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Flowers, Clock and Hot Pooches

We shopped in Truro today and were very taken with all the hanging baskets and tubs which add a glorious touch of colour to every street and passage .

We knew which way the wind was blowing but the clock was not much use for keeping us on time!

Outside the bookshop was this lovely sign with a dish of water for the dogs passing by in the heat.

Today’s blog is dedicated to my lovely singing friend M and her dear Mum who is in hospital.


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Flowers After Rain

Our garden is looking much fresher after a number of showers in the last 24 hours. There have been flash floods in nearby towns, even a water spout in Fowey,  but we have just had gentle rain which the garden has loved.

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Volunteer Tuesday, Tomatoes and A Dog

Community Roots was our destination today for whatever jobs were necessary.  The tomato tunnel is overflowing with wonderful fruit and we volunteered to record all the varieties on photos, pick a few of each and organise a taste test. Here are some of the tomatoes being grown.

There is a jobs list for morning and afternoon and as we all chose our jobs this wee chap was watching me closely.




Moth, Flower and Bee

This little creature came indoors  today. I think it might be a Rufous Minor but I will  hope to ask our moths expert at Community Roots tomorrow.

The Gazanias are glorious in the sunshine.

Bees love the Verbena Bonariensis.


Heatwave and Reading

It has been 32C / 90F in the shade again (45C / 114F!! in direct sunshine)  and I have stayed indoors reading for most of the last five days. Happily, our Victorian semi stays cool even in such extreme heat.

I  have read two very different, and each unputdownable, books where the characters drew me in so completely. The first was The Distant Shores by Santa Montefiore, a family history told through the eyes of an historian writing a biography of said family.  It’s a good summer read, not too demanding but nevertheless, a proper page turner.

The second, quite different, a Booker prize winner last year, The Promise by Damon Galgut.  This one was utterly compelling, set in South Africa over four decades with all the political backdrop of those years and again, is a family saga but told from a very unusual standpoint where the narrator pops from one character to another sometimes taking first person but mostly as an observer.  Utterly fascinating and one of those novels that stays in your head……

Thank you very much to the two friends, H and J, who kindly lent me these to read.


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Golden Tomatoes, A Poem and Storm Coming

The sunshine is ripening our golden tomatoes but the red ones, in a different part of the garden,  have cooked on the vine with the extreme heat.

The following poem and met map explain the heat we are experiencing. My first reading of this ‘Heated (August 2022)’ made me think of our personal and collective responsibility. Our grass was crisp and crunchy as I walked over it late this afternoon.  I am very grateful to Kim for letting me share his poem here.

We think a storm is coming. Our ship’s barometer is suddenly up and overflowing.We will all be glad of some rain, especially the garden. .



Car, Beach and Theatre

I liked the stickers on a car that we followed to the beach.

We have never seen Chapel Porth so busy! Iy must be the heatwave bring everyone down.

This evening we went to our ButterMarket to see The Pantaloons performing The Wind in the Willows. Just three actors, quick costume changes and some music made for a wonderful evening full of laughter! Just what we all need.


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Sunset and Full Moon

On the cliffs for the sunset…..

It’s a Grain Full Moon, sometimes called a Sturgeon Moon tonight. It rose huge and orange on our way home from the clifftops and this is what it looked like from home.


Duvet, Shadows and Sunset at the Beach

I love putting the duvet covers on in anticipation of a visit from two of our LiveWires.

The golden light from the sunset threw these shadows on our wardrobe.

Golden light

We met our visiting family at the beach as the sun came down.

LiveWire No 2

LiveWire No 3


Volunteering and Moths

We’ve been at the Community garden again today volunteering. Between us we potted on lots of baby brassica plants, picked beans and tidied up the Rainbow Chard.

In the coffee break, one of the younger volunteers showed us the results of her moth trapping exercise last night. There were 40 different species!  It was hard to photograph the moths in their tubes so I have found a couple of photos from an id site. Some of them have the most delightful names – Dingy Footman and Rosy Footman were my favourites. After showing us all, G and the youngest volunteer, just 10 years old, released them in the hedges.

Brimstone Moth

Rosy Footman

Dingy Footman Eilema griseola

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