thank you N&G for the little plant you gave us weeks ago. 

The evening sky as we were leaving the allotment after watering tonight was pretty and turning peachy. The Night Scented Stocks’ scent pervades the whole area – I wish I could share that with you too..


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Rehearsal, Beach and Crab

I’m to be the Celebrant at my first wedding in two years. We had the rehearsal on the beach today and afterwards, the lovely Mr S and I walked along the sand at a very low tide.It was sunny and quiet and wonderful! The visitors have almost all gone.

Chapel Porth beach

Seaweed tree

Tiny Crab

Bolster’s Cave



Day Off No 2

Our Nelly Moser clematis is having a second flush. Here’s one of the blooms.


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Church, Chilli and Blue

Breakfast with our friends this month was at the cafe in Mylor – excellent menu and a well placed outdoor table with a view of the marina and a fresh sea breeze.  After breakfast we walked about the fascinating churchyard about which you can read more here.

Mylor Church

Our chilies are reddening!

Hydrangeas are glorious around Cornwall at the moment, especially the blue ones.


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