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Flowers, Live Music and Raindrops

Our lovely neighbour brought round a small and very colourful bouquet from her garden.

We’ve spent the afternoon dressed in all our wet gear at an open air music event. It was held in the wonderful roofless old Church in St Day which has been brought back to life by the residents as a venue. It was just brilliant to be at a live music event again, all very well spaced and in the open air.

When we came home, rather damp, I noticed a sparkly diamond covered web on the Cotoneaster.


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Rain and Focaccia Art

I’m not really a pluviophile though I do recognise when the garden needs rain and I do find joy in doing an indoor project which today was baking – no surprise there then!

A very good friend shared some pictures of Focaccia art and I commented on probably not having the patience to do it myself. However, it wasn’t hard, didn’t try my patience and, in fact, was a delight from collecting the edibles from the garden and kitchen,  designing the picture and of course, kneading bread dough is always peaceful and satisfying.
Here is my Focaccia Art before going in the oven and afterwards. The decoration is made up of red pomodorinos, our last yellow cherry tomato, black olives, chive stalks, baby leek stalks, a tiny red onion, orange winter pansy flowers and some rosemary twigs. It tasted good too!


River, Bulbs and Pie

My choir is meeting again in the Zed Shed and once more we have the joy of the Penryn River as our backdrop as well as singing together, albeit in very small numbers.

I love the hope intrinsic in planting bulbs now for the Spring. These are some that we are about to plant. We haven’t had either variety before so look forward to seeing these next March/April..

Tonight we have had Leftovers Pie – chicken bits from the roast earlier this week with two chopped up vegan sausages all in a sauce made by whizzing up leftover cauliflower cheese and all covered with a puff pastry lid that had been frozen since I last made pies. We served the pie with Runner Beans harvested this afternoon at the allotment. We treated ourselves last night to a special dinner at our local hotel, The Penventon, and tonight’s frugality made up for that!

Leftovers Pie


Origo Mundi, Kresen Kernow and A Butterfly

The Ordinalia is being played in St Just at the Plain an Gwarry.
“The Ordinalia Cycle of scripts and stage plans consist of 3 plays written in the late 14th century: The Creation of the World ; The Passion , and The Resurrection. The aim of the original performances was to impress the Christian bible stories on the local population, and so they were performed by local people, with local place names, jokes etc. to have general appeal.
The three plays together cover the whole scope of the bible stories from the beginning of the world to doomsday.
The plays, although similar to the mystery plays of the North of England, are unique to Cornwall and an important part of its heritage. They are the oldest surviving trilogy of theatrical plays in Britain.
St Just’s Plen an Gwari is the oldest working open air theatre space in Britain.
Under the autumn sunsets and the dark skies of West Cornwall, we are creating a true celebration of Cornish cultural life. We have assembled a company of professionals, semi-professionals and talented volunteers who are creating a community led production in an historic setting – supported by a core group of people who were involved with the 2000 – 2004 productions.”

Last night we went to see the first play of the trilogy, Origo Mundi and it was fabulous, so full of life and humour. Enjoy a taste through the photos. If you live locally, there are still tickets available for the last few shows this week.

The apple tree

The fabulous Ark

The burning bush is so bright, God needed sunglasses.

The burning bush is so bright, God needed sunglasses.

The parting of the Red Sea

This morning we went to Kresen Kernow to see the exhibition of the original Ordinalia texts – what a treat!

In the grounds were some Buddleia bushes, alive with butterflies.



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Fuchsia, Clematis and Hesperantha

Flowers in our garden today.



Colour and More Colour

I picked all our delicious golden cherry tomatoes today and a couple of little red ones. I love how they look in one of N’s gorgeous blue bowls.

The hanging baskets in town are still absolutely lovely.

Singing at the eco park this evening,  there was evidence of there having been a wedding at the weekend.


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Scent, Pudding and A Visitor

You’ll have to imagine this, the glorious smell of newly mown grass as a tractor turned up to mow the back field.

Blackberry and apple crumble this evening with the blackberries we picked the other day.

We have heard the Woodpecker in the trees for the last few days and today it visited but didn’t pose for the best of photos.


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Beach Wedding

What a glorious day! Here are a few photos to give a flavour of the happiest ceremony ever!.

Flowers being taken down to the beach

Milk churn full of flowers

Part of the path

Waiting for the Bride to arrive



Foxgloves, Honeysuckle and Blackberries

We didn’t do the Story Walk today  as it will be much more fun in the sun. Watch this space.  We did though, go round the back in the mizzle and found late Foxgloves, Honeysuckle and something yellow! We also picked a good haul of Blackberries and are looking forward to some Blackberry and Apple Crumble soon.


Bees and A Story Walk

Such a lots of bee activity on these aliums-

We are looking forward to going on this story walk tomorrow.


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