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Bird Food, Sunset and A Treat

At the weekend I read a new tasty sounding recipe and made it last night, Leek, Shallot and Potato Tart. There was lots left over and I won’t be making it again but the birds today have been loving the pastry!

Action shot

Queueing for the pastry treats

Tonight’s sunset was gorgeous.

This afternoon I was offered a cancellation ticket for  a gig tonight at The Writers’ Block that was sold out in a day from being advertised – “Home is not a Place,” poet Roger Robinson and photographer Johny Pitts talking about their book of the same name. They were joined by the wonderful singer/songwriter Angeline Morrison who performed some of her Sorrow album. What an evening! And I treated myself to a copy of their beautiful book, which they signed for me.

Johny Pitts and Roger Robinson

Angeline Morrison


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Sea, Furze and A Sky Kiss

It was a  cold and windy day for a walk in very welcome bright sunshine along the cliffs at St Agnes.

The gorse along the cliffs was glowing yellow.

Driving home we followed a kiss in the sky.



Rose, Lunch and Crocus

A gorgeous bouquet of white roses, lilies and greenery arrived yesterday for the lovely Mr S.

Frittata for lunch today

We have some crocuses and they have collected raindrops.



Swan and Dwarf Irises

The tide was out at the Penryn River this morning when we went to sing at the Zed Shed.  A lone swan had walked in the mud and was preening itself.

Two more Iris Reticulata have opened, sorry I don’t know their names. I love how raindrops collect on their petals. There’s a name for that effect but I can’t bring it to mind. Perhaps, you, Dear Reader, will remember it..


Happiness Calendar and A Good Day Out

The lovely Mr Smith’s birthday is today so his chosen trip was to St Ives and the Tate followed by lunch at his favourite place in Penzance, Mr Billy’s.

Porthminster Beach

Very tame and photogenic Robin on our walk into town

Fenced off sink-hole on Porthminster Beach

Looking over the wall towards St Ives and Harbour Beach, tide coming in

Looking over the wall towards St Ives, tide coming in

On the way through we called in at a new gallery, The Livingstone, and I totally fell for a wonderful pair of earrings. Sadly, they were being sold with a necklace that I didn’t want (and I couldn’t afford the whole set anyway).

About Ken Spooner, the artist

I loved this van  belonging to a decorator, parked near the harbour.

Work going on at the Tate, Porthmeor Beach beyond

Tide in

It has been a very Happy birthday day –  family phone calls, cards and presents and serendipitously bumping into good friends in Tate St Ives!


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Community Roots Volunteer Tuesday

Another cold, damp day but the volunteers’ spirits are never dampened. Just see what’s growing, what’s being harvested, the new beds being prepared – and all the smiling faces. The solemn faces only showed when the serious business of consuming delicious, freshly prepared vegetable soup was the job in hand.


Raindrops, Blue and A Jay

I always love seeing raindrops hovering on flower petals. Our Iris Reticulata, Harmony,  one of the miniature irises which we grow in old chimneys, were holding raindrops this morning.

In a bunch, their blue is quite magnificent.

We visited a friend today and saw a beautiful Jay through the window. Of the eight photos I took , this is the only one where it was still enough for a moment.


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The Writers’ Block Arrives in Redruth

The Writers’ Block has moved to Redruth and is in the old Library, the building now known as The Ladder.  Today was their opening day and lived up to expectations. It really is “an inspirational space with events and activities for all ages and abilities cultivating writing confidence, creativity and enjoyment.”
Enjoy the gallery and click on photos to read the explanatory captions. Do click on the website to read about Simon Armitage.


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Feast, Fun and Singing Part 2

What a brilliant night that was of sharing Cornish and Ukrainian cultures in the most spontaneous way and everyone had such a lot of fun.
Please click on any photo for the caption.


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Sage, Tie Dye and Sunset

At Community Roots today we prepared Willow whips for planting and then I worked with P and G to take cuttings from the rather tired sage plant while the lovely Mr S worked on other jobs.

In November we put elastic bands on the veg bags so that they could be tie dyed. Today we undid them and this is the one I worked on.

We caught the sunset, the new moon and Venus in one shot this evening.



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