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Housel Bay Holiday

We are having three nights away on a 3 for 2 deal for the lovely Mr S’s birthday. We are only 40 minutes from home in a hotel overlooking the sea and with the coastal path moments away. Today we did a circular walk of a couple of hours on the path around The Lizard. Our room is lovely, we have watched boats go by, seen the sunset and the lighthouse light become brighter and now it’s time for dinner!

I think this house along the path may well feel the spray!

The view from our room!The Lizard Lighthouse from our room. Let’s hope for another glorious day tomorrow.


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Stories, Plait and Puddles

We have a very precious twenty four hours with Not-quite-Littlest-LiveWire and we have had a lovely day, reading stories, playing hide and seek, rooting through the old toys and stomping through puddles. 

Choosing the next story from the children’s story book shelf that used to belong to our four.

Getting ready for our walk, B happened upon a nearly finished hat and decided to wear it anyway. It fitted beautifully around her plait.

There were splashable puddles all along the path and I just managed to catch a reflection of B and her Grandfather’s legs!


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Roasted Cauliflower, Vegan Meringues and New Buses

This was a wonderful new way to cook cauliflower, covered with a Romescu sauce and roasted, sitting on a bed of red onions and sun dried tomatoes. Delicious!

I made Avocado humus for lunch yesterday and usually throw the liquid from the chickpeas out but I had heard of making meringues with it so I looked it up and, hey presto, mini red fruit pavlovas for desert! Not an egg in sight but, as we are not vegan, we did put creme fraiche on top!

We have new buses in Cornwall and I really like following them as they all have different slogans painted on the back. This one was at the bus stop on the steep hill near the station, hence the angle.


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Dawn, Pin and Card

Winter dawns are often very lovely.

A most unexpected parcel was waiting for us on our return with a couple of delightful presents from our long-lost and recently found very special friend. I love this heart pin with its message on the back of love and peace – and the same to you P.

Today I received a belated birthday card from some more special friends. I love the sentiment expressed here which is just what N and G do! Thank you!

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Home, Stonehenge and Sunbeams

We are home after almost three weeks away and it is so good! After delivering the children  to school this morning, we set off on the route that would take us past Stonehenge and then enjoyed sunbeams as we drove West.


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Parking, Detritus and Himalayan Cat

We did the school run this morning though it was more of a scoot. I loved the scooter parking spot.

While the LiveWires were at school we cleared up the Christmas confetti and glitter all of which had been left up for our special family weekend. I liked the pretty collection in the dustpan!

One of the family cats likes to rest halfway up the stories and has to be carefully stepped over. Boris is very beautiful indeed and is a Himalayan. Here he waits with Piglet for the return of the children.


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Sharing, Scooting and Climbing 

A quiet morning watching Brave and sharing a bowl of popcorn followed by a busy afternoon scooting and walking to the park where tree climbing was the best fun.


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