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Misty, Moisty Morning, Dewdrops and Flowers

The day started with mists stretching right to the horizon so that the fields behind were almost totally shrouded, only one of three just visible.

Across the garden to the fields beyond

The Tulip flowers were bejewelled with tiny diamond dewdrops.

Tulip and dew

And so were the Muscari………

Muscari and dewdrops

The rest of the day was as glorious as yesterday and we worked again, planting and weeding and had our first lunch this year outside in the sunshine.



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Armandii, Monkeys and Oops x2

The sun shone today and the garden is looking beautiful! Here are some of the Clematis Armandii flowers, the Three Wise Monkeys planter with Muscari now blooming among the Tete a Tete and an unexpected up-side-down shot!




So tired yesterday, I forgot to press the ‘Publish’ button!


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Morning Clouds, Muscari, and Hailstones

1   The clouds as I drew the curtains this morning just called out to be photographed! They were certainly an omen of things to come – wonderfully bright and welcome sunshine alternated all day with thumping great hailstone showers.

Interesting cloud formation

Interesting cloud formation

2    I love the blues of the Muscari against the golden yellow of the daffodils with the sun on them all.

Grape hyacinth

Grape hyacinth / Muscari Grandifolium

3   The dustbin lid was covered within seconds of the hailstones hitting all surfaces.

Hailstones on the dustbin

Hailstones on the dustbin


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Piano Lesson, Muscari Grandifolium and Speaking Wolof

1  Today’s piano lesson was hard but by the end my confidence was back and I know what to do for next week. My teacher is a star!

2  Just look at this beautiful Muscari Grandifolium flowering today in the wall.

Muscari Grandifolium

3  We love Skype! Tonight we Skyped with KJ and the children. Jake was telling us about ‘Flat Stanley’, a story our children loved too and Tabitha said her first word,  “Hiya!”,  while waving at us. Later, we Skyped with Daniel in Barcelona and Ami in Dakar, Senegal, speaking both French and Wolof and talking about the wedding which is only two weeks away. Fabulous evening!


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