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Weekly Photo Challenge – Culture

Families are the same the world over, whatever the culture. Here, the Mum has just finished getting the family into height order for Dad to take the family portrait and he all the while calling out in a voice that sounded as if he were warning his wife not to step any further backwards!

Day out together

Day out together at Humayun’s Tomb


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Colour in Nepal and India

India and Nepal are the most colourful places I’ve ever visited. The women in their beautiful saris, the houses, the buses, the shops and stalls – everything! I took my most colourful clothes with me but I felt quite drab – until I was dressed in a sari!


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Colour

Lovely challenge this one. My favourite colours are greens and blues but, looking through my collections, I decided that shades of pink and purple would be interesting! I hope you enjoy this selection taken over the last year at home and away.  Click on any one for an enlargement.


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Teaching, Creating, Travelling

Teach Peace

Teach Peace  from Hippie Peace Freaks with thanks

1  I just want to say how much I loved teaching and teaching peace is surely the most important thing we could all do…….

2   This is a delightful combination of colour, music and creativity. (Photo not mine, sent to me via Fb.)

Rainbow notes in crochet

Rainbow notes in crochet

Creating makes me happy, be it cooking a meal for family or friends, knitting or sewing clothes for little people, writings of various sorts, designing in the garden, playing music …….

3   These are the powder colours which I bought from a beautiful girl in Varanasi, India, on our way back from watching the sun rise over The Ganges. She made lovely patterns on my hand with them before we negotiated a price and she told me how she was selling things to raise money for her school books. She then walked beside me protecting me from the traffic (cows, cars, Tuktuks, scooters, coaches and cycle rickshaws) until we reached our bus. A beautiful memory.

Pastels and stamps for decoration

Pastels and stamps for decoration

Beautiful young woman who sold me the pastels

Beautiful young woman who sold me the pastels

Having my hand decorated

Having my hand decorated


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Signs and Notices in India and Nepal (More holiday photos)

I enjoyed collecting these. Click on any one for an enlargement to see the detail.


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Beautiful People in India and Nepal (More holiday photos)

The people we met in India and Nepal were all so friendly and many asked if they could take our photos and were happy for me to reciprocate.


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India Holiday continued – Raja Mahal, Orchha

This palace in Orccha, built in the 16th century by King Rudra Pratap, has the most amazing paintings telling the stories of Rama and Krishna.

Lots more holiday photos to come!


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More From Our Holiday in India – Agra Fort

Agra Fort was thronging with people enjoying a day out on a Festival day. You can click on any photo for a bigger version to see the beautiful detail.



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Wire Bugs, Skype and A Taj Mahal Gallery

1    Sometime ago we gave away some brass wire through Free-cycle and today, one of the people who had some, sent me an email to tell me what she has done with it. She has made these very pretty Feeding Bugs! Please click on the symbol if the bugs aren’t showing.


2   We have Skyped with Daniel and Ami in Barcelona, so lovely to talk to them and see them again. We’ve missed them while we’ve been away.

3   I’ve been sorting our holiday photos and have put together a gallery of photos that we took at the Taj Mahal. You can click on any photo for an enlargement.


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31st October – Leaving Kathmandu, Young Mother and Sunset Over Europe

1    Leaving Kathmandu for Delhi very early in the morning, as people are going to work and the sun is coming up through the trees.

Sun coming up in Kathmandu

People off to work very early

2   This beautiful young mother was waiting to fly with her tiny three week old son.

Another lovely person willing to talk to me and happy to have her photo taken

3   As we flew West for eight and a half hours we were flying into the sunset for such a long time. The colours were so intense and so beautiful.

Above the clouds

Sunset over Northern Europe, the colour being caught in our vapour trail

And a 4th today –  being met by our beautiful daughter.


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