Daily Archives: June 19, 2012

Faded Beauty, Little Gems and Light at 10pm

1   The  French lavender is still beautiful even as it fades.

Fading French lavender

2   I had cooked Lettuce with Peas the French way before but never tried Little Gems grilled or fried. I did them in just a smear of butter in the non-stick pan  and served them with Halloumi Peppers and they were delicious!

Little Gem lettuces fried

Halloumi Peppers with Little Gem Lettuces and Spring Onion

3   At almost 10pm after the match (which we won!) the light was still good and I took this shot up the garden. The pinks in the foreground smelled absolutely lovely.

10pm in our garden 19th June 2012


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