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Feather Marking, Wedding Cakes and Golden-boots

1   Mr S is fitting the trellis against the painted wall and found this beautiful feathery marking on the support pieces.

Wood for the trellis

2  Working on my Guest post for Choc Chip Uru, I was reminded of this time of year six years ago when I was having trial runs for making KJ’s chocolate wedding cake. I had enormous fun making several different recipes and taking them into school for the staff to test out for me. I also did a couple of different decorations so that the bride and groom could choose. The final version had beautiful real white roses on it.

Practice wedding cake

Practice wedding cake for KJ&L

3  Just for fun, I decided to make some tiny Golden-boots, based on the pattern I use for Sally-boots, with possible yarn bombing in mind. Then I thought, ‘Do I really want to lose these?  Er, no!’         I’ll have to devise something less time consuming for the knitted graffiti!

Golden-boots with Sally-boots


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