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Rest and Recuperation

Our new friends came to choir with me today. We sang our Ukrainian song, Nohyalita, for them and they sang for us. It was just brilliant and everyone was moved.

Afterwards we took them to the sea at Gyllyngvase, had lunch at the Gylly Cafe and  they walked on the beach to enjoy the peace and the sounds and smells of the sea. One of them went for a swim! They all had fun.


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Leaves, Ukraine Flag and Sunflowers

Lovely Autumn leaves in the carpark when we went shopping today

We met our Ukrainian guests at the station with a flag which we then put in the dining room ready for their welcome dinner.

Sue-next-door who is hosting two of the six, came round, having cooked the veg to go with the welcome dinner, and brought some sunflowers round for the table, beautiful.


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Sunflower and A Pot

The fierce wind in the night blew down one of our beautiful Sunflowers so here it is in a Jane Hamlyn pot, one of my favourites for its quirkiness.



Fungus, Lunch and Harvest

Loved this very delicate fungus growing at Community Roots on Volunteer Tuesday. I have tried to identify it but had no luck.

Lunch was a delicious spread of salads all picked from the gardens.

The squash harvest is wonderful! This is just half of it.



Clouds, Dahlia and An Antique

I managed to get home this afternoon before the black clouds dropped their load.

I’ve put one of our Dahlias into Mum’s green glass.

To keep the flower in place I have used one of Mum’s old flower holders, very heavy and spiky and made of lead I think. It has the manufacturer’s name on the back. I looked it up and Pollards are, still, florists and hopefully, the same firm.  I have written to them to see if they can help with dating and the proper name.



Volunteering, Dahlias and Peggy Seeger

We’ve been out and it’s very late so please call back tomorrow for photos and words. 🙂

That was a very busy day. First we went to help paint the old Redruth Library which has been abandoned for sometime but is now undergoing change. It is to become a community space for The Writers’ Block, for creativity, for story telling and writing workshops, for drama and performance. A call was put out for volunteers to help paint the first story telling room so off we went. The pictures tell the start of the restoration of this room, preparation and starting to paint. I did work as well as taking photos! Permission was given for all photos to be shared.

Wonderful colour was to be found at the National Dahlia Collection where we went late afternoon.

The best was yet to come.  We went to St Ives to see the wonderful Peggy Seeger. What a woman she is, still performing at 87, still the fierce feminist and activist. She was supported by her singer songwriter son, Neil and their last song which she said was her goodbye to us all, was her beloved Ewan MacColl’s goodbye to her and his family, “The Joy of Living.” I suspect there were few dry eyes in the house.

I bought a tea towel from her ‘merch’ table – I already had the other stuff!


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Breakfast, Swimmers and Sounds of the Sea

While we were in the Gylly Cafe for a delicious breakfast, lots, and I means lots of people came down to the sea for their cold water dip. You might just be able to spot some of their heads in the water! After our delicious breakfast, we walked along Cliff Road and sat by the sea soaking up the sunshine and listening to the gentle soughing of the waves.


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Harvest Moon and A Book Cover

The Harvest full moon was lovely as it rose over the horizon creating some unusual orangey clouds.

As we were browsing in a delightful independent shop in town and the lovely Mr S was choosing cards, I spotted this book by Neil Gaiman and loved the title. I should have bought it so will be back in town as soon as I can…….


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It is so important to have goos friends to support when needed. Thank you to the friend who posted this on Fb today..

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Potting On, Pan Stand and Apology

Yesterday, before the storms came in, I potted on the 30 little Wallflowers that had arrived on Saturday. They will replace the Petunias which are still flowering so I don’t want to disturb them just yet.

The drought finished off our flower tower in the pan stand so I thought I’d show you what it was like at its best.

My iPad is telling me that there are comments etc on the last week’s posts but won’t show them to me so I apologise if you have left a comment recently. I am trying to sort it and will reply as soon as I can.


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