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Vegetation, Exploration and Experimentation

1    We’re trying companion planting this year, Limnanthus, the Poached Egg Plant, with the Broad Beans and I love how it’s looking. The beautiful theory is that the Limnanthus will attract the aphids so they won’t attack the beans. I’m looking forward to seeing the flowers. My Mum loved the yellow and white of these little treasures.

Companion planting

2  Tabitha, wearing a cardigan I knitted, was a delight opening cupboard doors and exploring but pretending that she wasn’t really interested.

I’m not really trying to open the cupboard!

Trying on a hat made by Corinne Carr

3    Our oldest daughter, Mikki, visited from Exeter today and spent the afternoon building an airport with Jake and then showed him some magic. Jake’s face was a picture as he did the ‘raisins in lemonade’ experiment. He loved the way the raisins sank to the bottom then came to the top covered in bubbles only to go down yet again.

Jake fascinated by lemonade and raisins

P.S.  I’ve posted the recipe for the delicious Tunisian Almond and Orange Cake on my Recipe page. Hover over the Recipe header to see the menu of recipes.


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