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A Wedding, An Angel and A Handprint

One of my choirs, The Ingleheart Singers, sang this afternoon at the Wedding of one of our singers which was just lovely and so joyful. Afterwards, I was able to get a photo of the Bride, the Groom and some of her charming bridesmaids.

The Bride and Groom laughing

The Bride and Groom laughing

There  was a beautiful nativity scene in the Chapel, all hand-knitted with such care. Here is the Angel.

Knitted angel

Knitted angel

On the way out, on the old concrete path, I noticed a handprint and a name, I guess of someone laying the path around the side of the building in 1996!

Eddie's handprint

Eddie’s handprint


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Beautiful Treasures to Save if the House is About to Explode!

A bit different today! Two nights ago when we had the gas leak but hadn’t called the emergency number yet (Don’t ask me why!) I didn’t sleep but lay awake worrying and making lists in my head.

The first list was What Will I Save If I Have Only A Few Minutes Before The Place Goes Up and the second, less interesting, What Do I Need If We Are Evacuated While Things Get Sorted. I was thinking, as I lay there, of all the people in Cuba, in New York, in Jamaica, in Palestine, in Goma, everywhere where Sandy or some other destructive force, natural or man-made, has been and thinking that they have  faced or are still facing all this for real.

As I lay in bed and ‘walked’ myself around our house, I began to realize that there were only a very few things that I would truly want to save, that were totally irreplaceable.

My first list:

  • Mr S. We met about 46 years ago and have been together ever since.
  • Photographs – and that means grabbing two small suitcases where all the early photos of our growing-up family are kept and the computer where all the digital photos are stored – memories of family, those still with us and those who have gone and friends, those still with us and those who have gone.
  • The Family Bible where so much family history is stored ( have a look here if you missed that post)
  • My locket, which has been passed through generations and worn by the Bride in so many family weddings.   (Have a look here for that post)
  • Two small pieces of clothing –     the beautiful christening dress that my Granny was christened in, then my Mum, then me and my little sister… (That post is yet to come)         and the little sweatshirt from the Killingbeck Cardio Thoracic Unit in Leeds that reminds us how lucky we are to have our son, D.

and that really is all. I found that to be such a liberating realisation. The stuff that surrounds us really doesn’t matter. There are pieces of furniture that are family heirlooms, there are pieces of art that I love, there are all my music things, there are many, many books but ………

I wonder what your few treasures might be if those were really all you could save?

D’s sweatshirt

Family christening dress


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Clouds, Chimney-Sweep and Clock Tower

1    There was sun and rain this morning and I hoped for a rainbow. No luck but this beautiful dramatic sky instead.

Dramatic sky

2   Looking in the yellow pages for a chimney sweep, I found this delightful advert with the chimney sweep offering to attend weddings. Tradition has it that 200 years ago, a Chimney Sweep saved the life of King George II by stopping his runaway horse and carriage. The King issued a Royal Decree that Chimney Sweeps are bringers of luck and should be treated with the greatest of respect. So started the tradition and because sweeps are lucky, couples sometimes arrange to meet the sweep at their Wedding!

Chimney-sweep advert

3   I love the colours on our town clock face.  You might like this bit of history about our lovely clock:  “Clock Tower Situated midway along Fore Street is the Town Clock which has stood on or very near this site for a long time, certainly since the 1700’s. In 1828 the former wood built tower was demolished and replaced by a stone tower. In 1841 the open arches at ground level were closed in for use as Police cells. With the increasing height of the surrounding commercial properties the Clock Tower was extended in 1904 so that the miners living at the top of the town could see the time, and also chimes were added.”

Redruth Clock Tower

The date is 10.11.12 That just pleases me!


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Wedding Rehearsal, Cornish Ice-cream and Email

1    The rehearsal for tomorrow’s Wedding Ceremony went off really well. We are planning for it to be on the beach even if it rains! We did the run-through indoors today as the tide was too far up!

The beautiful beach where the Wedding will take place.

2    There was a Kelly’s Ice-cream van on the cliffs when I went back to check out access to the beach later. I can never resist one of their ice-creams, one of the best in Cornwall!

Kelly’s Cornish ice-cream

3   Since meeting the poet, John Siddique, a few years ago at a local Readers’ Day, I’ve been getting his newsletter so I though I’d tell him about yesterday’s post. He wrote back a lovely email today, thanking me.


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Different Birthdays for Twins, Fuchsia with Bee and Vegetable Ring

1   Our twins were born 35 years ago, Daniel on 16th September and Lucy on 17th September. It was always my plan that they should have their own birthdays and I managed it! Daniel arrived a few minutes before midnight on his Great Granny’s birthday which delighted me and my Mum; Lucy just nine minutes later.   We Skyped this morning with Daniel and Ami in Barcelona to sing Happy Birthday!

Daniel and Ami

2   The fuchsias in the garden are really beautiful just now. I sent this photo to Ami as she loves the colour (as you will have seen from her Wedding dress if you’ve been following long) If you would like to see photos of the wedding in Senegal and the very beautiful Ami in her fuchsia wedding dress, have a look here

Fuchsia in the garden with a bee

3   We have been eating vegetarian meals since P arrived for his holiday. Tonight I made the Vegetable Ring as on my Recipe page. I added fried onions to the mixture as I said I would but it made the mixture rather damp and it splatted in the baking. It tasted even better though!

Vegetable Ring before baking

Vegetable Ring, baked

When I sent the photo of our supper to Ami, she asked that I teach her how to make it when we visit them in Barcelona next weekend. It will be my pleasure! I hope I’ll learn how to make Lakh, a Senegalese dish we enjoyed when in Dakar for the wedding.


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Singing Together, Pan-Stand and Colour Clash

1   Singing with The Suitcases this morning was the tonic I needed. It was so good to sing in beautiful harmony with good friends.

2     All that rain has made the garden lush!  The beans we planted to go up the old pan-stand I showed you ( )  have almost reached the top. The broad beans are almost ready for picking and the nasturtiums are gorgeous (and good in salad!)

Pan-stand, beans and nasturtiums

The teapots at the top are from Senegal. Ami got them for us when were were there for the wedding in April. The old chimney pot is one from Mum and Dad’s garden. The new arbour is an early Sapphire Wedding Anniversary present to ourselves!

3   I find this colour combination of Crocosmia Lucifer and Verbena Bonariensis very beautiful.


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Singing at a Wedding, Owl Quilt and Flowers for a Friend

Illogan Parish Church

Illogan Parish Church

Hydrangers and ribbons

Hydrangers and ribbons

The Ingleheart Singers, bass, tenor and alto

The Ingleheart Singers, bass, tenor and alto

The Ingleheart Singers, altos and sopranos

The Ingleheart Singers, altos and sopranos

Owl quilt by Linda Hemmell

Owl quilt by Linda Hemmell

Garden flowers for friends

Garden flowers for friends

1   My choir, The Ingleheart Singers, sang at a wedding (for the son of one of our members) this morning. It was such a lovely happy event that we were privileged to be at. You can click on any photo for an enlargement.

2   The beautiful owl quilt, by Linda Hennell, belonged to my parents and is coming out for the reunion.

3   We are going out tonight to have a meal with friends. I picked this beautiful bunch of non-scented flowers in the garden to take with us.

As asked, I have put two new recipes on my Recipe Page –

  1. Sweet Potato and Chestnut Roast
  2. Vegetable Ring

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Bluebell Lane, Broccoli and A Very Big Moon

1   Had a beautiful drive down a little Cornish lane lined with drifts of bluebells.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2  Made a simple supper with beautiful purple sprouting broccoli a la Spring Simplicity but I left out the garlic because of tomorrow’s wedding and added some very crisply fried bacon – delicious! Thank you, Promenade Plantings for the inspiration.

Purple sprouting broccoli

3   The moon tonight is full and looks huge! I’m told that’s because it’s closer to the Earth than usual. It is certainly very beautiful.


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Wedding Run-through, Planting Courgettes and A New Wall

1    I spent the morning at a run-through of the Humanist Wedding I’m doing on Sunday. The whole Ceremony is going to be so beautiful – the vows written by the couple themselves, the readings they’ve chosen and the song, “Make you Feel my Love” – recently sung by Adele, but originally a Bob Dylan song – that a friend is singing for them and all in the most beautiful setting, Treassowe Manor, one of Cornwall’s Listed Buildings.

This is where the Ceremony will take place.

2    I’ve made a heap of compost and planted just one courgette plant and three seeds. I’m hoping the slugs will find the heap hard to climb!

Courgette protected from the wind

3   From the rubble our beautiful new wall is growing!

The old concrete is dug up and piled up

The new wall is growing – another new planting opportunity!


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Portreath, Mosaic Lion, Senegalese Wedding Outfit

1   Portreath this morning was very fresh! The waves were reasonably big and I almost caught them in their high splashes.


2  In the field belonging to Portreath Primary School, we spotted the enormous mosaic Lion made especially for the children by our neighbour sculptors. This was built in the front garden next door and we watched in delight and awe as it grew. Those lucky children!

Mosaic Lion made by Sue Hill and Pete Hill

3   I cannot bring myself to put my dress for Daniel and Ami’s Wedding inside the wardrobe! It smells of Senegal, it rustles as the beautiful women in Senegal rustle and it reminds me of the whole experience! Lucy has sent us some of her photos of the Wedding – I’m always behind the camera so am missing from most of our albums.

The top of my Senegalese two piece

Back detail

Daniel and Babacar

Us at the wedding

The Groom with his new Mother-in-law, his twin sister and his new daughter

Drumming at the Wedding


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