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Bella Lack, Orange and Red

Bella Lack is an 18-year-old conservationist and environmental activist. In an article I read about her recently, the following struck me. Part of her message is change your behaviours, but live your life. She said, ” We’re protecting the planet. What we’re really protecting is humanity. And, you know, you’ve got to enjoy it whilst you’re here.”  She’s right!
You can read all about this remarkable young woman here in the article from The Observer.

Our garden suddenly has quite a lot of flame colours, orange and red:

Canna Lily







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Bird Feeder

It’s been a quiet indoors day, wet and windy and a good time to bake for a shared party event tomorrow. The wind blew the bird feeder pole over but that didn’t stop the Great Tit for coming for its peanuts.


Action for Happiness, Flowers and Tomatoes

If you’d like the printable version, here’s the link to their site.

There are still lots of flowers in the garden.

We have picked and eaten the last of our tomato crop. The Chocolate Cherries are the best flavour and we’ll grow more next year. The Yellow ones are attractive but not very tasty.

Chocolate Cherry and Yellow Submarine tomatoes


Owl, Puzzle Box and Flowers

We bought our anniversary present in Penzance last week, a lovely carved wooden owl, also a puzzle box.

Only 5″ / 12cms tall

All the puzzle pieces

We’ve cut a garden bouquet for old friends with whom we are having dinner tonight.

From the garden



First, Last and Cake

I pulled our first leeks from the allotment  for tea tonight and they are delicious, steamed and some put into a white sauce. The others I will put into a soup tomorrow.

Our Sweet peas are all over. These are the very last few flowers brought in to enjoy.

We took a Heligan Pineapple Cake out of the freezer today, ready for a picnic tomorrow.



Ukraine and A Pie in a Pan

It is Ukraine’s day of Independence.  Independence Day is always celebrated on August 24th and marks Ukraine’s declaration of independence from the U.S.S.R. in 1991. This year is rather different from previous celebratory events as you could read here if you choose to. We are growing sunflowers and keep Ukraine in our minds and our hearts.

A couple of days ago we watched Jamie’s One Pot Wonders and were very taken with his Fish Pie in a Pan. I have made it this evening and it was as easy as he demonstrated and very tasty and crunchy as he said.
It is also my Dear Kid Sister’s birthday so I am sending all my love to her in Hawaii.

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Posies, Wood and Lunch

We took flowers to our Dear friend today and a second bunch  for the old gentlemen whom we see in the lounge and who always comment on the scent of the Sweet Peas as we go through. We had a lovely cheery chat with them about the Cosmos and Verbena Bonariensis also in the little garden bunch.

Two bunches of garden flowers

Our lunch today was freshly cut and boiled Sweet Corn cobs with butter, tomatoes (Chocolate cherry)  warm from the vine in the garden and cucumber from the allotment.

We collected logs for the winter today from a local wood yard.



Flowers After Rain

Our garden is looking much fresher after a number of showers in the last 24 hours. There have been flash floods in nearby towns, even a water spout in Fowey,  but we have just had gentle rain which the garden has loved.


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Moth, Flower and Bee

This little creature came indoors  today. I think it might be a Rufous Minor but I will  hope to ask our moths expert at Community Roots tomorrow.

The Gazanias are glorious in the sunshine.

Bees love the Verbena Bonariensis.


Golden Tomatoes, A Poem and Storm Coming

The sunshine is ripening our golden tomatoes but the red ones, in a different part of the garden,  have cooked on the vine with the extreme heat.

The following poem and met map explain the heat we are experiencing. My first reading of this ‘Heated (August 2022)’ made me think of our personal and collective responsibility. Our grass was crisp and crunchy as I walked over it late this afternoon.  I am very grateful to Kim for letting me share his poem here.

We think a storm is coming. Our ship’s barometer is suddenly up and overflowing.We will all be glad of some rain, especially the garden. .



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