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Carn Marth – Walk, Talk and Sketch

A glorious sunny day today with a treat to look forward to – a walk on Carn Marth, talking and sketching! Have a look at the gallery and click on any photo for more detail and the caption.
We were given various small tasks to get us going, (I am a complete novice but have long wanted to sketch) one of which was to collect a colour swatch of what we could find. You will see from the photos that the Carn is a little bleak at this time of year but we all found lots of beautiful colour. Both the North and South Coasts can be seen from this high point and, in the morning it was very clear. We had the most delicious lunch of hot Pumpkin Soup, ciabatta, salad and hummus followed by Lemon Drizzle cake and then more walking, talking and sketching.
Many of us then continued to the Village Hall where we made flowers out of old plastic bottles ready for an event next weekend…..
Many thanks to those who made this brilliant day possible.

Here is one of my sketches along with the wall that I was looking at.

Wall at the top quarry

My sketch



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Desserts, Flowers and Another Party

I promised you pictures of the desserts I made for our party yesterday – Chocolate Torte, Lime and Ginger Cheesecake, Blackberry and Peach Roulade and a Big Bowl of Berries in my Granny’s soup tureen. There weren’t any leftovers!

Peach and Blackberry Roulade

Gold Dusted Lime and Ginger Cheesecake

50 Golden Years Chocolate Torte

The house is full of Golden Flowers!

We have been to a party this evening in Carn Marth where the company was delightful, the fire raging and we saw a Buzzard as we were leaving.

Pete’s fire

Long zoom on a Buzzard


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Courgette Flowers, Old Family Recipe and Oxygen, the Song

1   The courgettes are really taking off. I’m so looking forward to being able to harvest some.

Courgette flowers

Courgette flowers

2   Our eldest daughter is with us for a week as she walks some of the coastal path with a friend. She asked if I had any Picnic Pie in the freezer – a staple of walks and picnics for our family for as long as I can remember. This afternoon, I dug out my Granny’s Recipe book, a note book given to her in 1903 and found the recipe for Picnic Pie from 1946 and made one ready for tomorrow’s walk.

Original recipe from 1946

Original recipe from 1946

Picnic Pie

Picnic Pie

3   While we were in London, Claire’s three choirs performed in Carn Marth Quarry near Redruth. Here, you can hear one of the songs, music by Claire Ingleheart and lyrics by Natalie McGrath, written for the play, Oxygen, about the Suffragist March from Lands End to London..   It was filmed by Tina Wheeler, with apologies for the noisy crowd, unruly children, dogs hitting tripod, and the wind.    The tour of the play is coming to an end and it has had brilliant reviews.
Rather belatedly,  I want to thank El Guapo for his delightful post when I asked him for help to put the word out about the play for me.


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Carn Marth Gig, A Murmuration of Bees and Hairy Dieters’ Delicious Dish

1    The gig at Carn Marth was beautiful!  It was a lovely relaxed affair with the barbecue burning, children playing, scarecrows were being made for the competition and all while we were singing our hearts out, all 100 of us, all taught by Claire, and, after an horrendous forecast of torrential rain, the sun shone on us! Brilliant!   I only have a picture of the three choirs enjoying our warm-up.

Inglehearts, Suitcases and Riversiders warming up prior to Carn Marth Gig

2    When I came home, I sat in the arbour at the back of the garden, knitting and listening to nothing but the murmuration of the bees and was reminded of this lovely piece by Tennyson, especially the last line.

“…………….  and sweet is every sound,

Sweeter thy voice, but every sound is sweet;

Myriads of rivulets hurrying thro’ the lawn,

The moan of doves in immemorial elms,

And murmuring of innumerable bees.”

3   For supper tonight I made a delicious dish from the Hairy Bikers turned Dieters – Spanish Style Chicken Bake.  I’ll post the recipe if anyone is interested. It was warm enough for us to eat outside tonight too.  Lovely.

Spanish Style Chicken Bake a la Hairy Dieters with a couple of variations

P.S.    For your information and delectation,  ‘murmuration’ is the collective word for a flock of starlings as well as the sound of murmurings.  Just thought you might like to know!


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Singing, Flowers and Skyping to Barcelona

1   I can’t tell you how much I love singing! At Suitcases this morning we sang through our gig list for the event on Sunday when all three of Claire’s choirs, about a hundred of us,  will sing together in the amphitheatre at Carn Marth.

Kurt Vonnegut – Sing in the shower!

2    Before the rain started this afternoon, I managed to get this beautiful picture of a Daisy against the Crocosmia.

Daisy with Crocosmia

3    Daniel and Ami Skyped together from Barcelona! For those of you who haven’t followed their story, Daniel, our son,  and Ami were married in Senegal in April, see  Daniel and Ami’s Wedding and they are only now, more than four months later, able to live together as it has taken this long time to get Ami’s Visa.

It was so beautiful to see them together, smiling so much, laughing and delighting in the fact that they had just gone supermarket shopping together for a meal together in their own place!  The very word ‘together’ is beautiful!


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Small Copper, Tin and Copper Mine and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

1   Mr S spotted a beautiful little butterfly on the trellis early this morning.  It’s a Small Copper.

Small Copper butterfly

2   We loved doing the first of our walks from Sue Jackson’s  book “Discover Cornwall”  this morning! So good to have the author on the end of the phone when we got ‘lost’ – entirely our fault! The view from the top is amazing, all the way across Cornwall from one coast to the other!    Photos from the walk follow –

Baronet’s Engine House

Granite marker

Carn Marth Amphitheatre, built in the old small quarry

Large quarry at Carn Marth

Glorious heather and gorse

Looking over to the North coast

3   Friends lent us the dvd of ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed it this evening – a delightful mix of laughter and tears.


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