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Our Town, Tomatoes and New Chimney

We were in town late last night after seeing the film of the Matthew Bourne ballet, Sleeping Beauty, which was wonderful! Coming out of our lovely Art Deco theatre and with few people to distract, these beautiful buildings really stood out.

We have tomatoes, still to ripen but looking good.

Our new chimney is really beautiful, made with care and precision by Matt of Cornwall Chimneys. It’s the best chimney in our street! Thanks to Matt and Josh for their lovely work and brilliant clearing up. Photos by Matt.



Killifreth, Library and A Flag

We took a different route to Truro today and on the horizon was Killifreth, the most elegant of engine house chimneys.

This is the library, The Passmore Edwards Free Library,  where I spent many happy hours as a child and where my Dad had to ask that I have access to the ‘grown-up’ library as I had read my way through everything in the junior section!  I started with the wonderful Scarlet Pimpernel stories.

Solidarity to Ukraine in the face of more terror last night – Slava Ukraini.


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Garden Party Opening at The Ladder and A Gig

There was glorious sunshine for The  Ladder opening party in the garden we helped to create last Saturday. The old library is coming back to life and in the most imaginative and exciting way. Click on any photo for a larger view and the caption.

This evening we have been to listen to Angeline Morrison who was playing in the amphitheatre at the Eco park – a beautiful voice and person in a beautiful setting.

There were eight dogs in the audience!


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Christmas Shopping in Truro

We started very early this morning as last week we couldn’t park in Truro and today we were able to wander and appreciate Truro’s loveliness before it became too busy. Our coffee break was in Charlotte’s Tea House which is a delight. Join us on our wander.

The beautiful door to the tea room

About the Tea House

About Charlotte

The Christmas tree of love and memories in the Cathedral

Looking down the nave in Truro Cathedral

Walsingham Place, check out its history here


Truro Cathedral


Moon, Narcissi and Arches

Last night’s moon, one after the full moon, was still wondrous.

Coming back from Chapel Porth on Sunday I bought some narcissi from a bucket in someone’s garden in St Agnes. They smell wonderful as they have opened.

The best thing about our visit to the Hall for Cornwall this evening, was the lovely old architecture, in particular, the repeated arches.



Door Frame, Mincer and Bee

On our walk into town today we were amused to see how the door frame has been so carefully shaped to fit the old stone wall.

In the vintage store, Daisy Rain Vintage, where all sorts of treasures can be found, was this old mincer, enamelled and really rather lovely. The one we had at home was just a grey metal and I remember well making mince using it.  Any readers remember same?

The bees love our sunflowers on the allotment where I harvested enough beans for dinner, another courgette and a cucumber and all the shallots which I will plait up for storage tomorrow.



Church, Bottle Opener and Border

A lovely church tower in Breage.

I spotted this amusing  bottle opener on a van we parked next to today.

I’m loving our flower border at the allotment – lovely Night Scented stock that is particularly lovely when we go down in the evening to water. There are also Sunflowers which turn their faces to the sun throughout the day and Cosmos, Sweet peas and Verbena Lollipop.


Street Draw 24 Redruth

Another fabulous bit of fun in our town, today joining Cobweb Tours as they led us around Redruth telling stories of the town’s history while people sketched whatever took their fancy on the tour. It was all part of Street Draw 24, raising awareness of of homelessness through a 24 hour drawing event from the streets of our town.

Here’s a gallery of some of the features of our town that might be missed if you aren’t looking. I did do a sketch though I am no artist.


Found, Flower Baskets and A Garden

Walking up the lane, we saw some unexpected colour in the hedge and discovered a little lost toy waving at us.

Today’s route from town brought us past St Rumon’s gardens. I love the stone work and the hanging baskets.

On the way back up the hill, we pass this rather exotic garden, Dracaena Palms, Banana plants and in Spring, a huge magnolia.



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