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Robin, Lunch and Boxes

Watching the birds has been a joy over the last few months and now that it’s getting colder, the feeders are getting busier. This little robin is at the top of Mum’s old pan stand which I use for flowers in the summer.

I love making a Frittata using leftovers! In this one were some potatoes, Calabrese, pesto pasta, half a yellow pepper, some spinach, the last shallot and some  cheese. It was very tasty.

We have delivered our Christmas dinners in a box.. This is a scheme where a whole Christmas dinner plus treats are packed up in a decorated box and distributed, via the council, The boxes are given out by Cornwall Council’s teams working with vulnerable and impoverished families, the poorest in Cornwall, to give them something for Christmas. Nearly 1000 were donated last year.  If you are local and would like to contribute, here is the link.  
Sadly, even before Covid, 1/3 of the children living in Cornwall were living in poverty. I hope there are even more boxes donated this year by those who can.



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Making, Baking and More Fungi

I am loving getting back to my stained glass work. Today I have been working on a very special present for one of our LiveWires. I can’t show you until after Christmas! I have also cut out some angels today and have been choosing the beads to enhance them. A lovely shop owner of Artyzan in town, has said she would like to try a few for me!

I’ve made more of the Mini Pork Pies today as they make such a tasty and easy dinner, ten now in the freezer, two eaten for dinner tonight.

Mini Pork and Bacon Pies

Another pair of Fungi caught our eyes on our walk today, gorgeous rich toffee colour.


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I made a cake today, Blueberry Crumble Cake. I’ll post the recipe soon. It’s scrumptious!



Number 50, Lunch and A Sign

I sent photos of the new masks to Barcelona last night and this morning had a call – teenage LiveWire doesn’t want beads this time, please can I make another with elastic? Of course! That makes a total of 50 and today I have cleared away all my sewing stuff ready to get my glass out again.

Patterned lining so it’s different from her Dad’s

Lunch was mini pizzas made with part baked rolls, some reduced passata with herbs, pomodorino tomatoes and cheese – scrumptious!

Coming up from town, we noticed a warning sign, kindly put out by someone along our lane.

Monday night is choir rehearsal. I really miss my singing and the people with whom I sing.



Experimental Baking

I’ve had an interesting day. In between making another set of masks for the Barcelona branch of the family, I’ve been trying to replicate the delicious vegan chocolate orange cake we had the other day.  The vegan sponge seemed to work well, I made a vegan  orange jelly to go in the middle and a vegan chocolate ganache and it did look lovely!  Sadly, it’s not a patch on my usual cakes and I will have to try again – halve the amount of cake, double the chocolate and sharpen up the orange jelly!

I’ve given a big chunk to our lovely taster next door. I guess her view will match with ours!



Dawn, Plantings and Apple Pie

This is a very good time of year for a slug-a-bed like me to see beautiful dawns!

I was so excited yesterday about getting the allotment that I missed the plantings I had done in the morning – lots more bulbs – tulips in the two big tubs that had Sweet peas in over the summer and Winter flowering pansies on top for colour, hopefully, until the Tulips show. The chilli flakes around the plants are supposed to keep rodents away from the bulbs……

I’ve made an apple pie this afternoon, the recipe for which I was given by my sister who lives in America, Hawaii now but New York when we visited many years ago and she made this delicious pie. It is no ordinary apple pie! It contains its own special creamy custard which is added after it comes out of the oven and it is absolutely scrumptious. Thanks again, Deborah.


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Passion Flower, Honeysuckle and Cake?

It seemed to me like the back view of a huge green cat and  turned out to be a lovely Passion Flower growing up a post just outside town this morning. Look carefully, there is just one flower.

Up the road on our way home was this beautiful Himalayan Honeysuckle, Leycesteria formosa. I need to grow this!

We stopped off this morning at Home Ground, our favourite coffee shop in town. We had our coffees and our Portuguese Custard tarts and bought our lunch to take home – a Pepperoni Flatbread to share with a salad and a new cake, like an enormous Jaffa in a sponge with a tart orange filling and a wonderful chocolate ganache on top – and it was vegan.  I’m sorry I forgot to take a photo before we ate it all, to the very last crumb!  My plate is on the right. I have asked for the recipe but they buy it in so I am going to have to invent something myself. When it works, I will share it with you as it was Amazing!


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Lace Collars, Cup-Cakes and Another Drive-in

I couldn’t resist these little cup-cake collars when I saw them in the kitchen department of the Garden centre. I’d never heard of such a thing but bought them because they reminded me of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

This afternoon I have baked chocolate cup cakes that I am calling RBG Cupcakes in honour of that remarkable woman. I hope she would be amused.

Tonight we are going to another drive in. The rain has stopped, the wind has dropped and there will be an almost full moon if the skies are clear – should be fun!


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Red Berries, Blackberries and Plum Cake

The red berries along our walk this morning were startlingly bright.

There are still lots of Blackberries and they are  very sweet and delicious.

We decided we need some cake!  The Plum, Almond and Chocolate Cake that I made once before in plum season was the one we decided on.  In 2012 when I first made this one, I called it Happy Cake as it contains lots of tryptophan!  You can find the recipe by clicking on the red link.



Heritage Tomatoes, New Recipe and Garden Bouquet

We are loving our Redruth greengrocer, Grow Box, saved from closure by local traders. Today, among other things, we bought some beautiful, locally grown Heritage Tomatoes.

I needed them in particular for a recipe I had just read in today’s Feast that comes on Saturdays with our Guardian newspaper. Here is the Tomato and Courgette Loaf with Tomato Chutney. This afternoon I met with our lovely neighbour for  a cup of tea in the garden and we each had a piece of the loaf and both declared it to be delicious.

It’s so lovely that we can still find beautiful flowers to bring indoors. Here we have some Jasmine that we pruned yesterday, some Fuchsia that we have pruned today and a Calla Lily that has been broken by the wind.

If you read yesterday’s post and wondered what the creature was, I have added a P.S. to the post with the id that came today from the Royal Entomological Society!


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