Heligan Pineapple Cake

Thanks to the Lost Gardens of Heligan crew for this delicious and easy recipe.


340g Mixed Fruit

225g Crushed Pineapple

225g Self Raising Flour

170g Light Brown Sugar

170g Butter

50g Glace Cherries

2 Eggs

How to do it from Heligan recipe:   First melt the butter and sugar together, then mix all of the ingredients by hand in a bowl. Cook in a loaf tin for 1-1½ hours, at 160ºC or gas mark 2½.

How to do it – hints from me.

  • While the butter and sugar are melting together, I used a stick blender to ‘crush’ the pineapple rings. Mine were tinned. Fresh works very well as the friend who gave me the recipe attests to.
  • Instead of using a bowl, I melted the butter and sugar in a big pan so that I could add all the ingredients to the pan and mix there. Saves washing up!
  • I added  all the fruit and stirred that in, then the eggs and mixed them well and then the flour, mixing everything together with a wooden spoon.
  • It’s a fairly soft batter and a scrumptious moist cake!



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