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Lego, Paper Peacock and Grand Piano

1   Jake, 3, plays with such concentration with his Lego.

Serious concentration

2   We went to Truro this afternoon and went to the Lemon Street Market cafe for a chocolate brownie and a coffee. Floating above the shoppers is this beautiful paper sculpture of a peacock.

3   Upstairs, as well as the coffee shop, is a gallery and there is a beautiful baby grand piano with this notice on it inviting anyone to play! I would so love to play it but will have to have rather a lot more lessons before I’m ready for concert playing!

Do read this notice on the piano!

Today, at the end of my 7th month of blogging , I’ve reached 6366 viewings in 77 countries and 500 likes. Thank you so much to all my readers for your loyalty, your comments and likes-  all of which are greatly appreciated. I’ve also just been nominated for the Sunshine Award by about which I am both delighted and flattered and about which – more later………

Thank you all.


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Balloon Fairy, Petrichor and Romantic Polish Cranes

1   Sorting out the room for our Grandchildren to sleep in when they arrive late tonight for two weeks, I saw another fairy Sculpture and remembered that I had promised to show you another of my treasures made by the very talented artist Samantha Bryan. The other one can be seen at

Air balloon Fairy

Brain’s Airborne Support System

2   We had a very heavy shower onto hot ground this afternoon and, for the first time this Summer, I smelt petrichor! Wikipedia defines it as ‘the scent of rain on dry earth’. My lovely Sister-in-law in Atlanta, Georgia and I discovered the word at the same time so the smell always reminds me of her.

Number 3 was going to be a gorgeous and very big spider that I found in the garden and took a beautifully hairy photo of but just now this delightful email came in from my Brother-in-law in Warsaw, Poland:

“The photo below is about two cranes who met in an injured animals’ clinic in the south of Poland. The female had a broken wing, the male some serious food poisoning. During the course of several months’ treatment they paired up together. The male gradually recovered his strength, but the female’s condition was irreversible, so she didn’t regain the ability to fly. In view of this, the male refrained from cruising off to warmer climes in the winter and remained in Poland; he also decided to start building his partner a nest, on the ground. Which, of course, is pretty unheard-of for cranes…”

Two Cranes

Isn’t that just a beautiful story?


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Fledglings, Red Onion and Smoking Chimney

1   Got a text this morning telling us that the baby thrushes which were just eggs last time we heard of them in their scruffy nest ( have all four successfully fledged today.  Lovely news. Thanks, Di.


Just look at the pattern in this beautiful red onion!

3   We had a barbecue this beautiful warm summery evening, Halloumi with Vegetables and it was a lovely evening, full of contentment.

Skewers ready to grill

One of our many chimneys used as a stand for the instant barbecue

Grilled and ready for eating


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Mevagissey Fisherman, Screen and Singing Again

1   These delightful little fishermen, less than 2″ tall, were brought home for me by my Dad when I was about seven years old, when he first discovered the beauty of Cornwall and the decision was made to move the family here a.s.a.p.

Mevagissey Fishermen

2  This is the screen in our utility room, used to hide the washing machine etc so that we can call it our sun-room! I’m beginning to decorate it with plant labels, bay leaves and stuff so it is becoming beautiful!

Live life, love food

3   Singing with Claire and the Inglehearts was lovely, of course. It’s good to have her back after her 7 week spell in London. Tonight our last song was “Keep You In Peace” sung especially for the three choir members who have died in the last two months. It was quite hard to sing as we all had loved ones in our minds as well as our choir friends  – but we did it and it was beautiful.


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White-eyed Vireo Portrait – Video

Isn’t this just beautiful?



Asparagus Festival, ‘Under Milk Wood’ and Duck Egg Dinner

1   My lovely neighbour told me about the Cornwall Asparagus Festival which was being held just down the road in the Penventon Park Hotel. It was a delight! I watched Arty Williams Chef at The Cove, Maenporth, a local award-winning restaurant, demonstrating a beautiful dish of Asparagus, Goat Cheese with a Red Wine and Caper Dressing. It looked, smelled and tasted wonderful – a real treat for the taste buds!

Arty Williams at the Asparagus Festival

2   I arrived home to find Richard Burton on BBC Radio Four reading the opening of ‘Under Milk Wood’ by Dylan Thomas which hundreds of my former pupils will be able to tell you is my favourite piece of literature of all time! Another wonderful treat!

3   There were Duck eggs, from The Cornish Duck Company, on sale at the festival as well as asparagus from the largest growers in Cornwall, John and Jenny Keeler from Tregassow Farm  so for supper tonight we’ve had Delia Smith’s Sauteed Asparagus with Duck Egg and Parmesan. Beautiful!  The recipe is up on my Recipe page.

Sauteed Asparagus with Duck Egg and Parmesan


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Singing, Maypole Dancing and Simon Amstell

1  Just ten of The Ingleheart Singers and Claire went to sing at a special birthday party in a field this afternoon. We practised first in the Garden Centre at Lelant, and found ourselves with a very appreciative audience there and then at the party much appreciated again which was lovely.

The Inglehearts at the party

2   After the singing came the Maypole dancing which was just delightful.

Maypole Dancing

3   Just come back, chuckling all the way home,  from seeing the lovely Simon Amstell (he of Grandma’s House on BBC TV) at The Hall for Cornwall in Truro – made us laugh a lot – always a  good thing!


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Poppies, Three Folk on a Bench and Rainbow Supper

1    I saw these when I went for my (very successful!) piano lesson. Aren’t they beautiful? I must grow some.

Californian Poppies

2    We met this happy trio when we went to a garden centre in Wadebridge to buy some trellis panels. They were very happy for me to take their photo. The women said that Charlie wasn’t very talkative but would be happy enough to be in the photo.

Three folk on a bench

3   A beautiful almost Rainbow supper tonight, Red peppers, Orange carrots, (no Yellow but we had bananas in our breakfast pancakes) Green broccoli and Green beans, no Blue (but there were blueberries in the pancakes too), Indigo in the aubergines and Violet in the once red onions which went violet as they cooked! A rainbow a day keeps the doctor away!

Rainbow vegetables before stir frying


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Singing, Choir Baby Crawling and Tunisian Orange Cake

1   Singing today, with the sun on the Penryn river outside and Claire back from her seven weeks away was just lovely.

View from the Zed Shed

2   Our Choir Baby started trying to crawl last week and this week was doing press-ups!

Made it!

3   Just come in from having dinner with friends – delightful evening, delicious meal and the best ever cake, moist and beautiful – a Tunisian Orange and Almond Cake! The recipe is being sent to me soon…….. Watch this space!


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Batch Baking Day, Neighbours Return and Mini Digger

1   Little sun until this afternoon so a batch baking day ready for a family visit next week. Made some delicious Lemony Pork and Chicken Meatballs (will be on my Recipe page soon) , a big panful of Ragu, and a Chicken,Lentil and Mushroom Casserole. I also made some beautiful Choc Chip Mini Muffins (on the recipe page) to try out a new recipe to bake with Jake (3 years old) when he’s here next week. Like his Mum, he loves baking too.

Baked Lemony Meatballs

2   Our lovely neighbours are home after 7 weeks away with Babel in London. It’s so good to have them home!

3   I think this mini digger is very beautiful – and when the work is finished our drive will be beautiful too!

Mini Digger

Some bonus flower pictures, micro photographs, taken this evening, with advice from another blogger, kyle78234 Thank you!

Cosmos with Fujifilm X10

Forget-me-not with FujifilmX10

Aquilega, this time with FujifilmX10

And this is my 201st post!


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