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Magpie, Rose and Chart

A young magpie rested on Fledgling’s upturned beak and I just managed to get a photo on a long zoom from the kitchen before it flew off.

This lovely rose is in our garden. I didn’t know what all the colours in Pride flags stood for so was pleased to come across this chart along with  lots of rainbow recipes, all to mark Pride Month..


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Bullfinches, Sweet Peas and Golden Glow

Just before I took this photo, there were six bullfinches including two females at the feeders. What lovely colours they are.

Our sweetpeas are fabulous and share their scent all over the house.

There is a beautiful golden glow over the back garden as I write this tonight.

You may remember, Dear Reader, that I wrote about Cornish Hurling at the end of last month. You can see the post by clicking here. My letter was published in The Guardian yesterday!

In The Guardian 23.6.2



Artichoke, Rose and Valerian

Lots of allotmenteers grow artichokes. This one looked especially good in the evening sunshine.

One of the gardens on our route to the allotment is full of lovely roses. This one smells divine as well as having beautifully curly petals.

Cornish hedgerows are full of Valerian at the moment.


Sea, Poppies and Seed Head

We went to Falmouth today  to meet friends for lunch today and afterwards walked back along Cliff Road in almost stifling heat of 30C. By the time we arrived back in Redruth it was 20.5C!

Falmouth Bay

Poppies by the roadside.

I didn’t know daisies had fluffy seedheads like this


Mouse, Ginger Lily and Foxglove

  This photo is from last year as this year the mouse has been too quick for me to catch on camera.


Reading and A Field

After a busy time in town, I spent the afternoon in the garden reading my new book, bought in our favourite coffee shop, Home Ground, this morning. The coffee shop is lined with books for customers to read while having their coffee and, if it catches your imagination, it can be bought for just £1! Unbeknownst to me, the lovely Mr S caught me deep in Robert Galbraith’s “Troubled Blood.”

While out this afternoon, he took a photo of one of our favourite fields, one we watch through the seasons.


Flowers, Breakfast and Sea

We met our lovely friends for breakfast as we have done each month for a couple of years. It was the turn of the Blue Bar in Porthtowan today and as usual we enjoyed  delicious meals and talked almost non-stop!

Breakfast for me was Toasted Banana Bread with Mascarpone and Berries with Honey – yum.

The red flag was up so there was no-one in the sea where the waves were crashing onto the shore.



Jam, Meadow and Cornflower

I potted up the freezer jam today and now it’s in the freezer awaiting scones and cream – and visitors!

We discovered a new family run nursery today and bought a couple of lavender plants to be here in pots now and to be transferred to the pollinator border at the allotment in the autumn. Behind the selling area is a beautiful meadow. Catching wind blown flowers is quite hard so I made a very brief video with blustery blooms and bird song too. I did get one of the cornflowers in a moment of lull..



Posy, Meadow and Wisteria

We made a little posy of garden flowers for our dear 103 year old friend with whom we had coffee and a natter this morning.

The meadow planted last year is full of flowers.

Our Wisteria has one bloom, its first in five years.


New Moon, Heron and A Bee

A beautiful sunset and a new moon as I was drawing the bedroom curtains last night.

Across the water as we were having coffee after singing, a heron landed, stayed long enough to have its portrait taken and then took off again.

Our golden rhododendron is gorgeous. The bees love it too.

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