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Bird Food, Sunset and A Treat

At the weekend I read a new tasty sounding recipe and made it last night, Leek, Shallot and Potato Tart. There was lots left over and I won’t be making it again but the birds today have been loving the pastry!

Action shot

Queueing for the pastry treats

Tonight’s sunset was gorgeous.

This afternoon I was offered a cancellation ticket for  a gig tonight at The Writers’ Block that was sold out in a day from being advertised – “Home is not a Place,” poet Roger Robinson and photographer Johny Pitts talking about their book of the same name. They were joined by the wonderful singer/songwriter Angeline Morrison who performed some of her Sorrow album. What an evening! And I treated myself to a copy of their beautiful book, which they signed for me.

Johny Pitts and Roger Robinson

Angeline Morrison


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Rose, Lunch and Crocus

A gorgeous bouquet of white roses, lilies and greenery arrived yesterday for the lovely Mr S.

Frittata for lunch today

We have some crocuses and they have collected raindrops.



Raindrops, Blue and A Jay

I always love seeing raindrops hovering on flower petals. Our Iris Reticulata, Harmony,  one of the miniature irises which we grow in old chimneys, were holding raindrops this morning.

In a bunch, their blue is quite magnificent.

We visited a friend today and saw a beautiful Jay through the window. Of the eight photos I took , this is the only one where it was still enough for a moment.


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Miniature Iris

Our Iris Reticulata have two open flowers. I think they might be called  George and I know that a blogger friend will be able to confirm or give me the right name.


Snowdrops, Ice and Irises

Snowdrops, of course, survived the snowfall of yesterday.

The melty ice is always pretty.

Our Iris Reticulata are braving the weather too – it’s so good to see signs of Spring.


Snowy Day in Cornwall

We woke to 4″ of snow and that lovely quietness that descends when the snow falls. Enjoy some of the snowy patterns in our garden.


Posy, Tracks and Sea

We took purple, white and green blooms when we visited our Dear friend T today – that’s really all that’s in flower at the moment.

Hebe and Winter Flowering Clematis

It is extremely cold here at the moment and while we were in Ti’s room, the hail was so heavy and so loud, it interrupted our conversation. When we came out, there was still a layer on the ground where tyre tracks had been left.

On the way home, the colours of dark blue sea, lighter blue sky and dark and white clouds was very dramatic.


Snowdrop, Autumn Leaves and Two Angels

Today we found a Snowdrop! It has been a warm November but snowdrops flowering  now is just crazy – and quite worrying.

Our Amanagowa Cherry Tree has gloriously coloured Autumnal leaves, here glowing in the late afternoon sunshine.

I’ve made two more glass Angels for Ukraine today, probably the last as we move into ‘getting ready for Christmas’ mode.


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Posy, Fabric and A Gig

Today’s posy for T was very small, just a few of the last flowers in our rain drenched November garden.

I bought some beautiful fabric today for a small project.

This evening we have been to a very pleasing gig in Falmouth – Ralph McTell with songs from his whole career.



Mid November Blooms and Night Out

It has been unseasonably warm and we have one Rose, many Cosmos, some Wallflowers and even a Gladiolus about to burst into bloom in the border just outside the back window..

We had reason to celebrate today, having sold our  boat to a really lovely young couple who are going to have adventures with her, and we went out for dinner and a movie – Bill Nighy in Living, a moving and thought provoking film. Catch it if you can


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