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Joyful June, Dragonflies and The Forest

Here is this month’s chart from Action for Happiness. If you’d like a bigger copy here is the link

We spent a lovely, peaceful couple of hours with dear friends this morning by the pond which they have very recently made. The wildlife which has turned up so quickly is remarkable, Water Beetles, Water Boatmen, Dragonflies (who have mated and laid eggs!) and Swallows diving to get a quick drink – so regenerative of lockdown spirits.

Male and female Broad Bodied Chasers

Regular readers may remember that just before lockdown we were among a crowd who turned up to help plant 800 young trees. Here is the forest we planted then and the one we helped to plant about 6 years ago.

Cornish hedge with Sedums and Pennyworts
The beautiful Kaja

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Foxgloves, Elderflowers and A Gate

The lanes are lined with pink, Campions and masses of Foxgloves. The sea of the North coast of Cornwall can be seen in the distance.

The elderflowers are blooming. Perhaps this year I’ll get to collect some to make Elderflower cordial.

We are spotting wooden gates as we are going to get some for the drive when the painting is all done.


Bullfinch, Cosmos and Dinner

The bird feeders are always busy these days

The first Cosmos flower has opened. I love these delicate flowers which grow along the roadside in South Africa.

We’ve been out for dinner again! Now, all dressed up, we have just finished the delicious meal which we collected from The Royal Oak in Perranwell.


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Deer in the Mist, More Masks and A Baby Bird

The lovely Mr S called me from my bed early this morning as, getting up to make tea, he had spotted a deer in the the mist of the back field.

I’ve made two more masks for the family in Spain today, one for our 3 year old Granddaughter and one for her big sister.

Mr S watched a baby Chaffinch at the feeders this afternoon. It was very unafraid and chirpy.



Roscoea, Crinodendron and A Painting

We’ve potted up a beautiful new plant, bought on impulse from Burncoose Nursery last week. It’s gorgeous.

Roscoea, Kew Beauty, a member of the ginger family

Our Crinodendron is stunning this year especially against the cerulean sky.

A friend asked for a photo of one of our pieces of art work, one a day for seven days in fact. Today I chose this 2′ square painting by my kid sister who lives in Hawaii. It is bright and beautiful, full of positivity and we have it on the landing so it is the first painting I see when I emerge from the bedroom in the mornings.


Bee, More Masks and Greenham Women

The bees are busy, we are glad to see. This one was moving around all the Lavender pots.

Bee on white lavender

Our eldest was due to come from Exeter for a couple of hours this afternoon to fix my Beetle. In exchange I made her a couple of fabric masks. I had not anticipated how hard it would be to see her but not be allowed to hug.

Elastic is running short

My spirits were lifted by a wonderful zoom session this evening, Greenham Women singing songs of the time, all led by my lovely choir leader, Claire. In between singing the songs, people shared their stories of being at the various gates, all given colours and each with a very distinct personality. A couple of the participants had been there with their Mums as very young children. One Mum and daughter were there together from their different parts of the UK; participants came from allover the country and were really inspiring. It was a brilliant session.

Posted with permission from all the participants


Beach, Optical Illusion and Evening Sounds

Two walks today,  one to the beach, first time in nearly 3 months and, oh, I needed that!

Interesting optical illusion in footprints.

Tonight’s walk took us up along the back lane, a favourite walk. The sounds as we came alongside St Euny Churchyard were very noticeable.


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