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Welly Dog, Sunflower and Dinner Out

Welly Dog looks happy in our meadow.

The Sunflower given to us by Daughter No 3 has its first bright and lovely flower.

Our day was busy and hard work so I booked dinner at our favourite place, The Royal Oak in Perranwell. They have an airy marquee as a dining room extension and that’s where we chose to be. I started the evening with a Cornish gin flavoured with blackberries. It was delicious! That was our first visit in eighteen months though we did collect many take-aways during lockdown. We are so glad they have survived though like many places in Cornwall they are short staffed and working really hard to keep customers happy.



Nasturtiums, Borage and Daisy

Nasturtiums are poking through a neighbour’s hedge.

Winter flowering pansies, still flowering (!) are in my G&T along with some borage, very pretty, such beautiful shades of blue and purple.

The daisies look like poached eggs, this one with some wildlife.


Kindness, Dancing and Petiolaris

I was talking to a fellow allotmenteer this afternoon about the importance of kindness, triggered by their kindness in giving us some shallots, our crop being a complete disaster. I was reminded of the following that came my way some time ago.

I have my sister to thank for the following delightful video of some amazing dancing. I think I can guarantee that it will make you smile.

I love the delicacy of the blossoms on our Hydrangea Petiolaris in the front garden.




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A Poem, A Poppy and A New Outfit

The following poem came to me the other day and so clearly expressed the joy of ‘gathering’ treasures along the way.

Something snapped the head off one of our glorious red frilly poppies still in bud but with the outer skin just opening. I put it in Mum’s green glass and over two days it has opened up beautifully.

ClothKitty now has some shorts and a sun hat.


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Purple, Blue and Green

The Borage in the edible garden is dropping its lovely blue flowers onto the curly purple lettuce.

The bees love the Eryngium which is a cloud of buzzing blue this year.

We were given a little chili plant earlier in the season, (another allotmenteer gift) and it is doing really well in the poly tunnel.  I will have to ask for advice on when to harvest.


A Poem, Blue Muffins and A Poppy

I heard Jackie Kay on Radio 4 this afternoon and learned about the inspiration for writing one of her poems.  She had heard that from 2017 babies born in Scotland were to get a cardboard box containing mattress, sheets, clothes – all a new born might need. She wrote to the government to suggest that there should be a poem in the box and they said ‘Yes!’  So, she wrote the  poem ‘Welcome wee one’.  She spoke of how new Mums would see her on the street, thank her for the poem and ask for selfies.  I think this is brilliant.

This afternoon I have made some Blueberry Muffins and yes, they are really blue!

Every day we have another poppy.


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Purple and White, Gold and A Poem

The Aliums and Poppies are blooming together as designed. That colour scheme doesn’t always work as my attempt at the same colours with tulips showed in the Spring.

Our rose is giving us bloom after bloom and has such a lovely old fashioned rose scent. Does anyone else remember collecting the petals of roses and trying to make perfume? It always ended up as a rather gruesome mixture both in looks and smell!

Today I have sorted the place where I put cuttings and bits of paper that I want to keep for some reason. I’m not sure when I cut this rather lovely and very touching poem out of the paper. It’s by Christopher Reid who was the Costa Book of the Year winner in 2009 and was the Saturday Poem in The Guardian sometime in 2010.



Eco Park, Bee and Poppy

My choirs are meeting up at the Porthtowan Eco Park where we can sing in the atrium, covered but with plenty of air circulating. Over the weeks I’ve been watching the development of a beautiful mural and today stopped to talk to the artist, Camilla, to tell her how much I love her work. All the elements of the eco park are here –  vegetables and edible flowers growing, wind turbines turning, musicians playing and singing, food being served, campers playing and all in such lovely earthy colours. She’s working on an elevated platform and is well wrapped up against the wind and mizzle.

The bee flew off just as I focussed!

A poppy self-seeded in the edible garden in the trough just outside the kitchen window. I know it isn’t edible but I left it there because it is beautiful.

Photo taken through the window


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Emma Raducanu, Low Tide and Rain

Sorry, can’t post tonight, too caught up in the game at Wimbledon!

P.S.   6th July

So sorry that Emma Raducanu had to withdraw with illness.I’m not usually a tennis fan but I find her inspirational and send her all the very best for her future

It was such a lovely morning we went to Chapelporth at 8.30 at low tide with the intention of walking along the beach to under the cliffs where Wheal Coates looks over the sea. However the low tide wasn’t low at all! We couldn’t go around the first rock and as soon as the tide turned, it raced inshore. There is a facebook page called Preposterous Parking in Cornwall which often shows cars caught by the tide!

Then it rained all afternoon and torrents fell in the evening. Here’s a bit of the garden through a very wet window.



Moth, Allium and Crocosmia

All today’s beautiful things were found by the lovely Mr S – a moth last night on the mirror in the hall, a lovely bud on the Allium and buds on a Crocosmia in someone’s patch at the allotment.   I’ll try to remember to photograph them when they are in full bloom. We think the moth is a Dew Moth but are open to suggestions, as always.

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