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Children Singing, Mount Recyclemore and Thrift

I have mentioned a number of times that the G7 Summit is happening over this coming weekend in Carbis Bay, Cornwall. Everyone has now arrived and talks as well as various protests have started.  Another film being shown is this one from children from Marazion School near Penzance and Stoke Climsland School near Callington. It, too, like Gee 7 which I gave you a couple of days ago, is very moving and really needs to be listened to by our leaders and by all of us.


From The Guardian:  “Seven giant faces loom above the dunes, gazing sombrely over swathes of bright sea thrift towards the ocean.

Even before the G7 had sat down to begin their Cornish summit, Mount Recyclemore, a sculpture made of discarded electronic waste depicting the visages of the seven leaders, looked bound to be one of the stars of the show.

Created by the artist Joe Rush and the tech business musicMagpie, the piece has appeared at Sandy Acres beach, just along the coast from Carbis Bay, where the leaders are meeting.

About 15 artists helped create the structure over a frantic six weeks at Rush’s scrapyard/studio in south London. Parts were then shipped down to Cornwall on lorries and put together in situ.”

We need to visit Sandy Acres Beach to see this. This afternoon we did one of our favourite walks along the cliffs at Godrevy. We had thought it might be blocked off but apart from the radar area and seeing army personnel, all was much as usual.

Not beautiful exactly but interesting nonetheless


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Gee 7

The G7 is in Cornwall over the weekend as I mentioned yesterday – seven world leaders flying into Cornwall to talk about climate change……
The choristers of Truro Cathedral have recorded a song written for the occasion by Sir Tim Rice. It will be played in the Tregenna Castle Hotel in St Ives where the delegates will be staying and we really hope they will stop and listen. Here it is for you.

If you would like to read more about this wonderful project involving children from all over the world, here is info from this page. 

“G7 themed concert featuring Sing2G7’s ‘Gee Seven’ by Sir Tim Rice, Truro Cathedral June 12th

Sing2G7 is an extraordinary volunteer-led programme which began in Truro and has blossomed to engage over 25,000 young voices in 27 countries to ‘sing to G7’. The aim is to empower primary school children – to make young voices audible to world leaders on issues they care about such as Climate Change, Poverty and Vaccine Equality and to make the Summit relevant to their young lives.

At the centre of the programme is ‘Gee Seven’, a song written specially for the project by Sir Tim Rice and Peter Hobbs which hundreds of primary schools have been learning, recording and posting online. The song ends with the strong message, ‘Gee Seven – Let nation speak to nation, Gee Seven – Don’t let the others down, Gee – Seven – Don’t forget the not so fortunate, Gee Seven – Or we’ll run you out of town’.

Turning these words into action themselves, Truro Cathedral Choristers are donating the royalties from their ‘Gee Seven’ single to Unicef’s ‘Give the World A Shot’ Vaccinaid appeal via Crowdfunder. You can watch the emotional song video that has inspired the phenomenal global take-up here. Hundreds of schools across the UK (as well as across the world) have joined the initiative and been using its 15-module Education Pack to discover more about G72021 and the agenda areas.

On June 9th, thousands of young singers from around the world will tune into a Sing2G7 International Mega Zoom beaming out from Truro Cathedral, to sing Gee Seven together, led by the choristers. Participants include children from USA, Canada, South Africa as well as many other countries.

The G7 concert on June 12th by Truro Cathedral Choir will feature the ‘Gee Seven’ song and also accessible music from all of the G7 countries in their own language, with favourites such as Danny Boy (Ireland) and Shenandoah (US) together with musical gems by Brahms, Fauré, Eleanor Daley and Caroline Shaw as well as local folksong arrangements such as Sakura (Japan).

To buy tickets for Truro Cathedral’s G7 concert, please visit the Cathedral’s website or to live stream the concert, please go to the youtube channel. Tickets for U18’s are free so if your children have been singing Gee Seven in school or zooming with the choristers, please do book and bring them along to hear the song in person. “


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Foxgloves, Bee and Hedgerow

Our hedgerows have changed colour from blue to mostly pink and yellow with some white. The Foxgloves are gorgeous and the bees love them. We heard a cuckoo on our walk around this morning. As I write I can hear two owls calling to each other. .

Looking over the hills from the Great Flat Lode across to the sea where a navy frigate is coasting up and down. It is here because of the G7 taking place in St Ives this coming weekend. There’s a missile launcher at Godrevy!



A Lane, Blossom and Birdsong

It’s been a beautiful sunny day and here is the lane I walk down to the allotment, full of sunshine and scents, blossoms and bird song- a sensory delight.


More Raindrops, Blooms and A Mouse

I love how the weight of the raindrops bends the Alium stalks over into  beaded arches.

The Roscoea called Kew Beauty that we bought last year has come back with double the blooms.

The lovely Mr S was out in the garden early this morning and caught (on camera only) a little visitor in the grass. Just look at those gorgeous ears and shiny black eyes.


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Birds, Wind and Rain

We’ve stayed indoors today but the birds didn’t mind the rain and were busy at the feeders most of the day.

Our new tree, the Amanagowa Cherry has proved to be a good staging post for the feeding birds. The wind was moving the tree about hence the blurriness.

The fluffy seed heads on the clematis gather raindrops like little sparkly jewels.



Granny’s Bonnets, Clematis and More

The flowers over the arch in the vegetable garden are doing well – Clematis up each side and Aquilegeas at the base of one side.

There are lots more self sown Aquilegeas around the garden.  I love them all.



Stripes, White and Wind-Blown 23rdMay!

It seems that I forgot to publish this one on 23rd May so here it is now.

We have a new clothes shop in town, Sifar, the only clothes shop in town and I love everything in there! Yesterday I made my first clothes purchase for many, many months – a cashmere sweater in a dark green with rainbow stripes on the sleeves and across the body. It has been lovely to wear today in the coldest and wettest May on the record books. It’s bright and beautiful!

The white Irises are opening with the Corkscrew Hazel just behind and the Choisya beside. . We are in the midst of yet another storm, really heavy downpours and strong winds. The tulips in the border have stood up really well to it all throughout May but are now nearly over.



Nancy Evans, Buds and Edible Garden

The lovely rhododendron bud that I showed you yesterday has enjoyed today’s warmth and has almost fully opened from red to a pink tinged creamy yellow.

Last Christmas we bought a growing tree in a pot and kept it in the garden and decorated it with fairy lights. We planted it in the ground in January and it has settled well, now showing some lovely fresh buds.

The leaves in the edible garden trough are ready for picking and enjoying. The edible flowers, nasturtiums, borage and violas, are rather late this year.


Newlyn, Iris and A Bud

We were in Newlyn last night to go to the cinema, first time in about 18 months. On the way from the car park to the film house, we went past this lovely full garden.

Our white Iris is very lovely.

Our Rhododendron, Nancy Evans, has been slow to get started but here is the first bud.



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