Week 8 – February 16th – 22nd and Thank you

I am truly on the mend. I still get tired. I still get achey after too much standing or walking but I just feel better and better. I went to watch my choir singing in Truro Cathedral on Saturday and it was glorious. You might like to hear one of our rousing songs – the video is at the end. So many people told me how well I look and asked if I have lost weight. The truth is, a pound or two, nothing significant but I am standing tall again and my whole profile is that of a fit and healthy person, not one wracked with pain so that is wonderful!

I want to put on record my thanks here, obviously to the very skilled surgeon, Mr Regan but also to the lovely Mr Smith who has been a such a tower of strength, who has helped me to wash, to dress, has inspired me, been my personal trainer and taken on all household jobs with never one iota of complaint. He has cooked for weeks and weeks, not finding that easy but taking on the challenge and coming up trumps. I am very lucky to have met and married such a man and for us to have been together for 48 years.

I also want to thank all my lovely friends who have visited, sent cards and good wishes, brought flowers and plants, books and wool and meals to the front door and sung me songs over the phone! You are all wonderful and I love you all.

A loyal group of followers on WordPress have also given me heart with their wishes across the ether. Thank you too.

Last but by no means least, my wonderful Sister-in-law across the pond who has been there on email for me in the middle of my sleepless nights, has emailed me love almost every single day and without whose encouragement and daily news, it would all have been so much harder.

Without you all, I may well have slipped into the doldrums – but no, here I am, almost back to my all-singing all-dancing self!  Watch out world!


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