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Horses, Bird Table and Party

Driving down the lane to visit this morning, we came across these two horses, one very skittish so we stopped until they were by.

It’s great fun with LiveWire watching the birds feasting  on the bird table .B is very quiet and still when watching.

The children’s part was delightful, especially the lighting of candles placed in a spiral while everyone sang carols.


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Sign, Blue Jay and Chalk Drawing

Today we collected LiveWire no3 from Forest School where the motto near the door as you go in is:

The best days end in dirty clothes!


We enjoyed watching the bird table where  a Blue Jay came to feed.

LiveWire’s chalk drawing of a monster with 13 legs amused us.



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En Route to Visit LiveWires

Having great difficulty getting a signal tonight as we stay over in an hotel.  First to Norfolk and thence to London, home in ten days. Excited! 🙂 


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Paddling, Trevince House and Canapés 

Truro was traffic free today for a Christmas Market and this little chap took the opportunity to paddle in the Leats.

Both my choirs were singing for the shoppers at the Christmas fair in Trevince House this afternoon. I loved the stained glass windows….

And the chimneys!

This evening we have been at the most delightful gin tasting party!  Our contribution was some Smoked Salmon pate blinis and some mini Lime and Ginger Cheesecakes.


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Long Tail Tits, Pear Shaped and Paddington Bear

My favourite birds turned up at the bird feeder this morning, about a dozen of them at the fat balls that I renewed yesterday. By the time I took my photo the skittish little creatures were away! They were truly there until I clicked the camera!

The Long Tails have just left the picture

After a fabulous sing this morning, plans went pear-shaped and the less said the better but I now have glasses that I can see through though I was too late for my lift to the singing tonight.

As compensation, we went to see a delightful film, Paddington 2 and a couple of screen shots follow. This beautiful Bear who loves Marmalade sandwiches stole my heart!



Walk at Dusk

The fading light was lovely for a walk this evening – flowers with a glow, a cat with blue feet and an ethereal weather vane.


Story Time, Greetings and Thanks

It’s been another quiet, stay-at-home, curl-up-with-a-good-book sort of a day today too as  Storm Brian blows a hoolie outside. Today, however, we have had the best treat, two hours of having a story read to us! Not just any old story either but the first of Philip Pullman’s brilliant new trilogy, The Book of Dust,  read by Simon Russell Beale on BBC Radio 4 this afternoon – two and a half hours of entrancement.

Philip Pullman’s new novel

I promised you more of the Onondaga Nation’s Greetings and Thanks to the Natural World. Here are the next two panels.

and from the four directions…..

and now the sun

Tomorrow, the Moon….

Just found this photo which demonstrates the hoolie very well! Thanks to Adam Sprague for this amazing photograph.



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