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Tea Strainer, Crocus and Skeleton Hydrangea

In our bid to use less plastic and discovering that most tea bags have plastic in them, we have bought tea leaves and brought out of retirement, the stainless steel tea strainer given to us as a Wedding present in 1967 by my Headteacher, Miss Cobley. I can’t imagine many Headteachers buying their pupils wedding presents these days.

Tea strainer

Just look inside this glossy purple Crocus! Isn’t it beautiful?

Inside a Crocus

Our walk took us around the gardens of Burncoose Nursery this afternoon. The Camellias are blooming and the Hydrangeas looking lovely and delicate with their skeleton petals.

Hydrangea petals


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Paper Bags, Special New Stamps and Alstroemeria

We drove into town today and walked around so I managed some exercise. My ankles have lost their leaden feeling which I woke up with and I am still pain free…………  We were delighted to find that our local Greengrocer now supplies paper bags rather than plastic – brilliant!

Paper bags for produce – hooray!

There has been a new stamp issue today to commemorate the Suffragettes and the Suffragists and their success in winning the Vote for some women. Those who know me, will know that my Great Granny was a Suffragette and those who receive a Christmas card from us will have one of the special stamps on their envelope! I bought enough today for all our Christmas cards.

Suffragette stamps of all the values

Our lovely bunch of Alstroemeria have opened and are brightening the hall. We had sunshine today and it streamed through the house lightening up the blooms.



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Peter Rabbit, Rougemont Gardens and A Mural

We’ve been up to Exeter today to meet Daughters 1 and 3 and LiveWire No 4 for a couple of hours of joy. We had a brief walk in Rougemont Gardens and then lunch before a little book shopping and all on our way. All too brief.  I had been saving a special 50p piece for LiveWire B, one of the Peter Rabbit issue, and here it is in her little hand.

Peter Rabbit

Rougemont Gardens was new to us and deserves more time on our next visit. The gate is gorgeous, there were lots of Spring flowers and the Tower looks as if we need to explore some more.

Beautiful gate to Rougemont Gardens


On the way to our lunch we came across an interesting mural.


I have published the next instalment of Suffragette Diary to be found by clicking on the red link. If you haven’t read any of it yet,  please do. It is the transcript of a real Diary that I found among my Father’s things. It describes the treatment of women in Holloway Jail who were there because they had broken windows ‘for the cause’, that of gaining the Vote for women. I have transcribed it to coincide with the Centenary of some women gaining the Vote in 1918. It is a very moving read and shows the courage of those women to whom we owe so much.


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Lovers’ Lane, Iris and A Poem

We had the shortest walk today in the gathering gloom, just around the block but Lovers’ Lane looked lovely despite, or maybe because of, the mistiness.

Lovers’ Lane

A splash of purple caught my eye on our return  and, yes, there was another sign of Spring, the first Iris Reticulata in flower.

Iris Reticulata

I came across this charming poem this afternoon and though there has been no hail today, the poem certainly catches the essence of the hailstorm I drove through last Thursday on my way to singing. You can imagine the noise on the top of my very old and much loved little soft top Beetle – a ‘storm of hornets’ indeed!

Hailstorm – Kay Ryan

Like a storm
of hornets, the
little white planets
layer and relayer
as they whip around
in their high orbits,
getting more and
more dense before
they crash against
our crust. A maelstrom
of ferocious little
fists and punches,
so hard to believe
once it’s past.

The next episode of SuffragetteDiary is published.


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Sunshine, Celandine and Our Daffodils

The sun has been shining today, shafts coming through the vine next door and lighting up the leaves.

Sunshine on leaves

Our walk was lovely today, very cold on our faces but apricity on our backs and then the reverse on our way up from town.  Another shaft of sunlight lit up a Celandine along Lovers’ Lane.


We had Daffodils flowering in the front garden but the wild winds have beaten several of them to the ground so I cut them and brought them indoors to be appreciated.


I have published the next episode of Suffragette Diary . Here is the link


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My Dad, Marmalade and Welly Dog

The rain has been relentless today so, in honour of my Dad whose birthday it is today, we have made more Marmalade using the Seville Oranges I froze a week ago. Dad was the marmalade maker in our house as I was growing up so he is always with me in the kitchen at this time of year as we take advantage of the new crop of Sevilles as they come into the shops for their all-too-brief season. He is with me in the smells and the preparation, the chopping up and the boiling and in the delighted satisfaction with all the golden jars that will last us a year (with the rest made last week!) The two tiny jars are ‘Breakfast-in-bed’ jars!  There are more on the shelves from the last batch……

Jars and jars of the delicious stuff

A frozen orange with ice blobs

I mentioned the incessant  rain …. Welly Dog smiles in all weathers and I love him to bits though Muker, our copper Rook whom we bought in the village of that name in North Yorkshire many years ago, looks somewhat forlorn, though he too is much loved.

Welly dog and Muker through a rain-soaked window


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Christmas Present, Waves and Sunset

What a joy! I have had a proper camera in my hands today thanks to a dear friend who has lent me her Nikon Coolpix until my faulty Canon is mended or I have bought a new Nikon, my preferred make, having been let down by three, yes, three (!) Canons which have all had a ‘lens error’, two outside warranty. Thank you so much. M.

So, here goes, photos from today when the lovely Mr S took me out to straighten out my wires and for us to spend our Garden token Christmas present. We found several air cleaning house plants as on NASA’s list and are very happy with them.Thanks L, T and B.

Plants from Trevenna Cross Nursery

From there we went first to Pentreath where the surfers were enjoying the waves and thence to Mount’s Bay, a perennial favourite, and watched the sunset.

Surfer enjoying the waves at Pentreath





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