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Hic Bibitur, Fabrics and Skype to Barcelona

1    I walked past this house sign in Penryn and was glad of my schooldays’ Latin! Hic Bibitur – Here they drink! The owner came by as I was taking the photo and asked if I knew what it meant, saying it was a most appropriate name as the house is rented out to students!

I love this!

2    I was in my favourite shop this afternoon, buying buttons for the little hoodies that I’ve nearly finished knitting (they are taking forever!) and took photos of these beautiful fabrics.

Christmas fabrics

Beautiful fabrics for children

3   Daniel and Ami called from Barcelona and we Skyped for ages. They are so blissfully happy!

And I am delighted to tell you that my Guest Post for Choc Chip Uru has been posted today. Please check it out here    


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Another Fairy, Chocolate Amaretti Torte and a Gift

1   Samantha Bryan, sculptor and imagineer, has put out a call to reunite all her beautiful fairies, if only virtually. She has asked any owners to photograph them and send in the photos. Here is one of mine that I love with her little birthday candle to light her way when she’s out in the dark.

Pedal Powered Fairy by Samantha Bryan

Label on my fairy

2   Today I have made the Chocolate Amaretti Torte for the reunion and for my guest posting with Go Bake Yoursel  I can’t turn out the one I made today until the party so here’s one I made earlier for my father-in-law’s 90th birthday party. It is so smooth and rich and scrumptious!

Here’s one I made earlier!

3   Knowing how I love to knit, and to knit wacky things as well as beautiful things, my lovely next-door-neighbour gave me this book today. Thank you! Watch this space!

Yarn Bombing!

The Orb I designed and knitted for the Wildworks Kensington Palace Exhibition

Jake with The Orb at Kensington Palace

For those of my readers who like my recipes, I have today put KJ’s fabulous Lime and Ginger Cheesecake up on the Recipe pages. Do comment there if you try it. I’d love to know how you get on with it!


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