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Autumn Lane, First View and Breakfast

The lanes down towards Mylor, where we were to meet friends for breakfast this morning, were still full of Autumn colour.

The first view of Mylor is always a delightful surprise.

Looking over Mylor Churchyard towards the water on a very cloudy, mizzly day.

My breakfast was scrumptious – Potato Rosti with asparagus, spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms with a poached egg and Hollandaise sauce.



Last Slice, Mincemeat and A Poem

Here is the last slice of the delicious Pecan Pie on a very lovely little plate that has, until now, just been on display on the Welsh dresser. Now we are using both of them.

I’ve made our mincemeat for the mincemeat pies for Christmas. I’ve never made it before but don’t really know why not.

A poem for you today shared by Michael Rosen. It is by Benjamin Zephaniah with whom we once had breakfast in Sheffield. The refugee situation and the way our government treats these desperate people, has me in tears.

By Benjamin Zephaniah

One of my readers, Helen, asked if there were any marks underneath the oriental design plate. Yes, these are they. I don’t know the maker. Perhaps someone can help..



Reflections, Thanksgiving and Pecan Pie

What a beautiful start to my morning as we sang with this view of the Penryn River.

It’s Thanksgiving in the USA and in solidarity with family and friends in America, we cook up a storm of a Thanksgiving dinner using some family recipes.  We’ve cooked a small turkey crown with and cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, using our beans and recipe from the book “Giving Thanks’ bought in Plimouth some years ago, mashed potatoes, kalettes with shallots and bacon, stuffing  and gravy to be followed by Pecan Tart for pud.

Happy Thanksgiving to family in Atlanta, Hawaii, Seattle and Phoenix and friends in Flagstaff, Vermont and Sacramento. Also to all my blogging friends- Happy Days!

Pecan Pie


Hallowe’en, Soup and Cake

This came my way for Hallowe’en and I thought you might all like it, Dear Readers. Happy Hallowe’en to you all.

Found in Monkseaton, UK

I’ve made three pints of beautiful Pumpkin Soup, a new recipe which suggests serving with creme fraiche and crispy bacon. It was delicious. Thanks to M&S who gave us the pumpkin some weeks ago.

I treated myself to a proper non-stick bundt tin last time we went to Truro and today made Jamie Oliver’s Tangerine Dream Cake again. It is much better cooked in the proper tin, looks good and tastes better too.

Tangerine Dream Cake


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Cake, Chickens and Blue

I iced the cake this morning with tangerine icing and took it to our friends for a lovely catch up.

Tangerine Dream Cake

On my drive home I noticed two chickens on gateposts advertising that fresh eggs were for sale so I stopped to get photos.

Today we’ve planted the Hydrangea in the freshening-up border along the way from the Mountain Pine. Here’s a photo of what it should look like next summer.

Lacecap Hydrangea Bluebird


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Smile Cake and A Pine Tree

I made a new cake today, one of Jamie Oliver’s that he calls Tangerine Dream Cake. I’m calling it Smile cake as it cracked looking like a smile. It’ll get its tangerine icing tomorrow before we take it to meet with some special friends. .

We’ve been clearing part of the front garden that has become rather overgrown. We have bought a small, slow growing Dwarf Mountain Pine which we are assured will be happy in our garden despite us not being in the mountains. We have some other treasures to go in too, including lots of Tete a Tete narcissi bulbs..


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Cake for Autumn

Today’s walk took us to get our flu jabs and then into town for fruit and veg and a coffee at our favourite coffee shop, Home Ground where we can also indulge in Portuguese Custard Tarts.  The plums looked so good at the greengrocer’s that we bought some to eat and some to bake one of our favourite cakes for this time of year, Plum, Almond and Chocolate cake. You can find the recipe here if you’d like to taste it as well as look at it!

Plum, Almond and Chocolate Cake


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Rain and Focaccia Art

I’m not really a pluviophile though I do recognise when the garden needs rain and I do find joy in doing an indoor project which today was baking – no surprise there then!

A very good friend shared some pictures of Focaccia art and I commented on probably not having the patience to do it myself. However, it wasn’t hard, didn’t try my patience and, in fact, was a delight from collecting the edibles from the garden and kitchen,  designing the picture and of course, kneading bread dough is always peaceful and satisfying.
Here is my Focaccia Art before going in the oven and afterwards. The decoration is made up of red pomodorinos, our last yellow cherry tomato, black olives, chive stalks, baby leek stalks, a tiny red onion, orange winter pansy flowers and some rosemary twigs. It tasted good too!


River, Bulbs and Pie

My choir is meeting again in the Zed Shed and once more we have the joy of the Penryn River as our backdrop as well as singing together, albeit in very small numbers.

I love the hope intrinsic in planting bulbs now for the Spring. These are some that we are about to plant. We haven’t had either variety before so look forward to seeing these next March/April..

Tonight we have had Leftovers Pie – chicken bits from the roast earlier this week with two chopped up vegan sausages all in a sauce made by whizzing up leftover cauliflower cheese and all covered with a puff pastry lid that had been frozen since I last made pies. We served the pie with Runner Beans harvested this afternoon at the allotment. We treated ourselves last night to a special dinner at our local hotel, The Penventon, and tonight’s frugality made up for that!

Leftovers Pie


Scent, Pudding and A Visitor

You’ll have to imagine this, the glorious smell of newly mown grass as a tractor turned up to mow the back field.

Blackberry and apple crumble this evening with the blackberries we picked the other day.

We have heard the Woodpecker in the trees for the last few days and today it visited but didn’t pose for the best of photos.


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