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Beasties, Birthday, and A Butterfly

1 Thank you so much to everyone who offered advice about the fate of our lovely Crocuses. What a Beautiful Community indeed!

I went off for my piano lesson this morning and the patch was intact. When I returned an hour later, the beasties had been there again and uprooted another dozen and in broad daylight! We’ve protected the replanted ones with an upturned hanging basket and a child’s windmill! We think there are deep beak holes in the spaces and wonder – do Jackdaws do this kind of damage? If it happens again, I’m going to have to lie in wait to discover the culprits, be they mice or rats or squirrels or birds!

In the hedgerow near my piano lesson

In the hedgerow near my piano lesson

Daffodils and gorse on the street side

Daffodils and gorse on the street side

2 Our eldest daughter was 40 yesterday and is coming home tonight for a Birthday dinner ( Smoked salmon and prawn stacks, Venison Casserole with creamy mash and cabbage with bacon followed by Chocolate Torte) No 3 daughter is able to join us and we will Skype with the other two over the course of the evening.

Posy for the table, using rescued Crocuses and Primroses

Posy for the table, using rescued Crocuses and Primroses

3 This afternoon I went out to collect the above small posy for the dinner table, I found this beautiful Peacock butterfly on the Muscari. Fortunately, my camera is always in my hand!

Peacock butterfly

Peacock butterfly


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Pansy, Skype and A Fundraising Concert

1 The purple and white pansies in my Suffragette garden are doing their best in the bitter cold.

Winter pansy

Winter pansy

2 L is visiting D in Barcelona and we Skyped with them both at lunchtime. We don’t often see our twins together so that was lovely.

3 Performed at a fundraiser tonight with one of my choirs,(The Ingleheart Singers),  one from Penzance (The Blazing Heart Chorus) and one from Lostwithiel (Lost in Song)  It was in aid of Marie Curie nurses and just over £1000 was raised which is brilliant.  It was a real treat to hear the other choirs and to have such an appreciative audience.


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Sailors’ Barometer, Skype and Starter

1   We have a beautiful Sailors’ barometer and today it is overflowing telling us that another storm is on the way! Sailors used weather glass barometers to forecast the weather. These simple, yet scientific, devices accurately predict the weather by barometric pressure. Basically, when the water level in the spout is high, it means low air pressure (rain, snow, storm, etc) is imminent. When the water level is low, the barometric pressure is high, and that indicates good weather.

Sailor’s barometer overflowing

2   Delightful Skyping with KJ and the Grandbabies this evening. It’s such fun to watch them playing and to see their excitement at seeing us on their television!

3   Had lovely friends round for dinner tonight and I made this delicious and simple but effective starter of prawns and smoked salmon.

Smoked salmon and prawn stack


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Wire Bugs, Skype and A Taj Mahal Gallery

1    Sometime ago we gave away some brass wire through Free-cycle and today, one of the people who had some, sent me an email to tell me what she has done with it. She has made these very pretty Feeding Bugs! Please click on the symbol if the bugs aren’t showing.


2   We have Skyped with Daniel and Ami in Barcelona, so lovely to talk to them and see them again. We’ve missed them while we’ve been away.

3   I’ve been sorting our holiday photos and have put together a gallery of photos that we took at the Taj Mahal. You can click on any photo for an enlargement.


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Hic Bibitur, Fabrics and Skype to Barcelona

1    I walked past this house sign in Penryn and was glad of my schooldays’ Latin! Hic Bibitur – Here they drink! The owner came by as I was taking the photo and asked if I knew what it meant, saying it was a most appropriate name as the house is rented out to students!

I love this!

2    I was in my favourite shop this afternoon, buying buttons for the little hoodies that I’ve nearly finished knitting (they are taking forever!) and took photos of these beautiful fabrics.

Christmas fabrics

Beautiful fabrics for children

3   Daniel and Ami called from Barcelona and we Skyped for ages. They are so blissfully happy!

And I am delighted to tell you that my Guest Post for Choc Chip Uru has been posted today. Please check it out here    


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Singing, Flowers and Skyping to Barcelona

1   I can’t tell you how much I love singing! At Suitcases this morning we sang through our gig list for the event on Sunday when all three of Claire’s choirs, about a hundred of us,  will sing together in the amphitheatre at Carn Marth.

Kurt Vonnegut – Sing in the shower!

2    Before the rain started this afternoon, I managed to get this beautiful picture of a Daisy against the Crocosmia.

Daisy with Crocosmia

3    Daniel and Ami Skyped together from Barcelona! For those of you who haven’t followed their story, Daniel, our son,  and Ami were married in Senegal in April, see  Daniel and Ami’s Wedding and they are only now, more than four months later, able to live together as it has taken this long time to get Ami’s Visa.

It was so beautiful to see them together, smiling so much, laughing and delighting in the fact that they had just gone supermarket shopping together for a meal together in their own place!  The very word ‘together’ is beautiful!


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Senegal 9th April – Resting, Senegalese Hospitality and Skyping Home

Senegal 9th April – Resting, Senegalese Hospitality and Skyping Home

1. After a hectic few days, some resting time. I love the multi-coloured water containers, not kettles as I first thought as they could not stand heat underneath. I’ve brought two home to use for watering window boxes etc!

Multi-coloured kettle

2. Meals are served in one very big dish for all to share. Should anyone arrive while the family are eating, they will always be invited to join in the meal. Senegalese hospitality is all-embracing.

Rice and beans with fried fish

3. We Skyped home to KJ and family and Jake said ‘ Bonjour’ to Ndeye Marie and ‘You are my cousin!”  That was a beautiful moment that was appreciated by all.


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Senegal 4th April – To Dakar, Moving Walkways and Meeting Ami

1   Beautiful balmy breeze met us at almost midnight as we arrived in Dakar, Senegal.

2   I love walking along the moving walkways in the airports especially when the lovely Mr S  makes me laugh by walking alongside, apparently at ease, but keeping up all the way.

3   Meeting Ami in person at last, taller and even more beautiful than Skype has allowed us to see. What a handsome and happy pair she and Daniel make. Hugs, kisses and tears (of happiness) all round.

Daniel and Ami at Breakfast 5th April


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Garden Lunch, Wedding Etiquette and Kitchen Art

1   Such a beautiful warm day today, we had our lunch (home-made Guacamole and Melba toasts)  on the bench in the sun for the first time this year. Did some vertical gardening putting primroses into the Cornish wall near the new sun terrace.

2   Had a happy half hour with Daniel on Skype learning more about the quite complicated etiquette of a Senegalese Wedding.

3   I love this egg storage unit which to me is a piece of kitchen art. I think it is a Welsh spoon holder but it keeps our eggs perfectly!

Welsh Wooden Spoon Rack


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Piano Lesson, Muscari Grandifolium and Speaking Wolof

1  Today’s piano lesson was hard but by the end my confidence was back and I know what to do for next week. My teacher is a star!

2  Just look at this beautiful Muscari Grandifolium flowering today in the wall.

Muscari Grandifolium

3  We love Skype! Tonight we Skyped with KJ and the children. Jake was telling us about ‘Flat Stanley’, a story our children loved too and Tabitha said her first word,  “Hiya!”,  while waving at us. Later, we Skyped with Daniel in Barcelona and Ami in Dakar, Senegal, speaking both French and Wolof and talking about the wedding which is only two weeks away. Fabulous evening!


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