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Reds, Yellows, Greens and Blue

Mixed tomatoes at the greengrocer in town

Geranium Rozanne in our garden (Edited after Helen’s comment. Thank you, H)


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View Through a Rainy Window

Rain all day – a day for catching up on jobs.

View over the back garden on a very wet day



More October Colour

Firstly, I give you a couple of the fabulous batiks used to decorate the barn at the Eco Park which is where one of my choirs rehearses now.

And some more garden colour….

Pink Japanese Anemones

California Poppy


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Mid October Garden

Some flowers for you today……

Lady Betty Balfour Clematis

Fabulous multi-headed Sunflowers, baby plant given to us by Daughter No 3

Next door’s Nasturtiums come visiting which we love. Spot the lady Betty Balfour too.



Cake, Chickens and Blue

I iced the cake this morning with tangerine icing and took it to our friends for a lovely catch up.

Tangerine Dream Cake

On my drive home I noticed two chickens on gateposts advertising that fresh eggs were for sale so I stopped to get photos.

Today we’ve planted the Hydrangea in the freshening-up border along the way from the Mountain Pine. Here’s a photo of what it should look like next summer.

Lacecap Hydrangea Bluebird


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Today, Berries and A Poem


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Six+ on Saturday 2.10.21

There will be a few more than six today as yesterday I took photos of everything in flower on the first of the month as a record. Some of the labels are either lost or outside in the rainy dark, sorry!  If you’d like to see others’ posts on the Six on Saturday theme, pop over to The Propagator and see the links in the comments.



Triangle, Nasturtiums and Canna

Sitting in the sun room, watching the downpour that was stopping me plant the Narcissi, I saw how the light had caught the wrapper on the bulbs – and only at the one angle.

Next door’s Nasturtiums are creeping over the wall again and we love the colour they bring to that corner.

Our Canna is flowering!



Roses, Raspberries and A Rainbow

Last night’s storm took down our last roses so I brought them in, a little tattered but still beautiful  and still smelling so sweet.

One of our lovely neighbours at the allotment gave us some raspberries, red and golden ones and we had them just with a little cream – delicious. 

We were singing at the eco park tonight, “Look on the sunny side of life” when someone spotted a rainbow.


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A Rose, A Tail and Sunflowers

The golden roses are still flowering.

This amused us while we were having breakfast.

These are some of the self-sown sunflowers at the allotment. We’re hoping some will self-sow in our patch next year.

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