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Fledglings, Red Onion and Smoking Chimney

1   Got a text this morning telling us that the baby thrushes which were just eggs last time we heard of them in their scruffy nest ( have all four successfully fledged today.  Lovely news. Thanks, Di.


Just look at the pattern in this beautiful red onion!

3   We had a barbecue this beautiful warm summery evening, Halloumi with Vegetables and it was a lovely evening, full of contentment.

Skewers ready to grill

One of our many chimneys used as a stand for the instant barbecue

Grilled and ready for eating


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Senegal 4th April – To Dakar, Moving Walkways and Meeting Ami

1   Beautiful balmy breeze met us at almost midnight as we arrived in Dakar, Senegal.

2   I love walking along the moving walkways in the airports especially when the lovely Mr S  makes me laugh by walking alongside, apparently at ease, but keeping up all the way.

3   Meeting Ami in person at last, taller and even more beautiful than Skype has allowed us to see. What a handsome and happy pair she and Daniel make. Hugs, kisses and tears (of happiness) all round.

Daniel and Ami at Breakfast 5th April


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Blue Horizon, Senses and Lovely Harmonies

1  We could see the sea from our bedroom window today, just a blue stripe on the horizon about seven miles away but such a joy!

2  Feeling the warmth of the sun on my face and back when walking aroung Truro, smelling the hyacinths outside the Royal Cornwall Museum and hearing the seagulls’ cries, a sound which I love, reminding me how lucky I am to be living in Cornwall again.

Truro Cathedral

3  Singing ‘Cornish Lads’ by Roger Bryant – it’s so good it gives me the shivers! Then, getting to grips with Fleet Foxes’ ‘White Winter Hymnal’ a most haunting set of harmonies. How I love my singing with all those  voices of my friends.


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