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Guest Blogger and A Beautiful Beach Trip!

LiveWire3 again! I’m so glad to be back in Cornwall for the summer; this trip has been especially special! My favourite part of our visit so far was the boat trip with Granny’s two choirs, the Suitcases and the Ingleheart singers. It was mainly the Inglehearts. We traveled over the sea on the boat eating and laughing then got off at a pub on the other side! There, we did some busking raising money for ShelterBox and the Redruth food bank! Everybody loved it and it was so much fun! On the way back, the ocean was dancing and everyone was singing in perfect harmony; it was like being in a dream and I wish I could relive it! Everywhere we passed had a beautiful view, it was magical!

In the morning, we went for what we thought was going to be a quick visit to Porthtowan and some brunch at the Blue Bar but we stayed there for ages! The longer we stayed, the bluer the sky, the warmer the air and the longer our chats! We arrived at the Blue Bar early so we could get a spot at one of the booths! We did! It was cosy and warm and we had a beautiful view to stare at after each bite of our delicious brunch! The booths glowed like the moon in the shadow of the Blue Bar and I was shocked how blue the view was!

We went for a little walk along the sand and watched the lapping waves judging if the waves would wash over my feet or if they would stop just before the sole of my shoe. It was like a noisy silence with an occasional chat. Afterwards, we got Moomaid’s ice cream which was absolute perfection! My Mum and dad were exchanging funny stories on the wet sand!

Thank you so much LiveWire 3 for another brilliant piece of writing in this blog.



Flags, St Mawes and A Lighthouse

It has been the night of the choir’s boat trip. We hire a leisure boat, take food to share and have that on the way from Falmouth to St Mawes where we get off and busk a while  collecting for our two charities, ShelterBox and the local Food Bank.  On the way home, as the sun is setting, we sing all the way back to Falmouth – a wonderfully happy evening made all the better because LiveWire 3 is with us and joined in all the singing.  Just a few pictures as I spent all evening singing!

Flags over the pier where we boarded the boat.

Bread buns made by LiveWire 3 and me this morning. WE also made the Oat and Date Slice but forgot to take a photo.

What a wonderful spread!

St Mawes from the water as we were leaving, singing Goodbye Sweetheart!

St Anthony Lighthouse, seen on the way home across the water


Rainy Day at Roots

Click on any photo for a bigger version and the caption. We had a lovely day, potting on, sowing seeds and laughing with the gang at coffee time where we shared cake and pastries.


Brilliant Day at Community Roots

What a lot of fun we had today with the team and the volunteers at Community Roots. It really is the best community for us both to be involved in.


Veggie Bags and Veggies

I did all my volunteering at home last week and for another hour today, sewing two more of the bags that Roots uses rather than bags for the weekly veggie deliveries.

When I arrived today, I was amazed at the growth of the vegetables (and the flowers) since I was last there. My job today was sowing two trays of Spring Onions. Enjoy the gallery.



Guest Blogger back again!

I am back! This is my first full day in Cornwall as we got back yesterday at 10 pm! In the morning we went to visit the allotment to replant a tiny tomato plant, protect the growing vegetables and scatter some seeds to create a flower bed!

We found some beautiful flowers in other people’s allotments. Their colours made it finally feel like spring – I missed those bursts of colour and patterns so it was great to see some dancing in the sun!

Later on, we had some delicious, classic, fish and chips. I noticed the gorgeously artistic napkin holders made out of different coloured beads which is something I hadn’t seen before but I thought it was really cool and now I think I’m going to have to find some of my own. Although I think they’re one of a kind!

Some of the fine beadwork made by the women in Mapoch, S Africa, where we did our volunteering in 2006


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Singing in Truro Cathedral

What a fabulous event this was to be a part of!

Truro Cathedral Concert

Our wonderful audience raised £720 for our three charities. Here we are singing the wonderful last song, “We Shall Be Known” by Karisha Longaker of MaMuse.

Thank you to the lovely Mr S for the video.


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Charities, Posy and A Beach

The river this morning when we started singing was very calm and the masts reflected almost perfectly.  After singing we had two visitors from the charities we have supported over the last year, Penhaligon’s Friends and ShelterBox, £400 to each, thanks to our generous audiences.  Here we are presenting the cheques to their representatives.

Photo thanks to Mandy Rolleston

This afternoon we visited our dear friend, Ti and took her a little bouquet of flowers from our garden.

Afterwards we went to Godrevy for a walk in the chilly air with the glorious warmth of the sun on our backs – a day of apricity!


Love, Working and Dessert

It’s Valentine’s Day and I send all my readers love.

We’ve been up at Community Roots again, pricking out and mulching. Enjoy the gallery.

We had a lovely Valentine’s dinner tonight and Pears Poached in Red Wine with Star Anise and Cinnamon were our scrumptious dessert.


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Sage, Tie Dye and Sunset

At Community Roots today we prepared Willow whips for planting and then I worked with P and G to take cuttings from the rather tired sage plant while the lovely Mr S worked on other jobs.

In November we put elastic bands on the veg bags so that they could be tie dyed. Today we undid them and this is the one I worked on.

We caught the sunset, the new moon and Venus in one shot this evening.



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