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Clematis, Being an Explorer and Fossil

1   Beautiful clematis with a bee.


2    We went to the Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro today and Jake had great fun being an explorer.

Jake spying through the binoculars

3    Mr S spotted this beautiful little fossil stone amongst the many on the drive.

Fossil on the drive


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Last Walk Together, Purple Vetch and Special Nappy!

1   The four of us had a last walk together up on the Flat Lode Trail this morning, planning our visit to see P&V in Atlanta next year!

Wheal Uny from a distance

Walking around the Flat Lode Trail near Wheal Uny

2   First sighting this year of beautiful Purple Vetch.

Purple Vetch

3   Fortunately we still have KJ and the children here otherwise the house would be too suddenly quiet! Watching Tom Daley in the Olympic diving event this afternoon, Tabitha was wearing this delightful nappy!

Love this nappy!


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St Uny Engine House, Curl and Story-time

1  Had a lovely walk up round the back of our house on The Great Flat Lode Trail as Jake wanted to see the engine house again.  (Click on any photo for an enlargement)

2   The back of Tabitha’s head and its beautiful curl are something very special!

3   Another special moment, every evening, is story-time. Tonight it was, ‘Make Way for Ducklings’, a story that my parents brought home from a holiday in Boston about 1980 for our four children.

Our last night with P&V who leave tomorrow morning. It has been a beautiful seventeen days.


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Church Cove, Ann’s Pasties and Story-time

1   We went to The Lizard for what we were told are the best  pasties in Cornwall and went to look for a beach for the children first. We discovered this beautiful cove, disappointingly no sand but a quite breathtakingly beautiful hamlet and cove.

2   We got our pasties from Ann’s Pasties and we were not disappointed! We watched them being made and have never seen pasties so stuffed or tasted such delicious pasties with such lovely crisp pastry.

3   We bought a new book for the children yesterday and read it tonight – ‘Pigs Might Surf’ but the big hit at story-time is still ‘The Great Dog Bottom Swap’ which has all the adults in tears of laughter too!

Please forgive me, dear Readers, for not reading, commenting as I usually do. With family here, there is no time but I will get back to you all soon.


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My Favourite Shop, Dinner Out and Malpas

1   Went to my favourite shop today – fabrics, wool, buttons , ribbons – everything a knitter/sewer could possibly want – to buy more wool for the little hoodies I’m knitting for the Grandchildren.

2   Eating out again! We do this so rarely usually but with family here we are having lovely treats day after day. I chose Cornish scallops again – I do love them!

3   After dinner we drove to Malpas along the Truro River – just beautiful!

and a special bonus tonight – the Olympic opening ceremony has been brilliant!


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New Book, Garden Food and Little Legs

1    A good friend from choir writes for Cornwall Today about lovely walks in Cornwall and she has just had a book published! I bought my copy this morning after the Suitcases rehearsal and Sue autographed it for me. Now we have to go on all the walks! That’s our next challenge.

Written by my friend from choir

2   The few wild strawberries were found by Jake and devoured!

One wild strawberry

3    It is delightful to see the children’s outdoor toys being enjoyed in the garden.

A pair of little legs


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Morning Dew, Portreath and Making up the Beds

1   Beautiful dewdrops on the tiny hairy buds of the courgettes.  We’re hoping the sun will get them flowering soon. They were planted late after the gales destroyed the earlier planting.

2   Portreath this morning was beautiful – the water turquoise, the sun glorious and lots of colour in the pavement flowers.  I have shown you the lion sculpture before but the mosaics were glinting so beautifully in the sun that I had to show you again!

3    We’ve just finished making up the beds for KJ and the Shanticot for the children and the spare room bed for P&V who will be staying here for their last weekend before going to London for two days and returning to Atlanta on Wednesday. It is truly beautiful to have so many people back in our house for the weekend.


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Pillow Case, Customer Service and First Broad Beans

1   KJ and the children are coming again tomorrow to spend the last few days with P&V and I’ve been getting the bedding ready. I love this pillow case that was my Mum’s.

Cat in sneakers pillow case

2   We popped into Truro today and in one of my favourite shops there were these drinks available. What a lovely thing to do for your customers on a very hot day.

White Stuff customer service

3   We have harvested our first broad beans and they were delicious stir fried with pak choi.

First broad beans

Podded beans

Just look at the soft, comfortable lining for the beans – beautiful!

I had my 11,000th visitor today! Thank you all so much for reading, liking and following my blog and thank you very much for all the comments which I really appreciate very much.


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A Gift, Long Tailed Tits and Lunch with My Brother

1   I have woken to find this posting from a lovely ex-student of mine and it has made my day!  He says,” Your philosophy of teaching I would say…x”

2   As I walked round the garden this morning, I became aware that the bird feeder was full of young Long Tailed Tits. I stood absolutely still and watched as they came and went,10 of them in the feeders at one point but I didn’t have my camera! Later, I caught just this one – so beautiful and such an amazing few moments!

Long Tailed Tit

3   We met P&V at the beautiful, restored-after-its-fire, Pandora Inn on Restronguet Creek for lunch. When I went to place our order, the bar person said, ‘Sorry, you must have your table number wrong, someone else has just ordered on that number, ‘ and I was able to say, ‘No, that was my brother. He was just ordering too.’  How lovely to be able to say that, my brother is here! He is ordering too! It is so lovely to have him and V here for so long!

Beautiful drive down to The Pandora Inn

Newly thatched roof

View from The Pandora

Swans on the creek

My delicious lunch of Cornish scallops on crispy black pudding and dressed leaves

We’re out tonight so I’m posting earlier than usual. Happy days everyone!


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Shadows, Skies and Another Simple Supper

1   We have shadows! We have sun – therefore we have some beautiful shadows.

Shadow of a self-sown unknown flower

Fern shadow

Pink Campion with shadow

2    Along with sun we have had the most beautiful blue skies.

Sky through the Cedrus Atlantica Glauca

Sky through a beautiful clematis

3   Beautifully simple supper of Roasted Vegetables with Halloumi which we ate in the evening sun.

Roasted Vegetables with Halloumi


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