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Cake, Buoy and A Singing Trip

I made a vegan Chocolate, Date and Coffee cake for our shared supper on board for The Suitcases boat trip from Falmouth to Mylor to sing and then along the River past all the lovely creeks and inlets.    Our singing went down well with our audiences.  Click on any photo for the caption and a bigger view.


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Still Waters, Choir-babies and The Horizon

What a gloriously crisp day today. The view from The Zed Shed where we sing was perfection itself.dscn9299

We had two Grandbabies as our Choir-babies today and they were both entranced by Claire, our leader and teacher – couldn’t take their eyes away!

Driving home from getting two new tyres this afternoon, this was our view over a hedge, the bluest horizon, the Atlantic Ocean on our North coast. The lovely Mr S was driving and I took this as we came over the brow of the hill.



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Kindness, Shoreline and Celebrities

I have been a part of Shoreline today on the beach at Sennen and it was wonderful. Click on the red link for photos of the earlier production.  Being in it, of course, means no photos but heightened emotions. The sun was setting, the  tide was coming in, the dancers were in the waves and I couldn’t sing the words “sing for the mother and the child she holds” if I watched the dancers struggling in the water.

This is the beach just as we finished.   It was a stunning performance this evening and I heard some people as they were leaving, talking about how very moving it was. As we moved towards the part of the beach designated for the second performance some people asked me what was happening and I explained and invited them to stay for the promenade performance. I was told afterwards that I had been talking to one of our well known actors, Alun Armstrong! Yesterday Dawn French happened upon the performance on the beach and tweeted about us.


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Shoreline, Bows, Thirsty Dog and Bedruthan Steps

Shoreline is a beautiful production on Cornish beaches incorporating dance and music. Do click on the red link to discover what it is all about and enjoy the gallery of today’s Premiere on Watergate Bay Beach. Click on any photo for the bigger picture. Today we watched our choirs singing – in the productions on Sennen and at Kynance next week, I will be a part of it all.

A little girl in the audience had beautiful bows in her hair.


Leaving the beach and the choir having their picnics before the second performance, I spotted a new use for a sand spade.

After that very emotional performance, I felt the need for some sea and space so we went a few miles up the coast to Bedruthan Steps where we were blown about by the wind on the cliff tops.

Bedruthan Steps


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Sea Singing!

It was the last sing with Suitcase Singers this term so afterwards we all went down to Gylly Beach for a big sandy picnic.  A bunch of them went in the sea and sang for those of us on the beach and it was rather lovely!

Singing in the sea

Singing in the sea

I did make a video but the sound of the sea and the wind almost drowns out their singing of Oxygen.




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Sea Air, Gorse and Waves

It was a beautiful bright, crisp winter day today so we decided a trip to breathe in some wonderful sea air was in order. It was just so lovely to be standing on the cliffs near St Agnes Beacon, listening to the waves crashing below and breathing in slowly and deeply, relishing every moment outdoors in the winter sunshine.

The gorse in the hedgerows was a glorious golden yellow, lane after lane lined with the golden glow.

After being on the cliffs we drove down to Chapel Porth where the waves were tipped with sunlight as they rolled ever inwards. There is something mesmerising and healing about watching the endless movement.

My choir sang for me over the phone again this morning. I so appreciate hearing them singing and am longing for the day when I can join them again, if only for a part of a session! Thank you, Suitcase Singers and Sue.


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Poppy, Stories and Buns

1   As I drew the blinds this morning, there was a new pink poppy, just opened this morning.

My view of the poppy from indoors

My view of the poppy from indoors



2   We had lots of Choir-babies today as the schools have broken up. Our regular Choir-baby E was delighted to be read to by the lovely older girls, M and E, who were with us.

M and E reading to Choir-baby E

M and E reading to Choir-baby E

3   The  lovely Suitcase Singers bought all my buns and I have raised £23.00 for War Against Weapons to help with sending the blankets on to people who need them after the Pink Protest on 9th August.

Buns for fund-raising

Buns for fund-raising


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