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St Piran’s Day, Allotment and A Bit of Treasure

It’s St Piran’s Day today and this evening I will be joining a Singalong Zoom of Cornish songs. That will be fun but the very best thing is that family around the world will be joining me – from Hawaii, from Munich, from Atlanta and from London. What a treat!

Flag of St Piran

Another very busy day but just look what we are achieving!

I dug up a pretty little pice of pottery while working today.


Guest Artist, Celtic Cross and Mud Maid

I spent much of the morning walking and talking in St Euny Graveyard with their Guest Artist, C,  who is making rubbings of many of the gravestones. It was lovely to meet with someone new, socially distanced and in the outdoors, of course, and to discover that we have so much in common.

Walking back through the ‘new’ graveyard, I took a couple of photos. I love how this grave marker is built up on carefully chosen stones and granite chunks like those used in a Cornish hedge.

More work at the allotment this afternoon with the lovely Mr S constructing the beds in the  cage and me shovelling compost. On the back of Sue’s truck, which still holds lots of the collected compost, is this sticker of her Mud Maid, a special feature in The Lost Gardens of Heligan.

Mud Maid,  by Sue Hill to be found in The Lost  Gardens of Heligan


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Raindrops, Love and LiveWires

Showers and some sunshine today but no rainbows that I could find. However, raindrops on flowers are always so photogenic.

Anemone Blanda

Anemone Blanda

Tete a Tete narcissi

I read this today and found it such a perfect description of the love I have for all my grandchildren, our lovely LiveWires, one of whom joined me on a Zoom Sing for your Heart session  this morning which was a really special  treat.
I love this child of my child
Bone of my bone
Breath of my breath
I have always found it magical that while pregnant with my girls, they had in them the eggs that could become our grandchildren.

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Special Messages, Friendship and Crocuses

I’ve been trying to track down the organiser of the Baby Beanie distribution and today received this message which I found very moving.
“I can’t help on who to contact. I wanted to say to you, I’ve had two prem babies, the blankets and hats that are made for them are just the loveliest things to receive, at a time when you are exhausted and worried about your baby. I will thank you because I couldn’t thank the ones who did that for my children. Now 18 & 14. X”
“I had my little girl in July last year and she had one of these little hats, they let me keep it and I’ve put it in her memory box as she was wearing it in her first ever picture. Thank you so much for knitting these they are very much appreciated”
We have been helped so much today by friends. Sue-next-door took the wood we are using for the allotment to another friend to have it all sawn  up. We paid with cake!  Later we placed it all on the allotment more or less where it will be to mark out the various beds.
After lunch, as I painted all the cut edges with wood preservative, Sue and the lovely Mr S went to the Green Waste compost and brought us back a truckload which we have started to unload onto our plot. It’s looking good! Pictures tomorrow.
It’s good to see the Crocuses in the Suffragette Garden.

Mindful March, Camellia and Cake

It’s March and here is this month’s planner from Action for Happiness.

Our walk was brief today in the returned bitter Easterly wind but we did spot a beautiful Camellia bloom on the path, a delicate pale pink among the russety brown of the decaying blooms.

and Heligan Pineapple Cake! Here’s the  link to the very easy recipe for this delicious, fruity and moist loaf.


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Allotment, Now and Then, and Supper

Another beautiful day to work at the allotment and now we can see progress.

28 February 2021. Beds and paths marked out in the ‘cage’

August 2021 The fruit cage full of weeds, brambles and very old fruit bushes which are now gone, given away or composted.

Dinner came out of the freezer tonight as pretty shattered again both from the work and the heat of the sun!

Rainbow Veg Pakora Picnic Pie by Nadiya Hussein



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Full Moon, Solar Lights and Books

It has been another glorious day (more work at the allotment, too) and the skies are clear this evening so we can see the full moon in the first time for many months. It’s called the Snow Moon thought we have no snow . The first photo is when I realised I need to change the camera setting; the one below, rather gorgeous, I think, is before the hand-held night landscape setting.

And, for the first time in many weeks there has been enough sunlight for our solar lights to gather the strength to light up when darkness comes.

As regular readers will know, I love books!

and to be shared and enjoyed and talked about and ……


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Planter, Camellia and Fish’n’Chips

Our Three Wise Monkeys planter is full of Tete a Tete and the Muscari are almost ready to join them.

Next door’s Camellia was caught in the evening sunshine today.

We worked in the garden in sunshine all morning and then, in the allotment, still weeding, this afternoon. We are getting the ground ready and hope to be planting before too long as the soil warms up. We were both shattered by the time we came home so ordered Fish’n’chips from the best ever chippie, Greg and Lou’s in Redruth.



New Border, Reflection and Cake

The bulbs in the new border are looking fabulous!

Sitting in the study this morning, I realised that the view from the window over the fields to the horizon was reflected in one of our paintings.

We felt a need for cake this afternoon so I made  Blueberry Streusel Cake which is quite delicious and one of our favourites.



Baby Beanies, Ice Patterns and Seeds

I’ve been knitting tiny little hats for premature babies at our local hospital. They are in three colours, red for the very poorly ones, orange for this who are getting better and green for those are nearly ready to go home.  Time to contact the co-ordinator for collection. My camera has reproduced the red very badly!

Traffic light hats

Thawing the soup for lunch, this pretty pattern turned up on the icy plastic pint pot as it sat in a pan of cold water.

More seeds arrived today – great delight all round and more plans for Summer colour.

Sweet Peas for scent in the day , Nicotiana for evening scent, Nasturtiums for colour and salads and Poppies for their rich colours and lovely seed pods.


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