In Hospital, Day 3 and Home

January 1st 2014

Stairs today and then I can go home! Actually, it was surprisingly straightforward though quite nerve wracking. As the routine is different going up and down, it’ll take some mastering but I am signed off by the physios! I am later signed off by the Dr too though he is very concerned that I am going home with only Paracetamol and gives me a half dose of Codeine that I can double if I need to. I cannot have the Ibrobrufen group of drugs and will never touch Tramadol again so that’s my lot. It feels okay.

I just have to say here how lovely all the staff here at St Michael’s have been with one exception and she, who made hurtful remarks to one of the patients thinking she was being funny, was only on duty for our first day. The star of all the wonderful staff was one of the care-workers, a lovely young woman with a beautiful smile who greeted us each morning with a cheery “Good morning ladies, just look at that beautiful pink dawn sky!” A woman after my own heart! She was so gentle and kind and efficient and was the one who offered me a shower! What bliss! Who could ever know what joy it would be to sit under a shower of warm water, to wash my hair and to feel fresh and clean.

It had been our intention to go to look at the sea at Godrevy on our way home from the hospital but the effort required to get into the car made me change my mind and when I got home, all I wanted to do was have a cup of home-made tea and go to sleep. Our other plan had been to have my Birthday Dinner of Duck Breasts with a soy and honey sauce but I was just wasted so we have postponed that again. I still feel somewhat queasy from the Tramodol too.

It is wonderful to be home, in our sitting room with my books and knitting and crochet around me and with a great big bunch of flowers which the lovely Mr S has bought to welcome me home – and tonight back in our own bed!

So, it is a New Year and I have my new hip and today, January 1st 2015,  really is the first day of the rest of my life!


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  1. ladysighs

    February 27, 2015 at 8:26 pm

    No matter the wonderful care you get at the hospital from doctors and staff, it is always good to be home and in your own bed. 🙂


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