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Djembe, Sunset and Choose Love

We are packing up D’s drums to send to him. This is a beautiful sounding Djembe made by D himself after learning how to do so when living in Senegal.

Driving to choir tonight, I just had to pull into a lay-by to take a photo of the sky on fire.

For the Christmas cabaret, the basses made a puppet of our leader, Claire, to everyone’s amusement.


Model, Music and Munchies

I have had this little model for many, many years. It was made by S, a very talented writer in one of my English classes. He was a restless sixteen year old who needed encouragement, both to believe in his own talent and to sit still!  I discovered that, given something to model with, his concentration on the literature we were studying increased hugely. One day, at the end of the lesson, he presented me with this precious little model, made of Blutak. It’s me – curly hair, long skirt, a necklace and a scarf, carrying books and a heavy bag of files and with a huge grin on my face. I was so touched and I have kept this little treasure ever since.
Thank you, S. I hope you have become the writer I thought you could become. Maybe you went on to make models in the style of Wallace and Gromit!   Maybe one of my ex-pupils who reads this will tell you of this post!
I first posted this in 2013! I still have my little 5″ model and it still means the world to me. I was reminded of it again yesterday as I was talking teaching techniques with our son, D,  and spoke of how I gave fidgety young people something (Blutak) to play with.

Yesterday, our last day with the family here, D gave the children his Senegalese Djembe. They are going to have lessons at school next term and were delighted with this very special gift.

Last Saturday a neighbour and good friend had her birthday party. We couldn’t go but I made her a tear-and-share Camembert party piece to be finally cooked at the party.  I am told it went down very well!


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Dance 2

The dancing at our son’s wedding in Senegal was wild and wonderful!

Dancing to the drums

Dancing to the drums

For more photos in this Challenge, click here and for more photos of the wedding, click here.



Weekly Photo Challenge – Ornate

The public buses and trucks in Dakar, where we went for our son’s wedding in 2012, are ornately decorated, every one special and different.

Beautiful bus in Dakar, Senegal

Beautiful bus in Dakar, Senegal

Beautiful Bus in Dakar, Senegal

In Dakar, Senegal

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Orange

This week’s Photo Challenge invites us to show orange in its variety of shades and in a variety of scenes. Click on any photo for more detail.

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Birthday Breakfast, Fabulous Food and Thieb Bu Djen

1. We are in Barcelona to help celebrate our daughter-in-law’s birthday and brought with us presents and cards from family in England. We bought some beautiful French tarts from a cake shop yesterday and had those for breakfast after our croissants! We cooked a birthday dinner last night as D and A have to go to Madrid tonight re A’s visa to visit us at Christmas.

2 This week we have eaten Spanish food, D&A’s Moroccan neighbour has brought in beautiful breads and cakes for us each day (see the photos below), last night’s dinner had one English course, (Prawns in a Marie Rose sauce), one French (Confit duck with saute potatoes and peas)and one Italian ( Tiramisu) and this evening we are having a Senegalese dish,Thieb bu djen( chebugen) which I have had a hand in preparing! For D&A’s arrival back tomorrow evening, the lovely neighbour is cooking us a Moroccan couscous dish.

Birthday breakfast.





Beautiful biscuits, all home made
3. Our Senegalese supper was super delicious and reminded us of our trip there for the Wedding last April.

Thieb Bu Djen


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

Guests dancing at a family wedding in Senegal.

Dancing at our son's wedding

Carefree dancing at our son’s wedding


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Culture

We experienced a whole different culture when we went to a wedding in Senegal last year. This is the guests dancing after the ceremony which took place in a marquee on the roof

Guests at the wedding dancing the night away

Guests at the wedding dancing the night away


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Colour

Lovely challenge this one. My favourite colours are greens and blues but, looking through my collections, I decided that shades of pink and purple would be interesting! I hope you enjoy this selection taken over the last year at home and away.  Click on any one for an enlargement.


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Different Birthdays for Twins, Fuchsia with Bee and Vegetable Ring

1   Our twins were born 35 years ago, Daniel on 16th September and Lucy on 17th September. It was always my plan that they should have their own birthdays and I managed it! Daniel arrived a few minutes before midnight on his Great Granny’s birthday which delighted me and my Mum; Lucy just nine minutes later.   We Skyped this morning with Daniel and Ami in Barcelona to sing Happy Birthday!

Daniel and Ami

2   The fuchsias in the garden are really beautiful just now. I sent this photo to Ami as she loves the colour (as you will have seen from her Wedding dress if you’ve been following long) If you would like to see photos of the wedding in Senegal and the very beautiful Ami in her fuchsia wedding dress, have a look here

Fuchsia in the garden with a bee

3   We have been eating vegetarian meals since P arrived for his holiday. Tonight I made the Vegetable Ring as on my Recipe page. I added fried onions to the mixture as I said I would but it made the mixture rather damp and it splatted in the baking. It tasted even better though!

Vegetable Ring before baking

Vegetable Ring, baked

When I sent the photo of our supper to Ami, she asked that I teach her how to make it when we visit them in Barcelona next weekend. It will be my pleasure! I hope I’ll learn how to make Lakh, a Senegalese dish we enjoyed when in Dakar for the wedding.


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