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Good News, Kindness and Nature’s Magic

We had the best news today that a singing friend had his last treatment and yesterday ‘rang the bell.’ I have his permission to share the good news and his photo where he has dressed up for the occasion.

Flour has been hard to get hold of, especially strong flour for bread making. On Thursday evening, after clapping for our carers  in this crisis, we started chatting to our other next-door neighbours whom we hardly know. We were chatting generally about shopping and life under lockdown and that we are self-isolating (not because we are ill but we are considered vulnerable) Today, on our doorstep, we found a note on a bag with flour that S&P had sourced for us from a local farm shop, such a kind gesture from people we hardly know.

We have watched with increasing amusement today as the pile of potting mix on a big cloth left on my ‘potting table’ for the next session, changed shape. As the wind has blown fairly wildly today, the random pile that filled the cloth, has gradually become a beautifully neat circle!



Today’s Walk

Please join us on today’s walk, wild flowers, a view of the sea, of Carn Brea, of our house and a horse called Zeita…….  Click on any photo for a bigger version and the caption.



Today’s Walk, Donations and Growing Lambs

It was lovely that on our walk, while keeping two metres apart, everyone smiled, said hello and wished each other to stay safe. Here is a view from TheGreat Flat Lode looking out over St Euny Church  and over to the sea on the North Coast of our beloved Cornwall.

Last week, St Petroc’s, the local charity for the homeless, put out a call on Radio Cornwall, for towels and soaps. We put together a couple of bags but could find no way to get them to Truro. Today a young woman who works with the charity came by and picked things up. Being homeless in today’s circumstances must be just about impossible but St Petroc’s are doing a wonderful job.
A donation came my way today too, of some very lovely pieces of glass. These belonged to our Dear Neighbour Bill Mitchell and S has just given them to me and I thank them both. I think these pieces will make a beautiful Tree of Life.

The lambs in the back field are growing. We love watching them bounce about and here share a joyful few moments with you.


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A Cat, Narcissi and A Poem

My post today is for our Dear Friend, N, with all the love we can muster. First, one of next door’s cats posing on a post.

Our Suffragette garden is full of white and green. The purple bits (crocuses/Hebe)  finished before the Narcissi burst into life or haven’t flowered yet (purple tulips)but we are reminded of the strength of those amazing women whenever we are in the front garden.  We can find that strength now.

This poem came my way the other day and I wrote to the poet to ask for permission to share it with you here – Serenity Prayer by Brian Bilston, so apt at the moment. Thank you BB. I have posted one of his poems before. Click here to read it.



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Tulips, Lambs and Reading

We are loving how the tulips react to the sunshine, being closed in the mornings and wide open as they warm up in the sunshine.

The lambs in the back field are so curious. When I appear over the wall they are always on the alert.

Reading in the sunshine has long been a pleasure and now more people have the time to do this and to escape into other worlds.


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P.E. Lessons, Tree Work and Magical Droplets

Yesterday Daughter No 3 told me about an online PE session that she and LiveWire No 4 are doing each weekday morning so I had a look at it. What fun and what a beautiful and charming young man as teacher! I joined in what I could (not a lot really!) and it felt really good that for a short time I was doing a workout with the LiveWires. It is a live video and invites comments for a shout-out so I sent a message saying, “Granny Sally, 74, in Cornwall enjoying PE with Grandkids in Suffolk and London” and we got a shout-out that we and the London contingent heard!  Try it with your distant Grandkids – it’s fun to feel that, despite the distance, we can still do things together.  Joe creates the most amazing online community with his positivity and encouragement.

A  Dear Friend is also a tree surgeon and today he came along to save our phone line from being broken by next-door’s trees. He did a fantastic job, all of us staying at least 2 metres apart, much more when he was up the trees!

G started early and the dew was still on the plants. I could hardly believe the way the droplets had gathered here on the beautiful new leaves.

I have forgotten what this plant is called…….


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Lunch, Bread and Pak Choi

We had planned to go to our friends for lunch today. We were going to plant some more trees and then to have lunch in the new woodland, two metres apart of course, with our own soup in a flask. However yesterday’s announcement made us think twice about that so I put our soup in the flask anyway and we took our lunch out into the garden where the veggie plots are awaiting planting.

I baked bread this afternoon while I was cooking dinner. In the photo of the bread is our last homegrown  Pak Choi which I stir fried with shallots and garlic to go with our store cupboard Corned beef hash.

After dinner, we couldn’t resist a couple of slices of warm seedy bread and butter!  Truly scrumptious!



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