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Red Leaves, Primroses and Jeremy Corbyn

The Cotoneaster Horizontalis in the front garden is gloriously red.

There are Primroses trying really hard to flower in our appalling weather, still gales and gales and…..

We have been at  a packed and exhilarating rally this evening. Hundreds queued in the downpour to get into the hall to listen to Jeremy Corbyn. We were then all treated to  a brilliant series of speeches.

Being interviewed before the rally

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Kaffir Lily, Fuchsia and Fatsia

Despite the wild weather here while we were away there is still a little colour in the garden though one of our Dracaena palms has had the top blown right off!

Kaffir Lily


Fatsia Japonica Spider’s Web in the shady garden

The shady garden in June



Market, Blossom and Cactus

Despite it being the Rugby World Cup Final (Well done, South Africa!) and blowing a hoolie (winds of 70 – 100 mph!) the Market, all indoors today, was a success with a lovely buzz about it.

Part of the display on my stall – Christmas colours and Angels

The Choisya is putting out some blossom again! Its  scent  is  gorgeous  but  with  so few flowers  you have  to  get  close  to  appreciate  it.

And …. our Christmas Cactus is blooming early.


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Bulbs, Scent and A Film

It has been a beautiful Autumn day today, cold, bright and sunny and I spent some time planting bulbs for a beautiful Spring.  So far I have planted up four of our chimney pots. The pictures are from the packets of bulbs………..

There are just five rather raggedy and weather beaten Clematis Montana Elizabeth flowers but their scent carries right along the path.

We have been to see a brilliant and very disturbing film this evening, “Sorry We Missed You” directed by Ken Loach. There was a live streamed Q&A afterwards with Ken Loach, the writer Paul Laverty and the four main actors. That was as passionate and hard hitting as the film which you really must see if at all possible. It is a heartbreaking record of so many lives today and why we in the UK need a change of government.


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Basket, Pancakes and Clematis

There are still lots of lovely colourful baskets of flowers in Truro.

I made Lemon and Raisin Pancakes for a treat this afternoon.

We brought in a couple of Clematis flowers today.



Nasturtiums, Calianthus and Cake

Steady rain all day so these photos are from indoors and taken on a long zoom. The Nasturtiums have crept over the wall from next door and are a very welcome splash of colour in a dark corner.

I do love how drips collect on stems and flowers.

It will be our Annual Concert tomorrow evening with a visiting choir with whom we will do a workshop, then share a buffet supper before the doors are opened to our audience. My contribution to the buffet is a delicious dessert, Tunisian Almond and Orange Cake . You can find the recipe here

Tunisian Almond and Orange Cake


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Golden Squirrel, Carrick Roads and River Glimpse

What a glorious autumn day today so, late in the afternoon we went off to Trelissick …….

Squirrel on the weather vane on the water tower

The view across the Carrick Roads to Pendennis Castle is one of our favourites.

From the house

Further around the walk there were tantalising glimpses of the Truro River. We could hear the King Harry Ferry chugging across.

Oaks grow right down to the water’s edge across the river

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