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A Treasure, Wild Garden and A Card

Sorting out things in the shed the other day, we came across a tray of bits and pieces that we inherited from Mum’s shed. There were some marbles, various small tools and a screwdriver set. I used one of the screwdriver bits this morning to put up a hook in our allotment shed and thought as I did so,’The last hands to touch this were my Mum’s.’

We went shopping this afternoon, proper shopping for the first time in 15 months! Going past Truro Cathedral we liked the colourful wild garden with its rotten wood home for creatures.

A card arrived in the post from a friend who had read my most recent letter in The Guardian. As she wrote inside, she hoped  that my feminist brain would would appreciate the irony of this card. I do and I love it. 


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Planting, Petals and Pink

I’ve potted up some mint and put Nasturtiums around the pot to trail all down the chimney.

The pink petals on the Amanagowa  Cherry tree are being blown all over the garden and Welly Dog stands in the middle of them.

We have some pink bluebells in the shady garden.


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Rain, Sheep and More Tulips

It feels today as if all the rain that hasn’t fallen in April has arrived overnight and all day. The shepherd arrived late this afternoon to feed the sheep who welcomed him with raucous baaing. I took the photo through an upstairs window. The lambs have certainly grown and have lost both their baby-ness and their springiness. .

Through the window I also took a photo of the tulips on the steps being battered by rain and wind. When I looked at the photo I realised that a couple had broken off so I brought them in and found several others that looked as if they need some tlc.

After an hour or so of having the orange ones indoors, I began to realise that they have a wonderful scent. I haven’t met scented tulips before. I shall certainly plant more of these next year after I have checked their name.



Tulips – Growing, Blown and Cut

Until this year we haven’t really bothered with Tulips. I used to think they weren’t worth the space! This year has changed our minds as they have given us joy for over a month with their glorious colours.
Today, after many dry days, both wind and rain have come storming in and some of the tulips began to lose their petals. I cut all the white ones and the special frilly red one that turned up unexpectedly and brought them all indoors where they look wonderful.

P.S. I just read that today is National Cousins Day so here’s a big shout out to my cousins in Australia and in Manchester,UK.



Purple, White and Green

Tulips everywhere! This is our Suffragette pot of purple, white and green in a container we rather like.

More tulips! White ones in the wall border.

The trees along the route to Truro are greening up beautifully.


Contrast, Bee and Blossom

We are loving how the tulips are now taking over from the Tete a Tete in the wall border outside the kitchen window.

It’s good to hear the buzzing of bees in the garden.

The evening sun lights up the blossom on our new Amanagowa cherry tree.


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Tulip, Raindrops and Supper

The timing has gone somewhat awry for our Suffragette garden – the white tulips have just finished and the gorgeous purple ones have only just opened. 

I covered our Broad beans with a mesh after the Jackdaws stole some of them. When we watered this evening the water gathered at each corner and looked very pretty.

A quick, easy and tasty supper this evening – pretty too.

Thai Green Curry with Prawns, Peas, Corn and Sprouting Broccoli (from the garden)



Tulips, A Field and Our Shed

The evening sun on one of the tulips tubs is really lovely.

We passed a beautifully ploughed field today and were able to pull over to get a photo of the fabulous furrows.

We’ve bought a shed for the allotment, one of those that looks like a sentry box, to keep tools in rather than wheelbarrow them down from home each time we go. We have some duplicate tools – from Mum’s gardening which is  lovely – and when the car-boot sales begin again will go hunting.

I am delighted with our beautiful little shed.


Catkins, Treacle Tart and Spring Flowers

These catkins were dancing around at the top of our Silver Birch.

I just fancied a Treacle Tart this afternoon so I made one.

After watering at the allotment this evening, I came up a different route and came across these gorgeous Spring flowers.



Six on Saturday 10/4/2021

Spring has certainly sprung in our garden with the promise of more to come. We’ve had sunshine this week but still very cold winds and not really enough rain. (We don’t often say that in Cornwall.)
1.  The tulips in pots are magnificent.

2.  The Sweet Pea seedlings are coming along nicely. We have popped fleece around them when frosts were predicted. It’s almost time to tie them in.

3.  To accommodate the new Amanagowa Cherry tree, the lovely Mr S has re-designed the lawn and the curve is very pleasing.

4.  The buds on the tree are almost ready to burst.

5.  Baby plants arrived today from Sarah Raven, ordered with Christmas and birthday vouchers from family. I have potted up the Cosmos and the Osteospermum, some of which will be in the pollinator border at the allotment and some at home. The tulips above were also bought with birthday vouchers. It’s really lovely to have presents that keep on appearing. We’ll be able to eat some of them too as we also bought vegetable seeds and baby plants yet to arrive. .

6.  Because we now have the allotment, I am having one of the raised beds in the garden for cutting flowers. There is already a line of Sweet Peas by the trellis and today we have dug the last of our leeks to make space for my flower garden. So, not strictly garden, here is the Leek and Chicken Pie I made for supper tonight.

If you’d like a peek at other gardens, pop over to The Propagator who invites folk to join in Six on Saturday, and follow the links in the comments to see gardens all over the world.


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