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Beautiful New Friendship, Jake’s Amazing Models and Creamy White Chocolate Chai and Vanilla Pots

1   Singing with The Suitcases and Claire is always beautiful, rain or not. One of our choir-babies was with us as well as the daughter of a very good friend and they had great fun together. If you look carefully, you’ll see the Sally-boots which have been pulled off!

Beautiful new friends

2     We’re keeping Jake’s lovely models until his next visit. (I know, he may have lost interest!)

Jake’s models – the hangar made with Mikki, the aeroplane made with Mr S and the rockets made with his Mum and me.

3     I made these deliciously wicked  puds for KJ and Lucy’s last night and we finished them off today. The recipe came from

Creamy White Chocolate Chai and Vanilla Pots


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