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Feather, Kuan Yin and Love Birds

I love the dew drops on this feather that are catching the sunlight.



Peace for all

It’s nesting time. It’s Spring!


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Dawn, Pin and Card

Winter dawns are often very lovely.

A most unexpected parcel was waiting for us on our return with a couple of delightful presents from our long-lost and recently found very special friend. I love this heart pin with its message on the back of love and peace – and the same to you P.

Today I received a belated birthday card from some more special friends. I love the sentiment expressed here which is just what N and G do! Thank you!

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Granollers – Star, Chairs and Leaf

We really enjoy taking Oldest Livewire into Granollers on the bus, having her help with the shopping and treating her in a cafe! Today we noticed a beautiful star over the door of a primary school, some painted chairs and a golden leaf against  the cerulean blue sky.


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Paving Flower, Skating and First Knitting 

A tiny pink flower was braving the cracks in the paving.

Oldest Live-wire’s  Christmas boots came out today for a first try. What excitement!
Another first, N asked if she could learn to knit and, just by chance I had some child’s needles and some wool in my case! She is a very quick learner and despite being left handed, was knitting right handed in no time. Actually, does anyone know if handedness matters when knitting?   I was the same age, eight, when my Granny came to stay with us in Cornwall and taught me to knit. It is a great pleasure to pass on the skill and to such a willing learner.


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Red, Ginger Cat and A Sunset Walk

We found these pretty red flowers on our walk to the swing park.

As we were leaving, a ginger cat befriended us.

The skies were glorious as the sun was setting.

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Dawn, Mountains and Marigolds

What a delight to fly into the dawn, a compensation for getting up at 4.30am!

Flying over The Pyrenees was very beautiful.

And now we are in Canovelles with the family, enjoying warm sunshine and getting ready for Christmas. On a stroll around the area we came across some planters full of marigolds where bees were busy collecting nectar.


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White Roses, Cherry Blossom and Excitement 

My lovely Sister-in-law sent us this photo of White Roses flowering today in her garden despite the early morning frost in Atlanta, Georgia. Aren’t they beautiful? They are a bouquet to send us off on our special journey.

More beauty was found outside our bedroom window this morning – next door’s Winter Flowering Cherry.

I brought a couple of Mince Pies with me to our overnight stay near Bristol airport, the rest I left with our lovely neighbours who are watching over our place while we are in Barcelona. We wil be celebrating Christmas with that part of the family and hopefully the arrival of the Grandbaby twins! Are we excited? You bet we are! 🙂 

Happy Winter Solstice to you all.


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